Government Heroes: A Marvel-Style RP [Finished]

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Phew. Not many of you, ay?

Again, sorry to everyone who didn't make it in. Honestly, we weren't expecting so many people to join. Also, just to put anyone's mind at ease, no character were chosen on the basis that one was better than another. We picked the people who we were most interested in and had not RP'd with before, along with two well known and highly reliable RP'ers on each side for the newer players to follow.

My good man Samuel will do the opening post soon.

Aww, shucks, was hoping to get in, i'm'a be lurking on this RP, though, I imagine the story's gonna' be pretty sweet.

Alright!, I don't think these were easy decisions to make, so congratulations to all those involved and to those that made it!.

I'll be stepping out in a few minutes for 'ol Guy Fawkes Night so in the event that this starts now, my character won't be making an appearance till tomorrow in the wee hours of the morning (UK time).

Oh thank you so much! This is going to be a lot of fun.

Oh thank you so much! This is going to be a lot of fun.

I quote thou for their employment of truth.

oh well, always next time.

At least now I have closure.
I really wanted in on this too.
I even made a character on Marvel too!

Chapter one: Heroes to Zeroes!

Sjors looked out of the window. He saw a small glimmer as some fire rose from a street in the distance. Perhaps another skirmish between a self-proclaimed villain and a hero. He turned and looked at the five people sitting in the well-lit room of the Corperation, as he called it. Corrupt and willing to do anything for a large wad of money.

"Thank you all for comming at such short notice." He said, looking at each of the five looking back at him.

"I'm sure you all have questions, but just let me get a bit of explanation out of the way. I know who you all are. Villians. Super-villians, some say. You're the best villians the world can offer. And you're all in the same room. Bit too much of a coincidence, maybe?"

"Now you may wonder why you are listening to a teenager. Well, that might be because I am as well,"

He streched his wings from under the heavy cloak he wore.

"A villain. And I have a proposal for you. The villains of this city, and the entire world, are all loners. Apart from the temporary tag-team, they have no organisation whatsoever. And because of that they are not that succesful. Oh there are of course the one-time wonders, but it's nothing in comparison to the victories of the heroes. It's...sad, really.

"I want to change that. I have five "Heroes" that are the legends of this generation, or special in one way of the other. If you gents,"

He nodded to the one female in the room.

"And you, miss, take these down without killing them they will spread the word of collective villains. It will rally others, and at the same time weaken the resolve of the heroes."

He turned, looking out the window again.

"Of course you are free to choose."

Clare's eyes stirred at last, as she began to boot. She groaned slowly as her eyes opened, and the standard series of 1s and 0s began to flicker before her eyes, they were gone in seconds, but they ushered in her activation from standby mode.

Clare hugged the quilt and looked at her alarm clock, and groaned at its display that it was time for work in an hour. She slowly, and tiredly lifted the quilt and got out of bed, as she analysed her room. It was the same as it had been since when she went to standby, and it seemed rather cheery, ushering in a new day of justice.

Clare stumbled, as if she were drunk, the truth being her motor functions not completely booted, towards her bathroom, looking to freshen up. She eventually managed to boot up enough to see her reflection in the mirror, and grinned.

"Good morning beautiful," She chuckled fondly as she washed her face, cleaning off some grime. She began to brush her pearly white teeth, and began to try to remember the date.

She eventually finished, and walked (Now calmly and soberly), out of the bathroom, and towards her wardrobe. She slid the glass panels open, and came face-to-face with her outfit. She began to unbutton her pyjamas as she picked up her costume.

5 minutes later, after much jumping on one leg, and cursing her sock's resistance to be put on, she finally stood tall, in all of her clothes, albeit from her jacket and trainers.

She looked at the clock on the wall, and smiled.

Work in an hour... She mentally noted as she slumped in her sofa, and flicked on the news channel.

Billy awoke with the sun in his eyes."Morning already?" he thought as he slowly climbed out of bed. He looked at the small device on his bed side. It was small and rectangular with a little display. He had to special order it, but he never regretted the purchase. It detected the amount of airborne biohazards. It had saved him from himself multiple times. He looked at the display. All bars were green. "Excellent" he said to himself "I didn't kill myself in my sleep" He laughed at his own bad joke.

After taking a shower and getting dressed, he threw his detector in his pocket and grabbed his backpack. He quickly threw his gas mask in, and then his Mcdonnald's uniform. He looked at the clock. "Time for work" he muttered, slightly displeased.

Schrodinger was fascinated the proposal. The idea of having a decent aim in life was a big attraction, and there was little to discourage him from the idea.

Actually, he was fully aware that he was unable to back out even if he wanted to, no matter what had been said. He had been sent the note before he had ever used his alias, so this kid knew who he was, and could probably prove he was here with cameras or something similar. If this group ever got caught, he was going down as well, whether he was involved or not.

So he would join. No question about it. But it might do to see how much he could get out of it.

He raised his hand, his recently made green robe slipping down his arm. "What sort of resources am I able to expect from this?"

"Eugh..." James groaned as his alarm rang beside his bed. "Shut up..." He mumbled, fumbling for the snooze button. The ringing continued as his hand unsuccesfully groped for the snooze button.
"I SAID SHUT UP!" he yelled, the alarm clock flew across the room and smashed against the wall.

"Oh...fuck." He sighed as he slowly got out of the bed. He walked through to the bathroom and showered quickly before putting on his casual clothes that he picked up off the floor.

He left the apartment he was staying in, locking the door behind him. He had had to use his powers to convince the landowner that he belonged there. But he hadn't tampered with his mind in any other way. He wouldn't harm innocents.

"Time to go for a walk around the park." He hummed as he started walking down the stairs.

"But where is the fun in not killing them?" Vasily rasps, "surely that would make a better ...impact on the world if these legends were destroyed..."

He stands up from his chair.

"Of course I'm in, although I would like to know the answer to," he jerks his arm towards Schrodinger, "his question..."

In his mind the goal of bringing the world to it's knees through a show of total power tickled his fancy as it were.

Mark sighed as he flipped his pencil between his fingers. He wasn't going to admit it, but he was itching for a fight. However, the most his police-issue radio had come up with recently was a mugging. He was half way through getting his outfit on when the cop on the other end noted that he'd already got the thief.

I don't like this place. Too many bright lights, too many people, too much noise. Not enough action either. I suppose that's what I get for moving to Ohio. I should have moved to the big apple instead. I bet they get around ten murders a day or something.

Mark instantly perked up when he heard the radio chatter fill the air.

"Wilco-One, we've got some costumed-freak blasting the city centre to hell and back. Bring whatever units you have available to the scene. I repeat--"

Already in his costume, Mark flung himself out of his window. He didn't check to see if anyone has spotted him jump from the four-storey window, but he continued on regardless. The city centre wasn't too far away from his shoddy apartment, and by the time he'd managed to arrange his gloves properly he'd already arrived. It was only then he spotted the rather colourfully dressed villian throwing explosives at the officers, who were hiding behind the nearest wall.

"Oi. The Fantastic Camp Man. You want to stop?"

The extremely strange man turned to Knight, taking one glance at the rather large Union Jack on his chest.

"What? I'm not homophobic or anything mate, but don't you think you've got a little bit too much pink going on there? I mean, come on. Even your belt is pink. How the hell do you get a pink belt anyway? Did you spray-paint it pink?"

Now thoroughly enraged, the man lit several of the explosives his had and bundled them up his his arms.

"Bad idea."

The man slowly took aim, still staring directly at Knight's chest.

"Alright, alright. Don't say I didn't warn you though."

Before the man could strike, Knight threw a tire from what was left of a nearby van at his forehead. It struck with a rather pleasing sound. However, before Knight could even move in to hand the man over to the cops, the explosives he was carrying exploded. Besides from covering the sky in a pretty red colour, it also caused the nearest car to explode, thus covering Knight in thick ash.

"Brilliant. Just brilliant."

The two officers slowly approached Knight, one trying to not be sick and the other avoiding eye contact with the man's remains.

"What? You want to make some joke that I'm a chimney sweep or something? All you Americans, you're all the same! All you do is make jokes and laugh at peopl--"

Before Knight could finish, the rather pale man was sick on his feet.

"Oh for fu--... do you know how hard it is to wash this thing? It's not like I can send it off to the dry cleaners y'know. I have to hand scrub this suit everytime some idiot like you can't keep his lunch in his stomach."

Wither didn't speak as the others started to ask questions. It was indeed an intriguing proposal... The heroes were always banding together and as had been said, they had no collective organization. They all worked alone. However it would be difficult for him to not kill any heroes he came into contact with. Nonetheless, it was a sound proposal.

"I'm in" Wither said, his face obscured by the featureless mask of his robe. "However while banded together these heroes are significantly stronger. If you break one, another takes his place"

Elisha had started the day just like she had any other, exploring the town and looking for anyone who needed saving. She would have loved to use a police scanner, but those cost money, and that was something that Elisha didn't have.

Jumping from rooftop to rooftop in her suit was exhilarating. After one last jump she landed on the rooftop of a deli. Surprisingly the town was silent, for her at least. It seemed that whenever she got word of something happening another hero would already have it taken care of by the time she got there.

"This.. is boring.."

Billy listenned to the old lady place her order. As company regualtion, when she was done he said "Would you like to super size that?". "No thank you" She replied. "Alright your food will be ready in one minute." A fry cook, Steve, brought her tray to the counter. As the lady took her food and walked away, Billy quietly said "This job sucks" To himself. However, he wasn't quiet enough. The manager had heard him.

A half hour later Billy was walking down the street, out of a job. "Fuck, how am I going to pay rent" he thought to himself. "It's not liek saving people pays the bills"

Content that the day had been saved and the bad guy was dead through no means of his own doing, Knight sat on the edge of the city's water display as the extremely cold water washed the sick off of his boots.

"I save the day and all I get is a nice face full of ash and some sick on my boots. Man, if this is supposedly the safer side of America, what the hell is New York like? I bet legions of villians join together and form evil, sinister plans every day or something."

Knight chuckled to himself.

"Heh. That'd be a ridiculous idea."

Billy was walking down by the water now, thinking deeply. He looked up and saw a super hero sitting by the water. He decided to walk up and sit down beside him.

"Resorces? Nothing much. We haven't got something like...a Deathray or anything." Sjors said. "Not that anything I could give you would be much help against these heroes. They're quite powerful."

When he heard the man with the featureless mask speak he nodded.

"They are more powerful when together. That's why we'll take them individually. They'll spread the word, and the panic."

He opened a briefcase that stood on the chair at the head of the table and pulled out several documents on the heroes.

"Here are the targets. Choose whomever you like." He said while throwing the files on the table.

Sara leant back in the chair, her legs crossed with arms resting on the arms of chair. She remained composed as she thought things over, observing the other people in the room, her green eyes slowly working around the room from beneath the white mask.

This proposition seems sound. But do i really want to form an alliance with these people? Then again, the best super villains in the world are gathered here. It would be foolish not to take up this opportunity.

It sufficed to say she was impressed and unsure what to expect when she received the message to go to the building and felt slightly content with herself that she'd gone through with the invitation. Sara gave a secure nod in acceptance before standing to look over the profiles. She picked one up and scanned it.

Vasily lets out a cold laugh looking at one of the sheets labelled Zero.

"This one, he is mine," he says snapping his fist onto the piece of paper on the table.

"Tell us this though, are we banned from killing them expressly, or is it our discretion?" he asks feeling a minor blood lust ripple through him.

He glares down at the photograph of his target, his mind beginning to set in it's hunter mode.

Zero, he thinks to himself, you shall suffer by my hands... he clenches his fist above the photograph mimicking crushing his face.

Zeke walked through the park, observing the people in their day to day lives. Lovers, fighters, the lost, the happy. All of them had one thing less than him. They couldn't do the crazy shit he could. He smirked as he thought that he could cause insanity in any of the people. However he would never do that, they were all innocent, so thus he could not harm them.

As he made his way around the park he began to feel a sense of relaxation. However that relaxation was short lived as he saw a mugger attempt to stab an elderly woman. Before he could act, James stopped the knife with telepathy, before sending torrent after torrent of horrific images into the mugger's mind. The old lady screamed as the mugger yelled at her and then started babbling to himself, before crouching on the floor in a huddle. Thankfully nobody noticed James' display of power.

He looked at his watch. "Shit. Better get home." He said as he started jogging. He wasn't sure why he ran, all he knew was he felt that something big was about to happen.

"I was referring to more along the lines of access to special types of material, for example alloys and plastics, but I think that answers my question anyway."

Disappointed, Schrodinger picked up a sheet, and scanned through it. Mens-Mentis, huh? Doesn't look like much of a superhero.

"Nonetheless, I think I can deal with this. Count me in."

Pandemonius... intriguing. Let's see how far you can infiltrate my mind...
She thought after finishing the sheet, putting it it under her arm. Sara struggled for her voice but managed to speak after a few moments.

"How are we going to know where our targets are? Is there any form of tracking or are we going to locate them ourselves?" She asked softly to the man with wings.

After a few more attempts of looking for some citizens in need she finally found what she was looking for. She heard the owner of the deli screaming at the top of his lungs. She immediately jumped onto the sidewalk and entered the deli.

Upon entering the deli Elisha quickly noticed a man standing beside the deli owner. He yelled at Elisha, but his words were slurred and mushed together, making them hard to understand.

I don't even know what this guy is saying!

Elisha ran towards the man, who had been hold a small switchblade, and kicked him in the chest. He let go of the blade and fell to the floor. Hitting him over the head with her elbow Elisha rendered the man unconscious.

"Thank you!" Cried out the deli owner. "He said he'd kill me if I didn't give him all of the money in the cash register."

"No problem. I'm just doing my part."
Too bad this wasn't more exciting

Elisha sighed and waited for the police to arrive. When they did, she left and continued to look for more people who needed her help.

Billy sat their quietly beside the super hero. He reconized him as knight, relatively famous in these parts. Billy wondered if he had ever heard of his alter-ego, Zero.

Adam dropped his bag on the floor as he entered his apartment. He'd just finished a night shift at his work and was feeling tired. Instead of going to bed or making coffee, he went over to a drawer and pulled out a couple of batteries. Placing a finger on each end, he drained their charge, lifting the feeling of tiredness that had been hanging over him. It wasn't as good as a proper sleep, but it helped him to get by.

After taking a shower, Adam put his costume on under his regular clothes. He was planning on going into town and then lingering to see if any crime was happening today. In his bedroom, there was a wall socket that had its face removed, exposing live wires (completely against OSH's demands). Going in, he put his hands on the wires and disappeared in a flash of light.

Moments later, Adam reappeared as a bolt of lightning, arching unseen to the ground from a power line in an alley. Patting down his hair, Adam heading into the middle of the city.

Jayne slowly and deliberately leaned forward from his seat after several minutes had passed. Each of the villains in the room were carefully studying the case files before them or lost in their own train of thoughts, contemplating the offer made. Jayne instead paused to casually admire the red glow of his cigar flame, savoring the flavor of the illegally obtained Cuban's before turning his attention to the speaker, a teenager not older than 17 by the looks of it.

"Listen kid..Raven was it?" he began nonchalantly blowing a ring of smoke through his mouth

"I have heard things about you, good things, great things in fact..but I've got to ask, what's in it for you?." he paused to run his hands though his hair before continuing.

"You see, I have been in this "business" for a long time and I know that "personal gain" is the one and only rule in villainy; it's the currency of currency, if you are not in a position to gain something then you are clearly doing it wrong. So tell me then, what do you stand to gain personally by us doing your dirty work?. All I am seeing thus far is a man in a position to benefit off the sweat from our brows. How do I know that this isn't some elaborate trap?. Maybe you are in cahoots with the heroes, sending us to our own demise?. Or are you trying to rid us from the streets so that perhaps you can reign supreme?."

Jayne took another puff from his cigar for effect and judged the reaction in the room. A smile appeared on his lips, and then a grin, all of a sudden he began to laugh uncontrollably.

"Gotcha!. Oh, how silly of me I apologies, it's my strange sense of humor to question authority the first chance I get." he wiped a tear from his eyes. "Of course I accept the offer, it's a sound idea, in fact any idea with potentially large returns is an investment worth making and if that means cutting down the ego of these "heroes" then so be it" Jayne said sobering up suddenly.

"I just want to make it clear though that murder isn't my forte, I am a thief, but that said..I do believe in collateral damage with those that don't see reason and if.."

he got up from his seat to stretch his limbs

"..if the pay is good I might even consider leaving some of their bones intact.".

Jayne's eyes suddenly fell on a brown case file near the desk, the contents were old and dogeared. Clearly someone that needed much review was stored within. He gingerly picked up the file and read the contents;

"Alright just for starters I'll take this guy, Spark. He seems like he could use a short circuit" he grinned at his own pun. "And now I'll give the floor to the lady who I just interrupted..she was asking about tracking our targets" Jayne grabbed Spark's file and seated himself.

Knight pulled his boots out of the water, checking to see if they were now sick-free. He'd noticed the man beside him, but he hadn't thought to say anything since now. Meeting other costumed was always slightly awkward, even when they had there little alliances.

"Morning-- no, wait. Evening, right? I'm not too good with American time."

Knight put his hand out.

"The names Knight. I'm new here."

Wither immediately went for the document with the only name he recognised. Snatching it from the middle of the table before anybody else got a chance, he opened it and began reading. Although the others couldn't see it, a maniacal smile had spread across his face. As he was the greatest villain in England... This was the greatest hero. One that he'd never had the pleasure of facing.

Without a word, Wither stood up and walked from the table, his ragged robe swishing behind him as he walked out of the room.

"I hope you're ready" Wither said to no-one in particular. "Even Knights wither and die"

James got into his apartment and put on his costume. He felt safer whilst he was wearing it, although he didn't really know why. As soon as he was ready he opened the window and leapt out. He enjoyed the feeling of falling for a few seconds before using his telepathy to fly.

Higher and higher he soared, over the skyscrapers and through the clouds. His costume protected him from most of the cold, but still after about 10 minutes he had started to shiver. He stopped his flight and went into free fall again, he closed his eyes and savoured the feeling.

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