The cake game

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I take the right cake and burn your house and the cakes to the ground.
post number 86

I put the cake on a table, guarded by a Tyrannosaurus Rex

Thanks to what master Ken Ham has taught me, I tame the T-Rex and indoctrinate and force my beliefs introduce him to creationism.

I hide the cake in a hidden message.

Gah! Curses! You discovered my secret message! Oh, well, the suspense was fun while it lasted. Now then, here is your cake.

*Hands over cake*

I find Dan Brown and make him write up what the hidden message means, solving it in only 600 pages.

I hide the cake in an Iraq war zone.

I jump in, grab it, and jump out- But first, I force both sides to talk their problems out.

I hide the cake in my homework.

i set up a cake stand and hide the cake on it amongst duplicates. i then leave to attend to other things. take any cake other then the one on the far left (the real one) and there will be an explosion in which you die.

Gnah! Curses! You've caught on!

I plant Plastic explosives in all iterations of the cake,
be they real or fake,
And then a new cake,
I do bake.

I put the cake on a small island surrounded by lava, get out my deck chair and sit back.

I wait for the lava to cool and harden, then walk across it.

I hide the cake under the sea at such a depth that the pessure would make your head pop if you went down to get it.

I use my yellow submarine to get it.

I teleport out of the sub, leaving it (and cake) at the bottom of the ocean. I then blow up every other submarine (whatever color it is) in the world

Unfortunately for you, I can dive to the deepest depths without trouble so I do this and take the cake.

I leave the cake under the watchful eye of Derren Brown.

I send a genetically modified whale to go and collect it. It's amazing the pressures they can withstand.
I slice him into pieces with a massive cleaver and take the cake.

I place the cake under a tree in the center of a forest.

I burn the forest to the ground and take the cake.

I hide the cake near the Meta

OOC: the Meta from Red vs Blue?

I point and shout, "Look, it's Caboose!" The Meta turns around, and while it's distracted I grab the cake and run like a bitch.

I teleport the cake into the center of the sun.

I use a grabber to grab it from the middle of the sun.

I place the cake in a Bon Jovi concert.
Don't judge me.

I kill everyone there and take the cake.

I hide the cake at the end of time.

I wait till the end of time and take the cake.

I reveal that the cake is a lie, destroying the cake and sending it to Oblivion.

I follow to Oblivion and fight Mahrouns Dagon [sp?] to the death for it, winning and claiming the cake as my prize.

I run with the cake and never look back and never stop running.

I shot you in the leg and steal the cake.

I eat the cake.

I rage, turn into a utter Psycho, jump onto your chest, rip you apart and grab the cake from your stomach, and I also take you bones for good measure.
Swollen Goat gave them back...

I place the cake atop the tallest structure in the world and surround it a million volt electrical fence.

I eat Colin McGrath and possess his electric-related abities and use them to take the cake.

I hide the cake in the "Build a Base" thread from long ago.

Using my built in time controller I leap back to that tread and take the cake.

I throw the cake through the stargate to an unknown world.

The unknown world turns out to be earth.

I hide the cake in a snake pit filled with wild cougars. and lasers.

i drop innocent humans into the pit until the cougars are no longer hungry. then i use a mirror tube to protect me from the lasers as i collect the cake.

i throw the cake out of a plane with a parachute attached to it.

I jump out as well and catch it.

I hide it in one of the many clouds in the sky.

I supercool the atmosphere, condensing all the clouds and causing the cake to fall out of the sky.

I lose the cake in a game of poker to a mysterious masked man.

I am the masked man!
(See: Avatar)

I hand the cake over to kane.

Lynch lynches Kane, and I cane Lynch.

I throw the cake into a tree.

Burn the tree, somehow without burning the cake. Cuz climbing is for pussies.

I hide the cake in 4chan.

Weegee finds the cake and stares at it for a bit. I send several of my men in to get it, and I never see them again...

Weegee takes the cake to his secret ice fortress.

*is in a secret ice fortress*

*is in a secret ice fortress*

awwww :O you're the cake!

I melt the ice fortress with a gigantic hairdryer and steal the cake aboard my floating pirate ship!

i sink your pirate ship with a submarine of terror, then take the cake from the sunken wreckage with an army of divers.

i place the cake in a chandelier at a fancy restaurant.

i place the cake in a chandelier at a fancy restaurant.

A chandelier is no place for a mighty Cakes!
However, I take note of the fact that I'm in the middle of a fancy restaurant, and my bargaining powers as a cake are fairly limited.

I also bind and gag the cake. I didn't think that was previously necessary.

so the cake is now bound, gagged, and on a chandelier in a fancy restaurant.

I also bind and gag the cake. I didn't think that was previously necessary.

so the cake is now bound, gagged, and on a chandelier in a fancy restaurant.

The cake likes where this is going.
Nevertheless, the cake leaps down from the chandelier...landing on a table. His situation has not greatly improved.


I pick up the cake from the table and kill it, stopping it making any movements of it's own.

I lock the cake inside a glass safe.

I nuke the aforementioned safe, making sure to thoroughly decontaminate the cake of radiation.

I put the Cake in Vault 101

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