The cake game

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I look in a mirror, see the cake, and smash it.

I give the cake to a vicar, who barricedes himself inside a church.

I, diguised as Bishop Bernard the Bad, rise up out of the church and kil the vicar, taking the cake.
You WERE referencing The Gates, right?

I hide the cake in bowser's magic mushroom, which he proceeds to eat.

I go out and buy Mario and Luigi's : Bowser's Inside Story and make him puke it out.

I clean the cake *ugh* and put it in my invisible backpack.

As you pass through a airport you are searched, and the backpack is found. I pay off airport security and get the cake.

I hide the cake on the very tip top of Mt. Everest.

I have a helicopter team land on it and take the cake.
I'm not climbing that. This is easier

I place the cake in a block of frozen acid.

I un-freeze the acid, but the cake is dissolved. NOOO!

I bake a new, choclateyer one, and hide it in a Lolcat's stomach.

I cut up the Lolcat (YES I'M A BAD GUY!!) Clean the cake...

and hide it under my chair...

I tip you off your chair, and call you a "geek-o", before taking the cake.

I take the cake down to hell, where I assign a team of demon Nazis to guard it.

I call B.J. Blascovich to steal it back.

I gingerly place the cake in my rectum.

unbeknownst to you I had strapped myself to your lower torso, and when you tried to gingerly place the cake in your rectum, I yoinked it out of your hands.

I hide the cake inside your leg.

I... Well... I suppose I already have the cake then.

I cut your leg of and take the cake.

I place the cake under my protection.

I sneak behind you and take the cake. Some protection there, jerk!

I put the cake in a forest of barbed wire.

i go under the forest

i eat the cake!!!

"Not today, buddy!" I yell, leaping out from under your table and stabbing you in the throat, making you unable to swallow, then grabbing the cake out of your hands and walking away.

I toss the cake down a crevasse.

I use my telekinesis to retrieve it then I kill you with lightning I shot from my fingertips.

I place the cake inside the most secure cake box ever.

I open the box and take the cake

I eat it.
Then I bake a new one and give it to a random hobo

Thankfully, after being fired from my cake guarding job, I become a hobo and you handed it to me.

I now place the cake at the centre of the moon.

I call in a favor from the president to nuke the moon, then I catch the now slightly crispy cake.

I hide the cake in the matrix

I hack the matrix system by putting on a ridiculous trench coat and learning martial arts then grab the cake.

I feed the cake to a large dinosaur.

i wait till the dinosaur dies then take the cake

i send the cake into deep space

I use the latest in rocket technology to build a shuttle that can retrieve it.

I attach the cake to the back of a very cautious deer.

i run over the deer and took it home to eat. but then found the cake

i send the cake to the centre of rapture (from bioshock)

After spending a fair bit finding the deer I offer it a another cake. After negosiation it accpects.

I give the cake to the next poster as long as they say thank you.

Up yours, nerd! I grab the cake out of your hands and give you a wedgie.

I replace the football in an important match with the cake.

Thank you for this cake. Also for the opportunity to stab you and run, like so.
*stabs and runs, taking cake*

I bribe the referee in order to call of the match, and hand me the cake in exchange for a real ball.

I place the cake in the bread bin next to the box of cakes.

I take the cake out of the bread bin.

I then place it in with the other cakes.

Exactly as planned. Now in plain view, it's easy to take.
I know my plan was pointless, but whatever.

I place the cake in a room full of skulls.

I pray to god and he smites you. I have the cake!
time to load up the gun that shoots shurikens and lightning

I snatch the cake and run.
Also, that doesn't solve the problem i posed.

I place the cake in a pit of snakes.

I bungie jump in and take the cake.

I place the cake over a bottomless hole.

i break both of you legs and beat you to death with the cake, i then take what is left and leave.

i have the cake

EDIT: i am ganondorf and therefore bottomless holes have no effect over me, for i make all of them

I retake the cake from you.

I hid the cake inside a lolcat.

I very carefully pick up the cake with a long pole, making sure not to knock the cake into the pit.
I brutally murder it. Lolcats must die. I then take the cake.

I place the cake in the gap between worlds.

i then use aggro to grab the cake and proceed to break you legs!

the cake is mine, dick.

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