The Second Shadow War: A Fantasy RP! (The war is over)

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"No. You are all dismissed." said Tergutai.

Robin and James were about to make their way towards the exit, before hearing that Targutai was calling them.

"Follow me just a minute. Before you go, I would like to tell you it is customary for our people to give parting gifts to our guests."

Tergutai showed them outside, where in front of them was a beatiful prebreed white stallion, his body elegant, his head refined and noble.

"He is one of the finest horses in my stable, an indominable stallion from the Uhlamin province. Good horses from that region." he continued.

"And now that I have given you my gift, I bid you farewell, may your journey home be a safe and peaceful one, and that our plans may come to fruition."

Robin nodded, and smiled.

"It is a fine gift, Targutai. Thank you. I will do the same when you reach my region."

Robin then quickly turned to somewhat whisper in Targutai's ear.

"I was speaking with one of the servants about a creature you have, which he said was called a "Dog". I don't suppose I could purchase one off of you, could I?"

"Purchase? Ha! You offend me Keldrid, we re allie, not common street vendors and fools." said Targutai.

"Yervna, bring me a dog." ordered Targutai to a servant behind him. He returned with a puppy a couple of minutes later, handing it to Robin.

"Thank you Targutai.", Robin said, lifting the puppy, "Your a strong leader, even I can see that. Your help in against the library will be invalueble."

Nodding to Targutai, Robin mounted his new horse, as James mounted his previous one, and roped the other to the side.

"Until the invasion."

Robin tapped the side of the horse's thigh with his shoe, and galloped off into the distance, his son behind him.

Irene looked incrediously at the bloodstain Corwyn just made. She watched him sit down in a corner and order something. She stood and walked to him, her face set in a thunderstorm.

"What in the name of hell have you done" She whispered furiously.

Tergutai adressed his general.

"Prepare the troops, send out conscription envoys to every province. I want a force of at least 1 million fighting men."

"My Lord." uttered the general while he bowed to his knees. He immediately left the room.

It was nighttime, a day had passed since Keldrid's departure. A couple of weeks or so and the army would've been ready. Another continent would have known the might and power of the Ulagan.

Targutai went out on his balcony, the freezing cold sharp like the blade of a chieftain. He couldn't stop thinking about it. This was going to be it, finally he would rise up, and proove to everyone that he was better than his father.

Finally arriving home, Robin, James and the new puppy entered the castle. Robin's daughter, Mabel, ran to greet him at door to the throne room.

"Mabel, I have something for you."

Placing the small puppy down on the floor, Robin smirked. Mabel errupted in joy, and instantly began stroking the new pet.

"That's a male, Mabel. Give it a suitable name."

Swooping the small puppy into her arms, Mabel thanked Robin and ran off to her room. James and Robin then walked into the throne room, where Robin's wife instantly gave both Robin and James a tight squeeze. Of course, James had never been too fond of her, considering she was not his actual mother, nor Mabels.

"Come, let us eat."

Telemain watched Irene storm off towards Corwyn. Suppressing a belch, he took another swig of the ale. The mouse nudged his hand and he looked at it. "Whater you doin, little moushy? Doesh you like ale too?" The mouse fell on its side and pushed itself upright. Telemain laughed. "Well, here'sh another drop fer ya." He dipped his finger in his mug and held it above the counter where the mouse was. A small pool of the alcohol collected and the mouse indulged itself.

A very attractive woman walked by, which caught his attention. "Excush me, young lady. Would you like to go talk in private?" Her reply was a swift contact of cheek and palm.

Even though it was obvious Irene was immensely irritated, Corwyn had to fight back a cascade of laughter.
"I just got rid of the one thing that could have come back to bite us hardest. Maybe it's not what you would have done, but I'm not in the habit of leaving people who might raise an alarm still capable of drawing breath. Don't worry, nobody saw anything, and I think I made some of it look like one of the guards went rogue and disappeared. I'd be more worried about your friend there. How much has he been drinking?"

Irene relaxed somewhat.

"Well. I don't really approve killing out of fun. I thought you had been out killing civillians or something. Just....Let us know when you go out on a killing-spree next time, okay?" She said. She looked around when Corwyn mentioned Telemain, who was rubbing his left cheek with a drunken grin.

"A drunked magician is never good. Perhaps I should get him to where he can't fling thunder at harmless people."

The mental image presented made Corwyn smile broadly, but he agreed that they needed to get their drunken accomplice out of the public space.
"You do the talking. If he gets too belligerent, I'll step in."
After Irene shot him a horrified look, he explained.
"I won't kill him. Just a tap to the back of the head. Unless there's something you need to tell me about him, that usually does the trick."

"He's a bit.....unstable." Irene said hesitantly. "A tap to the back of the head may just be what drives him over the edge."

She saw Telemain enchant cutlery, so it would fly through the entire tavern. She lifted the enchantment and grabbed him by the shoulder. He looked up, dully surprised.

"Alright, you've had enough for tonight." She said. Then she noticed the mouse that had followed them, who was swaying over the bar. It was coaxed by her into her bag with a crumb of bread.

"So, Telemain. Call it a night?"

"Come on.... let an old man enjoy hish night..."

The look on Irene's face got through to his alcohol-rotted brain.

"Alright.... I'll shtop... Let'sh go to the room..."

Nearly falling over, Telemain looped one leg over the stool and wobbled while gaining his balance.

"well how did you get here in the eastern empire?!" the slave girl asked rather demanding
"mah parents nevur told mehs, died befores I ahs could asks" he said bluntly
"this is getting ridiculous, I had better do something quick before I die of a mixture of boredom and starvation squeak squeak" ms scrurry shouted
"mah good ms Scurry, havan feds yeh in SOOs long am sorreys, ave some ob meah breads"
" alright you ca go prisoner, your no good to us anymore" barked out a sudden guard walking into the room
"wut abouts deh slave gerlz?"
"pffff fine she goes too"
"well well wells nah misseh, looks like ye ow meh"
"your disgusting, and I have a name"
"I dinna mean it dat way, and wuts would dats name be's?"

The following morning

Squeak opened his eyes with a strange feeling. He tried to stand, but tipped right over. After waiting for a few moments, he tried again. This time he had more succes. He wobbily made his way out of the bag, and into the sharp light. He squeaked and hid in the soothing darkness once more.

The light from the window slowly creeped its way over to the slumbering magicians. When it hit Telemain in the eye, he rolled over onto Irene, since she refused to sleep with Corwyn. Startled awake, she quickly pushed Telemain onto the floor with a quick shove. "Aww.... My head...." He pushed himself off of the maple floorboards and quickly rubbed his temples alternatively. He shuffled his way to the water bucket the morning maid left on her stop by their room. Telemain summoned the bucket up to his face and drank for a full minute.

Already he could feel the pain lessen, but some still lingered. Better than some I've had, I suppose.


Hiding in the darkness of the leather bag, Squeak rubbed his head with his paws. Even though he didn't have the gift of language, the rough idea of 'Never again shall I drink that strange smelling water.'

Corwyn was already downstairs, in the tavern, when he heard the yelp and thud coming from the room he and Irene had carried Telemain into.
Grinning, he ordered two breakfast arrangements from the barkeeper, and waited for the old man and Irene's arrival.

Irene got out of the bed and draped her cloak over her shoulders. The sun was just peeking over the horizon, and the silence that rules meant that none were awake yet. Good. After that murder scene from last night, a quick and silent getaway was probably the best.

She walked out of the room, quickly snatching her bag from the shelf she had put it on. The wood of the stairs creaked beneath her feet. She greeted Corwyn, who gestured at the three bowl of soup with a grin. Irene rolled her eyes and sat down left of him.

"So, how did the old guy do? I'm guessing he's more or less intact still?"

As Irene approached, Corwyn pushed out a chair.
"Any idea when he'll be ready to go? The less time the locals have to wonder about the bodies they can find, the better."

Finishing that last sentence, a moan was heard from the stairwell, followed by shuffled stomps.

"He's fine. He's got a massive headache, I'll bet, but fine nontherless." She said.

She tasted the soup. It was warm. And wet. Those were the most positive things she could say about it.

"I think we need to head staight to the feline capital, the name eludes me at the moment. Telemain wants to get there as soon as possible, but things aren't exactly safe around here. After we finish this, we'll go."

Stomping down the steps, Telemain made his way to where the two were eating. He sat in between the two and bit off of the flavorless bread. After chewing for what seemed like a decade, he swallowed and sighed.

"Is everyone ready, or are we staying in this Akatosh-forsaken town another night?"

Entertained by the elder magician's entrance, Corwyn could not hide a grin.
"Oh, we're leaving as soon as you're done here. Quickly would be best, I think."

While speaking, he noticed people moving fairly quickly in the direction of the guard post.
"You know, maybe waiting isn't such a good idea. Time to go."

Telemain pushed the plate of horrible food away with gusto.

"Couldn't agree more. Corwyn, could you be a decent chap and grab our things? We'll be at the city gate."

after getting their possesioons back, which wasn't alot for the newly named Brenda found themselves on the street
"well where to now William?"
"I dunno, fer de last weks I wus juss boosed arounds bah dats bodys guard, by deh way, wheres de ell di yew cumes from?"
"exuse me?"
"ave met loots of womens anda nunes have reds air lak dat"
"well far north from here, I was taken at such a young age that I"
"AHEM! exuse me"
William and Brenda turned around

"I agree." Irene said when she heard a women scream and a man curse.

"Even though there are no First Legion soldiers here, they have the annoying habit of appearing out of nowhere."

Irritated at Telemain's assumption, but realizing the press of time, Corwyn simply nodded, and dropped some money on the table.
"You two better be there in five minutes."
At that, he left the two as he quickly went up the stairs to gather their belongings.
I wonder what bodies they found, he mused while he went about the mundane work.

In next to no time at all, he'd picked up all the assorted effects, and lept out of the second story window to the ground below.
The instant his feet hit the ground he was moving again, headed to the city gate.

"We'll be there. You've got our stuff."

The two left the inn when Corwyn dashed up the stairs. While they were walking towards the city gate, Telemain decided to ask something.

"Irene, you are really uncomfortable with Corwyn, aren't you? Why is that?"

"I...Don't know..." Irene said. "Perhaps because my souls dislike him as well. The majority dislike the fact that he keeps them silent, and use them as power only."

She grinned slightly.

"One of the female souls likes him though."

They walked past the crowd that was massing around the guardpost, with women screaming and the few soldiers left trying to create order.

Magician. A male whisper spoke. Irene noticed a haughty-looking man. He looked like a magician, at least Irene thought so. The commoners didn't obviously, because he was pushed around like he was a slave.

"Wait.... you have multiple souls?!?"

Irene nodded. Telemain posed his arm and sling as if he were crossing them angrily.

"I will HAVE to speak to Kallia about this. She KNOWS how I feel about using innocents as test subjects."

Irene looked over her shoulder while they walked past the mob. "What? Is someone following us?"

"I think I just saw a magician. If he sees us, he'll recognize your power. Just keep on moving." Irene said.

She thought about the entire 'multiple souls' thing. It didn't really feel like several entities, more like a connection to....something. Perhaps this enchantment didn't give her a soul, but a connection to-

You're in danger. The magician saw you. He's quite powerful.

Catching sight of Telemain and Irene in the crowd, Corwyn altered his path so they would meet up.
When Irene looked back, he tried to pick up what had caused her to spook, but was unable to identify it.
He approached from their right side, and when he appeared by Irene's shoulder, he spoke softly to her.
"Good to see you two made it. What's going on?"

"cash and I'll let you go" said the now apperent mugger

"haw! we don'ts have any moneys! leave us!" william barked

"then how about that pretty knife of yours then? pay up!"

"walk aways before ah kills ye!"

william then witnessed himself get knocked on the head from behind
and when he got up half a second later he witnessed Brenda getting her abdominem sliced open with a crude knife.

"you should have just gave us the knife welp"

William said nothing besides a animal roar and promtly thrust his fist through the highwaymans head,
william was cut off by his own screams as he started strangling the man with the club that hit him

William was cut off, again by some town guards pulling him off the now dead man

a few hours later William found himself infront of a rich military officer

"There's a magician in the crowd. I think he knows we're here," Irene whispered back.
"Description. Now."

"He carries himself like he belongs in a higher place, but the people around him have other ideas. Take a look, but don't be too obvious about it."

Corwyn scoffed.
"Do I look like I need to be told that? Take a left."
As they turned, Corwyn stole a glance in the direction they had come, and spotted someone matching the description Irene had given. He seemed to be following the group.
Turning back to Irene, he continued in a low voice.
"Yeah, he's there. Any idea why he's following you two? And do you want me to deal with him here, or should we wait until we get out the gates? I can do either."

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