Create A Drinking Game That Will Most Certainly Kill You

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-Drink everytime you see glowing blue junk.
-Drink everytime there's unnesary slow motion.
-Drink everytime there's an unnesary amount of gore.
-Drink everytime you wish you where reading the comic instead.

- Read Twilight and drink every time Smeyer describes how hawt an booteful Edward is. If you survive, move on through the next three books.

Would it be more apt to drink whenever that cow uses the word "cold", or any synonym of it?

On topic...

-turn on Degrassi and drink whenever you see teen angst
-watch Jimmy Fallon's last season of SNL. Drink every time he looks at the camera and/or laughs mid-skit
-watch the South Park episode "It Hits the Fan". Drink every time you hear the word "shit"

I have a toothpaste for dinner shirt that says "The Liberal Drinking Game" in big letters and then "take a shot every time you hate fox news"
i've yet to play it, which is why I'm still able to type.



Well, you could have:

Drink, See below
Drink, See above

But I find it much more creative to:
Every time Seanthesheep uses a comma, drink.

Read through most of my posts, hell even this one, you will die in at most 6 hours, and that's if you have the alchohol tolerance of an alchoholic, Russian, bear.
It also works for unnecessary new paragraphs or general unnecessary punctuation.

EDIT: Looking back on my literary work, I think punctuation wise, I am the complete opposite of Yahtzee, anger wise, we are both going to end up wrestling angry alchoholic russian bears.

14 shots right there.
This is a fun game.

Wow, I am good at killing people, I go to say here, any liver damage, death or other injury sustained whilst playing, or as a cause of, The Seanthesheep Drinking Game(TM) I am not responsible at all, even though it is hillarious.
I'm updating the rules aswell, any time Seanthesheep acts like a pompous a-hole, TEQUILA TIME! and any time I use a half a***d attempt at hiding my swearing, take two shots.
Man, this looks like it could be hella fun if I ever want to get drunk, invoke mod wrath and lose my chances of getting trinity, morpheus or neo.

15 shots. Man, you are killing me.

A fun one;
"I have never."

You take turns. Whoevers turn it is states something they have never done. If someone in the room HAS done that thing, they take a drink. "I have never gone bungie jumping," and then someone drinks (or no one does). It's a neat way to learn about the people around you. :)
(Yes, you can say you "have never" as long as you drink when you do. It's called a sacrafice. ;) )

Not sure if this has been named yet, too lazy to spit through 9 pages:
Sci-Fi game

Applicable to any sci-fi show or movie. Each time you hear a 'tech talk' term, you yell "BULLSHIT!" and everyone has to take a sip.

Especially deadly with Star Trek. It's also transferable to the fantasy genre with it's magic talk. Heck, even House with it's over-usage of medical jargon.

Watch a Stargate SG-1 compilation of Teal'c saying "indeed" on youtube and take a shot every time someone (preferably Teal'c) says "indeed".

Are you drunk yet?

Yes - take a shot.
No - take two shots.

Repeat endlessly.


Also, you know those late night adds that go for half an hour? Take a shot every time they tell you something they have already told you.

While watching Scrubs - a shot for every time Dr. Cox insults somebody.

While watching 300 - a shot for every dead body you see.

The super mario brothers 3 drinking game

(it has to be the super mario all stars version)

Everytime you completed a level you drink a half a shot of vodka but if you die and have to start the world again you still have to drink the shots again. Trying to get to world 8 without dying of alcohol poisoning would be difficult.

Watch game dogs
Take a drink every time an unfunny joke is made!
Guaranteed death in about 20 minutes

There is a film called beer fest. The game is simple, every time they drink, you drink the same amount. Suffice to say, drinking 2 finger every time they drink is enough to have you passed out on a curb3 days later wondering how you got there. Drinking the same amount they do is a death sentence.

Here's an easy one: Play I Wanna Be The Guy with no prior knowledge of the patterns - drink every time you die.

Take a drink every time David Draiman says "motherfucker" in the song "Liberate."
Number of shots: 17

Take a drink every time Andrew WK says "party" in the song "Party Hard."
Number of shots: 36

Take a drink for every anti-Republican thread on the Religion and Politics forum.
Number of shots: Over 9,000

Chug an entire bottle of Jack Daniels whenever you see campers in MW2. YOU WILL FUCKING DIE IN THE FIRST FIVE MINUTES.

Watch game dogs
Take a drink every time an unfunny joke is made!
Guaranteed death in about 20 minutes

It'd hardly matter. After 20 minutes of Game dogs I'd have killed myself anyway.

Watch Withnail and I: just try to keep up!

I got one for God of War 3.

Finish a drink every time Kratos guts something or dimembers something.

get 5 guys, and when anybody takes a drink, (even you) everybody take a drink


There you go.

For the record, I loved PoP 2008/

While playing either mass effect games, take a drink everytime someone mentions humanity, reapers, says sheperd or commander, if you started with and make it through the first game, continue through the second.

While watching Pirates of the Caribbean take a drink everytime you wish jack was back on screen, if he is on screen take a drink every time he does something silly yet ingenious

while watching 24 take a drink everytime jack says "damn it" (ok not mine stole that elsewhere)

and finally, put on any music channel that plays generic pop music and take a drink everytime the word "love" is said, you'll be dead in 3 songs

Playing God of War 3, take a shot:

Every time a God/Demi God dies.

Every time the player dies.

Watch 24 on FOX:

Do a shot of hard whiskey every time someone on the show...
1. Mentions the phrase "patch through" or any variation of it
2. Sends a "team" somewhere.
3. Makes Chloe crack an "uncrackable" firewall and or incryption.
4. Successfully Attacks CTU HQ with a bomb/EMP/Deadly Neurotoxin/Strike Team. (Seriously it happens like every other season. Do they even hire security or do background checks to flush out Double Agents?)

The Big Lebowski: Drink a white russian every time the Dude makes a white russian. Goodbye liver.

Playing Modern Warfare 2 and drinking a beer every time you get a kill.

watch the band polygon pokemon episode and take a shot every time you see a flash. ALSO jump off a 20 story apartment building and take a shot for each broken bone... or you could do that with your cat :3

Watch "The Big Lebowski" and take a drink anytime someone says "Fuck" or "Dude".

For the love of God, DONT DO THIS! The heaviest drinker in the world will most certainly end up in the hospital after half an hour.

Heroes- take a drink whenever a stupid soap opera like plot is introduced.
It's always sunny in philidelphia- take a drink whenever someone on the show takes a drink.

The Escapist Website::

Take a drink every time someone posts a comment bashing Halo, Twilight, or Tim Burton.

Try surviving THAT!!!!!

Music channel starz

Take a drink every time STZ posts a message.


I usually do this but instead pick a number between 1-9.
When the number appears drink, drink twice if it appears twice at once. (Or strip) depending on if the party contains girls.

It works out great for 1-9 1-10 players :) as you can use the number 0

While watching csi miami:
Take a drink every time Horatio touches his sunglasses, either to take them off or put them on

If you wanna up the ante on that one you can drink even when he doesn't put them on/take them off, but simply readjusts them for suspense.

The Kevin Smith Game: Watch any of his movies (Clerks 1 or 2, Dogma, etc). Take a shot every time someone drops the F bomb.

Take a shot every time you die playing counter strike:
Get good or get wasted.

Play Halo online and drink everytime anyone shows poor sportsmanship.

Play portal and drink every time you go through a portal.


The Family Guy drinking game (not for the faint of heart, or weak of liver):
Take a drink every time they cut to a hilarious non-plot related joke.

In other words, I'd stay completely sober, since I don't find Family Guy amusing at all.

Take a drink everytime the Twilight books compliment the looks of a male character.

You will die. You will die so fast that it'll look like an accident.

My idea was similar to this, but I was thinking take a drink every time it describes Edward's face in particular. Or a scene in which Edward is staring at Bella.

Watch a Michael Bay movie, and drink following every explosion.

Or, in the same movie, drink every time you see the military.

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