The cake game

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I use a cake finder and puts it on (Touched by Azraellod) and takes the cake.

i snatch the cake from axelmiller and run.
if you don't do anything with it, i'm forced to be unoriginal

i give the cake to an army of koopa troopers.

i clone mario 500 times and send all 500 of him to kill the koopas.

I take the cake, put it in a missile and launch it into space

i use a giant electromagnet to bring the missile, and therefore the cake, to me.

i place the cake in a box and hide it in a box factory. i then put the real cake inside a safe at the local bank. the one in the box factory is fake.

I unleash my fearsome box opening skills to open all the boxes and take the cake.

I place the cake in the stomach of a giant Gears of war 2 style worm

i kille the worm and take whats left of the cake

i hide the cake in a 1000000 ton everything proof locked box

You forgot the portal gun, though...

Now that I have the cake, I eat it, digest it and all the COR 200 in my bloodstream devour the nutrients resulting from said cake.

Now I am the Cake! How do you intend to capture me, potential interwebber escapist below me?

actually, if you care to highlight my last post, you will see that you just ate a fake.
mwahaha, pointless planning ahead pays off.

i should stop doing that. all it does is annoy people.

i seal the cake in a safe, and place the safe under a bridge in a fast flowing river.

I use the force and lift the cake out of the river.

Then I make the cake a part of the force

I tap into the force, and use it to create a new cake. I then destroy the force with the force. Think of a snake eating it's tail.

I have arms. I also have the cake. Therefor, the cake and my arms are one and the same.

I kick you in the Tenders and cut off your hands to take it away

then i merge my DNA with the cake and make the cake into my heart

I chop your arms off and turn them back to its delicious cake form and punch you in the face.
*Edit* I gut you like a fish and take your heart. Then change it back into a cake.

I hide the cake in a random can of Tag body spray

I spray the body spray into a cup, then wait for it to congeal.
I come back three weeks later, and voila! There is my cake!

I thank fundamental chemistry for this gift of cake, then put it in a heat-proof pod at the center of the earth.

the earth is full of dinosaurs. i ride one towards the pod, and retrieve the cake.

i make a replica cake, identical in nearly every way but one. i leave them on the table next to each other, and let you decide which one to pick up and take with you. oh, there will be large explosion that will kill you if you pick up the one on the left.

I kick you in the stomach and take both cakes

I throw the cakes into a black hole that's being divided by zero

I divide it by the square root of a minus No., canceling out the black hole and leaving me with the cake.

I use shrimp weaponry to guard the cake.

I fry the shrimps, then put them on top of the cake.

I than take this delicious fried shrimp cake and put it in a box. Somewhere...

I finally locate the cake, through my vast knowledge of popular culture, over the rainbow. Lacking the ability to return over said rainbow, I hand over the cake to the munchkin people as a distraction whilst I leg it to the Emerald City.

i punt all the munchkins until i find the one with the cake

i go back in time and give the cake to hitler, i say its a WMD

i tell him you lied to him, and he gives it to me and vows to kill you.

i place the cake in a different thread, in another post. find it if you can.

edit:...apparently it couldn't be found. it was here, as if anyone cares.

Uh... Can't.

I fly around the world on the back of a bomb whilst waving a cowboy hat at such a speed that the earth starts rotating bacwards, so time reverses. I travel to the excact moment that you made this post, but before you can post it, I pilot my bomb into your house, causing the internet to crash. I then wrench the cake from the grip of your charred remains.

I surgically open up a bear's chest and put the cake in it.

I watch as the bear in question is mutilated, feeling horrified that you would so such a thing to a poor, helpless animal. In turn, I put some calls in to PETA, and while they're petitioning for your arrest on the grounds of animal cruelty, I take the bear home, luring it along with salmon, and put a call in to a vet to see if I can have the cake surgically removed, with all it's cake'd glory still in tact.

I begin to pet the bear's head like an evil villain's cat, plotting what to do with my new-found cake.

i snatch it from you while you are daydreaming what to do with it.

i place the cake on a lightening-rod in a storm.

I equip a full-body rubber suit, and scale the lightning rod totally unscathed.

I bury the cake in a carnivorous pig field.

I use my Ghost in the shell style cybernetics to walk past unscathed and collect the cake.

I hide said cake in the middle of a high school cheer leading squad that have unlimited energy and never stop.

i kill them all with a mini-uzi and take the cake.

i place the cake in a sealed container that will explode if opened.

I lock-pick it and deactivate the explosives. What? I have 100 science, Lock-pick, and explosives, what do you expect?

Since you have the real one, I eat it again and have my COR 200 nano-creatures consume the remains, This time, however, I seal myself behind 12 sonic emitters and 12 AA batteries, in hopes no one will reach me.

EDIT: never mind I just reread that...

I dig under the ground accompanied by my Army of Final Fantasy Characters and disable your power plants. We then slice you up and devour you

Now I am the fake cake. I hide myself inside WoW.

i use a virus program to detect and extract the original cake from you, while deleting you from the hard drive. i then use the artificial cake to create a real cake, and strike the current one from the records.

i throw the cake into a volcano crater.

I send my lava monsters to get it again and to kick you in the face.

I hide the cake in Deadpool's pants

Turns out dead pool is me

I have the cake in my pants

Turns out dead pool is me

I have the cake in my pants

I have Caboose kill you with Shelia (It's a Red vs Blue joke). Then I take it from you and give it to Caboose.

I beat caboose to death with his own skull.

I hide the cake in the heart of the sun

I use my Espeons psychic powers to retrieve the burnt cake...

I hide the cake in a castration waiting room.

I send my girlfriend in to get it.

I then send my girlfriend, along with the cake, to the end of the universe.

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