The cake game

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I simply take a different, more delicious-looking cake from one of the shelves.

I hide the cake in a pyramid, full of booby traps and mummies and stuff.

I phone Indiana Jones and ask him to get the cake for me, he does, then I shoot him, for the lolz.

I attach the cake to a Space shuttle and it flies away to mars

I hire Arnold Schwarzenegger to shout "GET YOUR ARSE TO MARS", instantly teleporting me there. I manage to grab the cake before my eyeballs explode. Good luck prying it from my cold dead fingers!

I saw your hands off with an axe. "How do you saw with an axe?" With difficulty.

I hide the cake in some of Azraellod's invisible text. He'll tell you he typed it, but that's a lie.

i take my invisible text finding goggles and used it to find the missing cake

i take the cake to a pentagram and summon a foul demon to guard it for all internity

Luckily, you pronounce D's as l's, and I merely sidestep the citrus fruit and yoink the cake.

I hide the cake in a sealed box.

I cut a hole in the box with a swiss army knife, and take the cake.

I hide the cake in a cave, and put a dragon in there to guard it.

I equip two Wyrmbanes and cast Haste, Shell, Protect and Regen on myself, and own that bitch with a highly over-powered Limit Break.

I hide the cake in a Comic Convention.

I was hiding as a comic convention.

I hide the cake inside a giant octopus

i get i giant shark to kill the giant octopus

i brake the cake down into its elements

I use my knowledge of chemistry to turn it back.

I stuff the cake into a hole filled with carpenter ants.

I kill them with an insecticide, and take the cake.

I hide the cake under a tortoise.

I'm baffled as to how I could possibly get the cake from under a tortoise. Oh, no wait, I DO have half a brain cell.

After bandaging my severely bitten fingers I hide the cake inside a rampaging hot-air balloon.

I say it's a hoax and grab the cake in the attic.

I hide the cake in teh tubez.

I fall threw the Tubez and get killed via terminal velocity

The cake lands on the floor next to me

My pet hides it on mars

(this cakes been threw alot)

i train to become a astronaut and wait till the 2030 and join the mars team then go and retrieve the cake.

i put the cake no jupiter

i go to space and get it waste of money to get it stolen again

I disguise the cake as chuck norris

I ask him to do a roundhouse kick. But he can't. Cakes can't kick.

I Rule 34 the cake.
You can't grab what you won't wanna look at!

I close my eyes and grope blindly for the cake.

Without taking my blindfold off, I put what's probably the cake (but I dunno, it might be a poisonous scorpion) in this box:


I destroy the lid, and get stung by a scorpion. I then decide that the scorpion is a better option then a rule 34d cake, so I grind it up and make it into a new cake.

I place the new cake in a pit of snakes.

I throw anti snake grenades in and run away with the cake on my back

I backstab you, skillfully leaving the cake unharmed and put it in a super secret phone box.

I whoosh into the phone box in order to change into my superhero costume to fight a giant mechanical vulture, and discover the cake inside.

I sellotape the cake to the shell of a Giant Enemy Crab.

I write Cthulhu, and kill it instantly.

I give the cake to...


I burn the toast god with my flame-thrower.

I place the slightly singed cake in a secret compartment under the stairs.

i fell down the stairs and find the cake

i put the cake in a door

I notice that the door has an odd bulge in it. Upon further investigation, I discover it to be the cake.

I hide the cake inside a mattress.

I notice that the door has an odd bulge in it. Upon further investigation, I discover it to be the cake.

I hide the cake inside a mattress.

I decide to have hot sex on the mattress, but my date sees a hot guy and runs off.

I take the cake and use it as a core for a terminator, send it back in time to kill the OP's mother, thereby creating a alternate universe where this thread never got started.

hay guise
The rules of the almighty cake game:
1.If you have the cake, your winning. Think of capture the flag.

2.You can steal the cake ANYWAY YOU WANT. The more imaginative the better.
For example: I kick dumbfish1 into a handily situated cesspit. I have the cake!

3.Try to make it legible. Others might want to read the genius that I'm sure your post will be.

4.If I hear one person say the cake is a lie so help me!

I think I should start this off by saying, I have the cake.

I sneak up behind you, stick an index finger in each nostril and tear your face in half.

I put the cake in a library full of landmines. If you set off a landmine, a ghost librarian will annihilate your soul.

I ain't afraid of no ghost.

I open up a can of whupass, obliterating the deceased librarian.
I hide the cake in a darkened room.

I flick the light on, sidestep the spike-pit trap, and take the cake.

I shove the cake down my pants.

I walk up to you as Chell, and you instantly 'reveal its position'.

I put the cake in a wormhole.

i wait till it comes out of the offer end then take it

i hide the cake in big ben and i am not talking about the clock

I get the cake After finding big Ben and introducing him to a machete taking the cake out

I place the cake in a escape pod hurtling towards the sun.

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