Create A Drinking Game That Will Most Certainly Kill You

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Watch Beerfest and try to match the main characters drinking, pint for pint. You would die halfway into the movie :P

Back when I played WOW, I used to play the "Molten Core Drinking Game"

Kill a Boss, take a drink.
The raid wipes, take a drink.
Somebody types/says "loot the core hound", take a drink.

Lord only knows how much damage I've done to my liver.

Chug chug chug!

I discovered an evil little drinking game tailored to my group of friends. we take a shot every time we make a reference to a movie/song/tv show. last weekend four of us notched up over 100 shots.

Anything ever:
Any time someone breathes, take a shot.

Take a drink every time Kratos from God of War kills someone.
If you even survive the first game, I'll slap you over your head with medals, awards and ribbons.

Everytime you take a drink, take another drink!

While watching a Pokemon episode, chug every time you hear a Pokemon repeat its own name over and over again.

Take a shot whenever you see propaganda.

You'd be dead in an hour.

Play Assassin's Creed/Assassin's Creed 2. Take a drink when Altair/Ezio jumps off a building.

Alternate game: View a gaming forum other than this one. Take a shot everytime a Xbox vs PS3 thread starts.

This one is mainly for the Canadians, but we used to watch Strange Brew (Bob and Doug Mckenzie movie), and take a drink anytime someone said beer, eh, hoser, take off, every time someone drinks beer, and every time a donut is on screen.

Not a pretty game.

Turn on American Idol, grab your liquor, take a drink every time a singer looks at the camera.

Watch the yu-gi-oh cartoon 4-kids dubbed and take a drink everytime someone says "oh no"

Every time the letter "e" is used take a drink.

And you're in a conference of the "Ecstatic Evangelical E's Corporation."

And everyone's name is Evelyn Eckheart.

It might take some planning but boy will it be fun!

Take a drink every time the AVGN replaces a joke for a swear. If you last through one video, you probably weren't born with a liver in the first place.

Take a shot of whisky every time you die in Ninja Gaiden 2 on the hardest difficulty.

Take the song Know Your Enemy by Greenday.

Take a shot every time the words:


Are sung.

Take the film Fight Club. Take a drink whenever:

-The main character does something illegal
-Tyler Durden shows up
-The main character talks about organs in the first-person

Take the TV Show House. Have a drink any time:

-House takes a vicodin
-House insults his team
-House plays with his PSP or his ball
-Wilson gives House a speech

The Evangelion drinking game:

Shinji vows never to pilot the Eva again? - take a shot.
Gendo goes an entire scene without saying anything? - take a shot.
Rei is bandaged? - take a shot.

Woah, hella necroing guys.

I'll let it slide though, because this thread is a lot of fun, and I like comparing other people's drinking games to mine.

God help anyone who actually tries mine or any of the ones that are physically possible.

Terminator 2: Take 1 drink for every bullet fired.

Every Anime Ever Made: Take a drink every time someone does or says something stupid. This will not work with Afro Samurai however on account of it being freaking awesome.

On a Yahtzee video, starting with his first review, take a drink every time some douche says FIRST.

Your liver will be destroyed in about 3 videos.

Try this drinking game for the movie Iron Kung Fu, I was temporarily blind by the end of the film.

watch Full Metal Jacket.

take a shot everytime Hartman uses some form of swear word in the movie.
There is no way you'd survive the first 6 minutes because that's his "motivational speech".

when playing metal gear solid 4, take a drink every time:

1 shot for:
-Someone mentions either "The System", "SOP", or "The Patriots" (this one will kill you)
-Snake grumbles or sighs depressingly

2 shots for:
-Someone talks about how old Snake is now
-Snake reiterates something just said to him, but in question form
-every time Snake falls down in a cut scene
-every time Johnny has bowel issues

3 shots for:
-every time Snake loses Psyche during a cut scene

Metallica songs- take a drink every time james hetfield says ya or contradicts himselfe by going yaaa nooooo

Listen to stereotypical modern-day rap. Take a shot whenever you hear "fuck", "nigga", "nigger", "dawg", "bitches ass", "pussy", or improper grammar. 30 seconds in: YOU'RE ALREADY DEAD.

For doujin mmusic enthusiasts only: Download a vocal Touhou remix album. For every song you hate the vocalist in, take a shot. You should be crap-your-pants scream-at-doghouse drunk by the end.

Watch any Ww2 with brad pitt in it, and take a shot every time he says an line with a bad accent.

I call it the Futurerama drinking game....every time Lela has one eye, drink.

Falling Down.

Drink every time the film underlines a problem with western or American society. You'd be surprised.

Ask A Ninja Drinking game:
Take a shot every time the camera cuts to a different angle.

Here is one episode of it just to show you how many drinks you'd take:



The Family Guy drinking game (not for the faint of heart, or weak of liver):
Take a drink every time they cut to a hilarious non-plot related joke.

In other words, I'd stay completely sober, since I don't find Family Guy amusing at all.

Take a drink everytime the Twilight books compliment the looks of a male character.

You will die. You will die so fast that it'll look like an accident.

My idea was similar to this, but I was thinking take a drink every time it describes Edward's face in particular. Or a scene in which Edward is staring at Bella.

I forgot about this post. It's oddly appropriate because I was discussing twilight with some gals at work today.

We were debating whether women are in love with the actor who plays the vampire or the notion of the vampire from the story.

We all, myself included, came down on the side that it has to be the idea of the character. Because none of us find him in any way exceptional.

Cause in the past, when women say "I want that man." or "He's so sexy" in less corny ways than I just did. I can usually go "Yeah I could see myself being gay with them if they lowered their standards." But the guy who plays Edward doesn't even tickle that little gay guy that chats with the various other sexual personas floating around in my head.

I assume any dude who isn't sexually repressed (or whatever you call it when talking about homosexuality makes you uncomfortable) can understand what I basically mean. The old joke of "gun to my head".

Wow, we had a spambot bump this thread like mad.

Uhh... how about on the Escapist, go to any thread. Any. If you find a atheism related comment, take a shot.

Watch the movie Heat, and take a shot every time they say the word Heat.

Roll 2 diect, If your number is or is between 2-12 you have to drink 14 pints of scumble (cookie for reference) and iff you roll a 1 or a 13 you have to drink 20 pints

Step one, Play Portal and watch the ending credits.
Step two, wait five minutes then take a drink everytime the Portal song starts playing in your head.

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