The cake game

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I defeat your twing twang and steal the cake.

I take the cake to an unknown location.

I defeat your unknown location by using Google earth!

The cake is mine and I swim to the bottom of the ocean using the worlds last pressure pill.

I send a son of Poseidon to follow you and bring the cake back.

I take the cake and hide it in the Labyrinth. The Greek Mythology one.

I use modern age technology to bulldoze that son of a bitch down!

I eat the cake whole and now it's in my bellay!

I tear your belly open with a chainsaw, and steal the cake.

I cut the cake into a million pieces and hide them all over the world.(Think, the Triforce)

Ok i'm going to open up a chain of bakerys, now every gets multiple cakes for free.

I play a piano near your cat, causing him to meow at a frequency which shakes the earth to the very core. All the cake comes to the center of the earth, where a magical bottle of eye drops waits to transport the cake to me with the aid of his centaur friend.

I put the cake in an Absolutely Safe Capsule.

Nothing is Absolutely Safe from Dr. McNinja!

All your cake belong to me

Holy Shit a Racoon! I bow to your Awesomeness! *Bow*
*looks up then stabs the Racoon and Sleekgiant* then runs away from with the cake*

I use (<-- him, forgive me, I forgot how to do forum code) To defeat your doctor ninja and he hides the cake in our Treasure chest, making sure to give me a map with "x marks the spot" where the x happens to be somewhere in the dreaded Bermuda Triangle.

I use image (<-- him, forgive me, I forgot how to do forum code) To defeat your doctor ninja and he hides the cake in our Treasure chest, making sure to give me a map with "x marks the spot" where the x happens to be somewhere in the dreaded Bermuda Triangle.

Eh that's cool...HEY LOOK OVER THERE *runs off with cake*


*takes cake*

Thankyou Sleekgiant *Winks*

I don't think so
*detonates decoy cake*
*Runs away*

XD Nice one!

*cauterizes blown off hand*

Try this out for a looney toon throwback

*Zips ninja star at rope*

*Piano falls on Sleekgiant's head*

Na na ;-)

*Runs with cake*

*Activates spring floor trap*
*Catches cake*
*Locks thy self in secure vault*

*drill hole into safe and fills with toxic gas*
*hacks into safe Bioshock style*

*Bops Sleekgiant on the back of the head with a empty beer bottle*
he he
*takes cake from dazed opponent*
*Flies away on Jet pack*

*Uses heat-seeking RPG*
[insert cheesy line here]
*gets cake back in perfect condition*

Sneek hugs!
*Takes cake from confused giant*

That was the acid cake
*watches Rex melt painfully*

*Uses awesome sneak skill to pilfer cake from sleekgiant as he is watching rex melt*
hee hee
*Hides and cuts a slice of cake*

Small glowing eyes flash open in the darkness of the room tiny is in, right behind his back. A 7ft Masamune goes through his chest in a spurt of blood. He lies there in shock, as anyone would be, and the last sounds he makes are small expulsions of surprised breaths leaving his body. The last words he hears are, "Sephiroth now has the cake.". He lies there still, with a look of shock, pain, and amazement frozen on his face for eternity.

I walk up and replace the real cake with fake cake while dis goes through that unnecisaraly long explanation on how he kills tiny to take the fake cake (which is fake).

Sex Rex faces the same horrible fate as Tiny. Sephiroth now has the cake once more.

Dis misplaced cake and can't remember where he put it. Sex Rex clone 52 finds cake under pillow. (also, dis is still not Sephiroth and should stop thinking he is)

Sex Rex looks up and see's Sephiroth above his head with Masamune in hand, plunging down with sword pointed down, the last thing he notices is that Sephiroth is covered in thousands of tiny Strings that don't look like they're made of string, but of energy, and they flow to a dark corner where only two dark, red, glowing eyes are shown. The sword plunges into Sex Rex's head and Sephiroth picks up the cake, and walks to the corner where the eye's lie. "Dispelga, the puppet master, now has the cake." Says Sephiroth. (It is the real Sephiroth, i'm just controling his body, it's not a puppet, in the context that a puppet is a little wooden marionette.)

Stop going into such depth.
I have the cake.

(I don't have to stop going into such depth.... i can go into as much depth as i want. If i wanted to write an entire novel about how i took the cake from you in this forum, i'm allowed to do that.)
"Children! Come to Father!" Hundreds of human puppet's fall from the rafters, all with the same energy-like strings on them as Sephiroth, and all of them fall around Sex Rex. Each one has a weapon. Cloud, Tifa, Yuffie, Aeris, Cid, Luneth, and Zidane are all found in the large crowd of once-human puppets. They all charge Sex Rex and reduce him a puddle of blood and shreds of flesh. Luneth picks up the cake and walks towards the corner. "Dispelga has the cake once more." The puppets then form a protective barrier around Dispelga.

Clone 53 will avenge thy self! Once the other clones start paying atention.


Don't be so full of yourself!
You dirty ninja...

Oh, and my cake.

We have the cake.

"Children! ATTACK!" The swarm of humanoid puppets all gather together and build a large structure shaped like a rod, Sephiroth assumes his position at the front. The large puppet rod begins to glow, the gglowing moves towards Sephiroth. Then it begins to pulsate, more rings of light run towards Sephiroth until he is as bright as a small star. "Maioribus Lux Lucis!" A huge beam shoots out of the puppet rod and incinerates every Rex clone and Josh. I remove myself from my perch and retreave the cake, then hold it high above my head. "The cake is mine once more!." I then lower it and take a triumphant bite.

I send the U.S.S Kill Beast Buffet straight towards your face. (I better not be ninja'd)

Cake = mine

I hide the cake in a mirror disguised as a door.

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