The cake game

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I tip you off your chair, and call you a "geek-o", before taking the cake.

I take the cake down to hell, where I assign a team of demon Nazis to guard it.

I call B.J. Blascovich to steal it back.

I gingerly place the cake in my rectum.

unbeknownst to you I had strapped myself to your lower torso, and when you tried to gingerly place the cake in your rectum, I yoinked it out of your hands.

I hide the cake inside your leg.

I... Well... I suppose I already have the cake then.

I cut your leg of and take the cake.

I place the cake under my protection.

I sneak behind you and take the cake. Some protection there, jerk!

I put the cake in a forest of barbed wire.

i go under the forest

i eat the cake!!!

"Not today, buddy!" I yell, leaping out from under your table and stabbing you in the throat, making you unable to swallow, then grabbing the cake out of your hands and walking away.

I toss the cake down a crevasse.

I use my telekinesis to retrieve it then I kill you with lightning I shot from my fingertips.

I place the cake inside the most secure cake box ever.

I open the box and take the cake

I eat it.
Then I bake a new one and give it to a random hobo

Thankfully, after being fired from my cake guarding job, I become a hobo and you handed it to me.

I now place the cake at the centre of the moon.

I call in a favor from the president to nuke the moon, then I catch the now slightly crispy cake.

I hide the cake in the matrix

I hack the matrix system by putting on a ridiculous trench coat and learning martial arts then grab the cake.

I feed the cake to a large dinosaur.

i wait till the dinosaur dies then take the cake

i send the cake into deep space

I use the latest in rocket technology to build a shuttle that can retrieve it.

I attach the cake to the back of a very cautious deer.

i run over the deer and took it home to eat. but then found the cake

i send the cake to the centre of rapture (from bioshock)

After spending a fair bit finding the deer I offer it a another cake. After negosiation it accpects.

I give the cake to the next poster as long as they say thank you.

Up yours, nerd! I grab the cake out of your hands and give you a wedgie.

I replace the football in an important match with the cake.

Thank you for this cake. Also for the opportunity to stab you and run, like so.
*stabs and runs, taking cake*

I bribe the referee in order to call of the match, and hand me the cake in exchange for a real ball.

I place the cake in the bread bin next to the box of cakes.

I take the cake out of the bread bin.

I then place it in with the other cakes.

Exactly as planned. Now in plain view, it's easy to take.
I know my plan was pointless, but whatever.

I place the cake in a room full of skulls.

I pray to god and he smites you. I have the cake!
time to load up the gun that shoots shurikens and lightning

I snatch the cake and run.
Also, that doesn't solve the problem i posed.

I place the cake in a pit of snakes.

I bungie jump in and take the cake.

I place the cake over a bottomless hole.

i break both of you legs and beat you to death with the cake, i then take what is left and leave.

i have the cake

EDIT: i am ganondorf and therefore bottomless holes have no effect over me, for i make all of them

I retake the cake from you.

I hid the cake inside a lolcat.

I very carefully pick up the cake with a long pole, making sure not to knock the cake into the pit.
I brutally murder it. Lolcats must die. I then take the cake.

I place the cake in the gap between worlds.

i then use aggro to grab the cake and proceed to break you legs!

the cake is mine, dick.

i then put the cake in the center of a white room, and if you enter the room you get rick rolled and the cake dissapears, it is also aggro proof

I am immune to rick rolls so...I walk in and take it.

I place the cake in with a shark and a dolphin.

the dolphin kills the shark, hands me the cake, and i kill the dolphin. then i lock you in a room, strap you down, and force you to eat lima beans for all of eternity!



I break free of my restraints, hunt you down, kill you, study your brain so I can get some creativity then leave and take the cake.

I place the cake inside a black hole.

That wasn't me. That was a robot, and it's going to explode and kill you now.


There. Now I take the cake from your dead body, and cut it into lots of little pieces.

I retrieve it from the event horizon. Also, you've now made 2 cakes if you now believe in the laws of modern physics and black holes, so I destroy the remains of the duplicate.

I place the cake in a locked safe.

i take the safe from you and taze you so you can't chase me, then i blow the safe up and over a period of 3 seconds completely reconstruct the cake.

so i take the cake, then i take your head with my other hand, and smash it up against a wall. after your head shatters i will breakt both of your legs and shove them up your ass, then proceed to cut your genitals off and rub them all over the cake, and it's ok for me because i put them in the rick roll room again. oh and you get tazed if you enter and are immune to rick rolling. and by tazed i mean endlessly tazed.

Oh for fu...

I AM SYLAR!!! You cannot kill, maim or in any way do lasting damage to this guy. So I just walk in, take the rick rolls and the tazers and grab the cake.

I shove the cake up my own nose.

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