The cake game

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i train to become a astronaut and wait till the 2030 and join the mars team then go and retrieve the cake.

i put the cake no jupiter

i go to space and get it waste of money to get it stolen again

I disguise the cake as chuck norris

I ask him to do a roundhouse kick. But he can't. Cakes can't kick.

I Rule 34 the cake.
You can't grab what you won't wanna look at!

I close my eyes and grope blindly for the cake.

Without taking my blindfold off, I put what's probably the cake (but I dunno, it might be a poisonous scorpion) in this box:


I destroy the lid, and get stung by a scorpion. I then decide that the scorpion is a better option then a rule 34d cake, so I grind it up and make it into a new cake.

I place the new cake in a pit of snakes.

I throw anti snake grenades in and run away with the cake on my back

I backstab you, skillfully leaving the cake unharmed and put it in a super secret phone box.

I whoosh into the phone box in order to change into my superhero costume to fight a giant mechanical vulture, and discover the cake inside.

I sellotape the cake to the shell of a Giant Enemy Crab.

I burn the toast god with my flame-thrower.

I place the slightly singed cake in a secret compartment under the stairs.

i fell down the stairs and find the cake

i put the cake in a door

I notice that the door has an odd bulge in it. Upon further investigation, I discover it to be the cake.

I hide the cake inside a mattress.

I notice that the door has an odd bulge in it. Upon further investigation, I discover it to be the cake.

I hide the cake inside a mattress.

I decide to have hot sex on the mattress, but my date sees a hot guy and runs off.

I take the cake and use it as a core for a terminator, send it back in time to kill the OP's mother, thereby creating a alternate universe where this thread never got started.

hay guise
The rules of the almighty cake game:
1.If you have the cake, your winning. Think of capture the flag.

2.You can steal the cake ANYWAY YOU WANT. The more imaginative the better.
For example: I kick dumbfish1 into a handily situated cesspit. I have the cake!

3.Try to make it legible. Others might want to read the genius that I'm sure your post will be.

4.If I hear one person say the cake is a lie so help me!

I think I should start this off by saying, I have the cake.

I sneak up behind you, stick an index finger in each nostril and tear your face in half.

I put the cake in a library full of landmines. If you set off a landmine, a ghost librarian will annihilate your soul.

I ain't afraid of no ghost.

I open up a can of whupass, obliterating the deceased librarian.
I hide the cake in a darkened room.

I flick the light on, sidestep the spike-pit trap, and take the cake.

I shove the cake down my pants.

i wait till it comes out of the offer end then take it

i hide the cake in big ben and i am not talking about the clock

I get the cake After finding big Ben and introducing him to a machete taking the cake out

I place the cake in a escape pod hurtling towards the sun.

I dock with the escape pod.

I hide the cake in your eye

The horrible pain alerts me to the presence of the cake, and I convince a surgeon to extract it.

I hide the cake up a chimney.

I send a chimmerny-sweep to get it.

I put the cake inside a living suit of armour.

I use a flamethrower to melt said suit.

I hide the, now slightly singed, cake, in Colditz using my time machine

I storm Colditz castle with my army of modern soldiers, who I send back in time to obtain the cake for me.

I place the cake on a cloud.

i wait till a plain knock it over then catch it

i give the cake to a dog who has wings and a robot costume made out of cared bored i will name him K9 robot whiskers

He shreads you to pieces and runs over to me, since you stole him from me. He gives me the cake.

I hide the game in Modern Warfare 2.

i take the cake of you.
why did you put a game in Modern Warfare 2?

i cut he cake in tiny little pieces then hide in a bomb

I slice the bomb in half, pull out all the insidey stuff and filter the cake out of it. Then I take the tiny pieces of cake and glue them back together.

I flatten the cake between the pages of a book and throw it like a frisbee off a mountain.

I use a laser cannon to boil the air in front of it, the hot air rises, but the cold air rushes down, forcing the cake into my waiting arms.

I'm disguised as your waiting arms.

I give the cake some candles, and none of you can recognize it anymore.

I find an oddly farmiliar-looking cak3 cover3d in candl3s. Sw33t!

I giv3 th3 cak3 to some b33s.

(My "E" key isn't working, sorry)

I kill them all with a can of insecticide.

I place the cake in a nuclear bunker.

i walk into the nuclear bunker take the cake then leave .
i think someone forgot to close the door .

i turn the cake into radio waves and then send it in to deep space

sam g:

(My "E" key isn't working, sorry)

how did you get the E in key then ?


sam g:

(My "E" key isn't working, sorry)

how did you get the E in key then ?

I'm pretty sure it was a joke.

I get out out my solar surfboard and ride the uv rays to deep space, yoinking the cake in the process.

I hire an elite team of ninja assassins, and hire some pirates to beat the crap out of to keep their skills highly tuned.

(Apologies, but as of today my "A" key is also abstaining from working)

It turns out the pir4tes were more skilful th4n you thought, 4nd they kill 4ll the ninj4s before dropping de4d of liver d4m4ge.

I give the c4ke to 44ron the 4bstinent 44rdvark.

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