Government Heroes: A Marvel-Style RP [Finished]

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With a sigh at the end of the news, Clare stood up, and walked into the next room. There were four things of interest there, her leather jacket, her trainers, a window, and a large metal cupboard. Clare neatly and carefully put on her trainers, fastening her laces with precision and ease. She then lifted up and put on the leather jacket, pushing her arms through the sleeves.

She then opened the metal cabinet, and was greeted to the sight of seventeen guns. She held her hand on her chin, as she considered the pros and cons of each.

She eventually decided to take a Desert Eagle pistol, and a Sub-Machine-Gun. She then opened a draw beneath it, and was greeted to a sight of dozens of knives, each arranged in order of size. She picked up a machete, and then bent down to the bottom drawer, where she was greeted by a lot of grenades. She picked up three, like a child would pick sweets from a Pick'n'Mix kiosk.

She then tucked her guns, machete, and grenades into some of the many pockets of her jacket, and walked towards the window.

She slowly slid open the glass pane, and hoisted herself on the windowsill. She looked down at the streets and traffic below, and took a deep breath, as she began to drop from her window.

The drop lasted one and a half seconds, as her trainers began to spew fire and ignition fumes. She began to stop falling, and begin rising, as she ascended to the height of the Willis tower, which she began to head towards. As she approached the skyscraper, she looked around the sprawling metropolis of Chicago, and smiled at it, as she did everyday.

She eventually reached the side of the tower, and began to slowly descend, and the ant-ish forms of the cars and people below her grew steadily bigger, as the ground approached her feet.

She gently touched the ground, and began to walk around the pathway, keeping her eye open for any trouble.

"Tracking? Well, there are some directions in their files, look under the name. We can't have exact locations, many move too fast for me to track via satelite or anything else."

He saw that it was starting to rain outside, the first tracks along the window already appearing.

One of the people in the room started on a monologue, asking questions while not waiting for him to answer it. Traditional trademark. He listened to it while sometimes flinching when he heard what the man was saying. Then a hearty 'acceptance' to his offer. He half smiled.

Then he heard a chair scrape and someone got up. He looked behind and saw one leaving, whispering something about falling.

"So, if you all accept you may return here when the job's been cleared. But let me be very clear on this."

He put his hands on the table and leaned forward.

"No lethal violence. It's very, very important that you people take note of this."

He straightened again and nodded.

"Gents, lady, it was a pleasure." He said while tucking his wings beneath his cloak again. He exited the room, picking up the final file on the table, and sighed. Even if he held the power of the world in his hands, public speaking wasn't his strongest point.

He turned a left for the stairs, heading for the roof.

The man turned to Billy and introduced himself as Knight. Billy shook his hand.

"So your new here huh? I've been living here for about a month, it isn't anything liek you see on the news. Most of the crime can be handled by a regular cop, and Super Villian attacks are very rare I've noticed. I myself am still looking to see some action." Billy said to Knight, remembering the gas mask in his bag. "If I don't kill myself trying" He thought to himself.

"Eh, villians around here are definately scarce. I'm itching for a real fight, y'know? Some villain to really kick sideways."

Knight emptied the water from his soggy boots.

"What's your name anyway?"

"You can call me Zero, specialy when I ahve my mask on" Billy said, briefly showing him the mask in his bag. "So what is your power?" Billy asked casualy

"It's complicated, but all the press back home calls it the 'Perfect Human Serum'. Accelerated speed, thinking capitity, strength and so on and so forth. Pretty boring compared to some other people's powers though."

Knight adjusted his mask once he'd put his boots back on. He didn't want to look like some kind of average, run of the mill hero anymore.

"What about you?"

"I can control the aiborne toxins. Living(like viruses and molds) and inanimate(like Sulferic acid)." Billy replied

"Sounds neat. I suppose."

Knight scratched his chin.

"If not a little dangerous-- actually, am I even safe sitting next to you? You're not going to explode or something, are you?"

Wither had pondered for a while how to get this heroes attention. Then it had hit him. Someone that picked the alias of 'Knight' would see themselves as a protector of the weak. And what was weaker than a child? That was how he found himself in the classroom of a school, with small children huddled at the back of the room along with their teacher.

He'd purposely left every other class in the building alone so he'd get some attention. It was barely an hour before he'd observed police scurrying around outside with news crews. Wither hadn't harmed anybody so far... He wanted to create the facade of a hostage situation. And sure enough, it was barely twenty minutes from the police SWAT team arriving before the phone on the teachers desk rang. Strolling casually over to it, he picked up the phone.

"Hello" Wither said casually.

"Hello... I'm a Hostage Negotiator with the police. Who am I speaking with?" Asked a female voice.

"Someone who is growing impatient. You can call me Wither if you choose" He said.

She hesitated. They obviously did not know they were dealing with a villain. It was a minute before she replied.

"Okay then. Is everybody alright in there?" Asked the woman.

"They're fine... For now" Wither said calmly. "I want the news crews out in front of the building now"

"I'm afraid we can't do that." She replied.

Wither chuckled.

"I'm not giving you a choice my dear" Wither said, putting the phone down.

As he crossed the room, the children were whimpering with fear. He stood in front of them, choosing a hostage. A child would be too easy. He needed to take away what made them feel safe. Reaching out, the children shifted away from their teacher, a terrified woman in her thirties. Grabbing her wrist he pulled her up off the floor.

"Don't hurt me!" She screamed.

"Do as I say and you'll be fine. You have my word" Wither replied.

He immediately left the classroom with the woman and positioned her in front of him as they both moved down the hall towards the entrance. No SWAT teams had taken up position near the entrances he noticed. That was smart of them at least. As the two walked out the front doors of the schools, a sea of cameras and reporters were in front of the building. They all kept their eyes on him as Wither grasped the woman tightly and stared at them. However just as he was about to open his mouth to speak, a loud CRACK shattered the still air and Wither immediately knew. A sniper. However instead of cleanly killing him, the bullet simply turned to dust a centimetre before it reached him.

"That was ill advised!" Wither shouted as he grasped the woman even firmer and before his eyes, the eyes of the police, reporters and the cameras, the woman was covered with a faint black glow and her flesh began to shrivel and decay until nothing was left but a dry dead husk. Throwing the corpse onto the floor the reporters gasped in shock.

"Now I only want one thing. And I speak directly to one person. The best of you. Knight. If you have the testicular fortitude, bring yourself to me. If you fail, I will kill every child in that classroom. You have 20 minutes" Wither said, never taking his eyes off the sea of cameras.

Billy laughed at Knights joke. "Nah you should be fine, although it wouldn't hurt to get a swine flu shot once were done here...Do I hear sirens?"

Schrodinger stood up, and walked out. He wasn't yet able to drive, so he walked the distance back to his house, and entered. It was late at night, so he was careful not to disrupt his guardians sleep as he headed up to his room to change out of his new costume.

He had no method of going after this Mens-Mentis tonight. He needed time to design and build what was needed. He got out some paper from his desk, a glint in his eye, and set to work designing.

Non-fatal... that's limiting. Maybe I could try something with chemicals, but that might take a while, and presumably this needs to be done fast. I can do that when I have more time...

Sylvester suddenly realized that it didn't need to be a weapon that wouldn't cause fatalities. It's just that he couldn't use it in a lethal way against Mens-Mentis.

He hadn't adopted the name Schrodinger's Trap for nothing. Traps were a favorite maneuver of his in all things. He glanced at the details about his opponent on the sheet, and skimmed down...


A smile on his face, and a plan in his mind, Sylvester started to draw...

Knight looked over at the nearest police cruiser, which then proceeded to park infront of him.

"Oy', you! You're that Knight guy, right? The hero?"

"Are you here to repay me for my shoes?"

"What--? No, some freak is holding a school hostage. Says he'll kill them all if you don't show up. We can't really do anything, our snipers can't ever get close."

"Huh. Well," Knight said turning to Zero, "looks like our time has come to an end ay'? I'll see you around I suppose."

Not waiting to hear a reply, mainly due to the fact he should probally atleast try and save those poor little kiddies, Knight sprinted in the general direction of the nearest school. Unlike other heroes, he couldn't fly or jump crazy heights so he had to simply push through the crowd of people.

"I heard I was needed or something? Some guy about a school? I don't have any kids, so I don't want to--"

Knight instantly spotted Wither standing outside the school.

"Did you follow me all the way from England? I mean, seriously. Do I have to change costumes to get you to leave me alone?"

Billy watched the Hero sprint off. "Later" he said, although Knight was to far to hear him. Billy stood back up, and began walking again, in no direction in perticular.

"Well I believe there is nothing more I can achieve here!" Jayne said finally shutting the file on the hero named 'Spark'. He stood, brushed off the cigar ash from his coat and turned to leave the room. "I will contact you..once it's done!" he said simply before turning and disappearing out of the 'Corperation'.


1540 hrs,

Somewhere deep in the mountains:

Jayne sat in his comfy leather chair in front of the large float glass windows that overlooked the pristine lakes outside, a wine glass in his hand and an inventory file in the other. Beside him lay a stack of files which had progressively grown larger and larger since his arrival at his house a few hours ago. Each of the files was labeled Surplus Inventory with varying number of volumes. "No lethal violence", he muttered to himself again for the umpteenth time..No lethal violence. His eyes skimmed the the final pages on his file before he shook his head and tossed it on to the stack besides him. "Not good enough!" Jayne grunted. He rubbed his chin thoughtfully before grabbing a new file from a separate stack. He glanced over the pages, casually furrowing his eyebrows at the content before finally a smile appeared on his lips. He spotted something he liked.

"Yes..that would do perfectly well!"

Jayne, with file in hand moved to the large study in the adjacent room and browsed the bookshelf. His fingers wrapped around a large book bound in red leather which he pulled at an awkward angle. A snap was heard and the sound of mechanical wheels turning immediately followed. A section of the opposite wall slid sideways exposing a flight of stairs leading towards the foundations of the building.

Tempest wasted no time, he soon found himself in the armory below his mansion. The walls in the well lit secret room was covered with various forms of weaponry that he had stolen throughout his career. In the center of the room was a partially assembled military Main Battle tank, which brought a smile to Tempest's face when his eyes rested on it. "Oh the memories!" he said out aloud with a grin. He paused for a moment before resuming his search, muttering to himself as he passed the countless rows of machine guns, rocket launchers, daggers, flamethrowers, katanas and aerial spy drones.

"Ah here we are!" he said suddenly glancing at one of the many meticulously labeled and categorized storage crates. Tempest glanced at the file in his hand again.."R3E-SL3" he muttered aloud confirming he was at the correct crate. He placed his thumb against the scanner on the metal locker which automatically unlocked the secure seals to reveal the contents inside. Jayne grabbed the duel 93R Beretta pistols and the accompanying rubber bullet cartridges. He also reached in and grabbed a canister marked 'Tear Gas' and several beads labeled 'Aerosol Chloroform'.

Tempest then pulled out a duffel bag from a shelf above and began filling it with C4 explosives and a remote detonator. Once filled, he zipped the bag and slung it over his shoulder.

"Lock and load!" he said to himself silently


1830 hrs,

Abandoned Warehouse, Dockyard District

Tempest surveyed the dusty and almost barren interior of the abandoned fish processing plant. The air inside was thick with the combination of dust and fish guts; a rather unpleasant concoction. The large room was scattered with processing and cleaning machinery which now lay under cobweb ridden sheets, a peeling sign that read 'Do not trespass' was propped against the far side window. The sun was beginning to set over the city, a distant fog horn rang out from the harbor and the gleam of the lighthouse barely penetrated the dirt covered windows. Tempest turned to the master switch on the near wall and pushed the lever to the 'On' position. A light buzzing sound was heard from the transformer outside before finally the pale yellow light of several light bulbs finally graced the warehouse.

Tempest dropped his duffel bag at the center of the room. It was now empty save for the remote detonator which he just picked up. He reached behind his armor to confirm that the Beretta and tear gas grenade was housed securely in their place, satisfied he turned his attention to the window overlooking the harbor. With a bit of cleaning he managed to peer out into the gathering darkness and observed the ships anchored at their berths not far away. He flicked the switched labeled 'Master Arm' on the detonator, a blinking red light responded to his command. Tempest let his gaze fall on a particular ship; a fishing trawler labeled 'Lady Mist'. His fingers tightened around the trigger on the detonator.

The explosion rang throughout the dockyard sending a shock wave that could be heard for miles. A massive fireball rose to the sky lighting up the harbor in an orange hue and sending flaming debris flying all throughout the area. Tempest smiled calmly as the sound of panicked screams filled the air. He looked out the window again and saw the remains of the fishing trawler gently slip beneath the waves. A group of curious onlookers had suddenly gathered near the scene and were pointing at the remains of the trawler and then to a group of white rocks on the ground near the wharf.

The rocks spelled out a single word which read simply as: 'Spark'.
A further cluster of rocks formed an arrow which lazily pointed towards the general direction of the warehouse.

"Let's see if we catch something today" Tempest muttered under his breath as he scrambled from his position and awaited the impending response.

"I didn't follow you no... But I can't resist catching up with an old friend" Wither said calmly. "But I didn't call you here to talk"

Without speaking another word, Wither began walking towards Knight. His intention wasn't to kill him... But he'd need to be careful not to weaken Knight too much. There was no fun in fighting a crippled foe.

"Brilliant. All the villians want to be my best friend now. What's the master plan this time? Money? Power? That limited edition version of Brokeback Mountain you've just been dying to find?"

Knight looked at the several reporters nearby, and the crowd of people behind them.

"You know, this the part where you people leave and run off to somewhere safer... like, a nuclear testing facility."

"Aw why not let them watch. Or are you afraid they'll see you finally broken?" Wither asked mockingly.

Darting forward, he threw a punch without warning, striking Knight in the face. He knew that'd provoke him. Afterall, no hero lets the general public see a villain make them their bitch. Taking a couple of steps back Wither extended the decay radius around him up to about a foot.

"You wanna get crazy?" Wither asked. "Then lets get crazy"

Pandemonius (James) touched down lightly on the ground, people gathered around him, his glowing blue eyes seemingly gave him somewhat of a good reputation.

"Yes, yes. Scuse me, watch out," He battled his way through the crowd of people, merely looking for somewhere to sit. "Oh for fu..." He mumbled before taking off again. He couldn't stand it when he could barely move for people.

Once more he scanned the city for signs of trouble, flying over the skyscrapers. Before long he got bored, and sat on top of a skyscraper, feet dangling over the edge.

Hush had watched from the urban dredge, watching Pandemonius scan the city before landing atop a skyscraper. She drove on quickly, looking through the tinted windows before reaching the foot of the building.
I cannot simply destroy the building. If he gets killed, i get into trouble.
Letting out a brief sigh and getting out of the car. She pulled out a parasol before walking over to the building and entering. When asked if she had clearance from a secretary, she simply bound her limbs with a thought. The secretary screamed.
"How depressing." She spoke before forcing her mouth shut and going to the elevator, reaching the top floor.

Once there, She bound and silenced the businessmen who were having a conference, and went to the final set of stairs to the roof. He was sitting on the edge with his back to her. A smile curved around Hush's lips as she took a few steps forward towards the cloaked figure.

Pandemonius observd the scenery of the city that was so deep in scum it had practically become an ocean. The beauty of the skyline seemed to rectify this for him. He was content to live in the city, for now. He heard a faint scream coming from within the building, but he decided that it was probably a woman who had seen a mouse or some other rodent.

"Bloody urbans, can't deal with a pest." He said out loud, almost ruefully.
When his voice had died down he bagan to hear faint foot steps from the roof of the skyscraper. He quickly leapt to his feet to face whatever it may be.

What he wasn't expecting was the striking figure of a costumed woman approaching him. The surprise stunned him momentarily before he regained his composure.

"Do whom do I owe the honour of facing?" Pandemonius queried the newcomer.

Is she friend? Or is she a foe?

A man who controls to best him, Vasily wonders wandering down the street, his mask seemingly unnoticed by people.

Are these people dense? OR just used to masked psychopaths wandering about?

The latter most likely, anyway, a germ free environment...of course, he's useless if he can't attack...

He stops in at the web cafe to find out nearby labs. A vaccine research centre, perfect plenty of sterile areas.

He grins behind his mask and leaves the shaking attendant in his wake.

"And now I plan a hostile...takeover," he rasps to himself, wandering in the general direction of the Lab.

Her heels clicking slightly on the concrete roof, She stopped a few feet before him, taking a bow, making the parasol cover her for a few moments. Then taking another few steps until she was close, she placed a gloved hand to his masked face.
As she spoke softly, she forced herself into the right mindset for her next move. This didn't always work when she wanted it to, but when it did, the pain imposement was her greatest ally.

Sylvester got up, rubbing his eyes blearily. He had got to sleep late last night. He headed over to the sink, and rinsed off his face, glancing at himself in the mirror as he did so. What he saw had changed. He now, though he had never yet used his new costume in an act of villainy, saw the alter ego of Schrodinger's Trap, rather then his own face.

He got ready for work in the normal routine, talking happily to his guardian over breakfast about what he was going to try and work on today. The general routine was that Sylvester would work on what was ordered for the first half of the day, and then work on whatever he wanted for the next half of the day. He didn't want his guardian to suspect he was up to anything, so he told him that it was a new type of miniature crane he had designed. His guardian, a kindly man in his 50s, was the one who had arranged the agreement with his boss at the workshop, and Sylvester felt uncomfortable about lying to him, but it was an unfortunate necessity.

For the first half of the day, Sylvester worked on various miscellaneous parts. He wasn't sure what they were for exactly, but he anticipated that they were part of a new type of drill. It barely mattered to him anyway, as long as he got them done.

When it came to his free time he left the workshop to visit a few shops. He wandered into a hardware store, and asked about hand-held electromagnets. He was told that they were special order, and he would have to wait for one to be delivered. He thanked the man, asking him to place an order for three such items. Upon being told that they were expensive, he shrugged and said; "Matters of money can be dealt with easily enough." He smiled at the man's expression, and left.

He then walked into another shop, asking for a suitcase. He bought it there and then, thanking the lady at the till and bowing slightly. He then walked towards a shop that sold custom t-shirts, and ordered a special type of paper he had heard about. Basically, when ironed, the ink on the paper would be transferred to another surface. He bought 10 sheets, and left.

He then headed back to the workshop. His original plan would need to be put on hold, but he had prepared a backup. He started to construct something that none of the other workers could understand the purpose of. It looked like a clamp, but one that for some reason needed a stabiliser. Sylvester knew that none of them would get it, because a lot of it was irrelevant material added to confuse them. That would be removed later on.

What he had made was a giant mechanical arm. He had made sure of his own body measurements the previous night, and had drawn out the measurements for it. It folded up to be carried around in a briefcase, and was as light as he could reasonably expect. It was spring loaded and self supported, and able to extend and retract with considerable speed. It was not the sort of thing he wanted to use really, not fitting his style very well, but it would have to do for now.

At the end of work he took it home, and brought it up to his room. He removed the irrelevant material, and folded up the arm, placing it in the briefcase. He called "Simon, I'm going out for a while."

"Ok." His guardian's voice returned. Sylvester changed into his costume, and headed out, carrying his new briefcase. He wandered around, not sure where he was supposed to find Mens-Mentis, so he would have to search...

"Crazy? I was under the assumption you were going to invite me out for lunch. Now you've just gone and put me in a bad mood. And believe me, you won't like me when I'm in a bad mood. I tend to get a little rough."

Without a thought for public safety, Knight wrenched the nearest lamp-post from the ground. Trying not to crush any of the surrounding camera crews, Knight leveled the pole onto his shoulder.

"So, how's life treatin' you erm... Willow? No, wait. That's not right is it. Windy?"

Elisha had scanned the city but no one needed her help. Or at least, they did, but the other more experienced heroes had already dealt with them.

She jumped from roof top to rooftop, getting tired but still pushing forward. She didn't have super stamina or anything. Elisha was just like a normal person, except for the whole exploding thing, of course.

Who am I kidding? I'm not normal. Not even close.

Jumping down she spotted two heroes, or villains, she couldn't really tell. One was a man, and the other a woman.

"Should I just stay here or go over there and introduce myself?" She muttered to herself.

Wither waited patiently as Knight hefted the pole onto his shoulder and spat out his customary insult. He could tell already his arrogance was his downfall. Unfortunately for him... He'd have a hard time hurting Wither without hurting himself.

"Well what are you waiting for?" Wither asked. "Take a big 'ol swing now"

Grinning, he extended the decay radius another foot and upped the intensity. That last thing he wanted was a perfectly flat surface where his face used to be.

"Hmm.", Knight mumbled as he stared from Wither to the strange corpse on the ground, "Not sure that'd be a great idea. I mean, I don't even know what you can do."

Knight lopped the pole downward over his shouder, using his other hand to scratch his chin whilst he thought. The on-looking crowd stared on in confusion. In almost what seemed to be a blur, Knight threw the pole over his shouder and into Wither's direction. The pole disintigrated into ash as it hit was seemed to be an invisible forcefield around him.

"Huh. That must come in handy."

Knight cracked his fingers.

"Bet that won't work on me though."

Sjors opened the door that lead to the roof. The air up here was completely quiet, excluding the steady humming from the traffic. He walked to the edge of the roof and extended his wings. He waited for a gust of wind to fly off on, but none came. When he felt the gentle push of one, he stepped off the building and snapped open his wings. His drop stopped and he flapped a few times to gain some height. For a moment he enjoyed it, then started to work his ways around rooftops. He saw several brightly-coloured heroes jump around them, but none of them matched the description and photo of Snap, the file he held.

Then he saw someone who matched the blue-and-white costume, as well as the phisique, of Elisha. Aka, Snap.

He decended to the rooftop and landed about ten meters away from her. He was familiair with her "Power." His landing was completely silent. He folded his wings behind his back.

"Hello." He said.

(Edited for names.)

Wither smirked at Knight although he couldn't see it as the pole was reduced to dust before him. He watched calmly as Knight cracked his fingers.

"It won't have that effect true" Wither said "But it'll cause agony you've never felt before"

Knight racked his brain for the worst injury he'd recieved.

"You mean it'll hurt more than being stabbed in the cheek?"

Wither seemed to give him an awkward nod.

"Oh, snap. Eh. I'd get alot of stick if you killed those school-kiddies, so I may as well give it a shot."

Unsure of how he was even going to proceed, Knight slowly walked toward Wither. Not even thinking of his own personal safety, he slowly but surely walked directly past Wither and stood directly infront of the school.

"Urgh. That was really weird. It was sitting in a fridge. A really, really cold fridge."

Knight waved to the reporters behind Wither.

"Sorry about this, but you're not as important as the little kids so I decided to throw him your way! Hope you don't mind!"

Before the crowd of scared people could react, Knight was already mid-sprint and heading directly toward Wither. After making contact with a rather wild right swing, Knight skidded around and positioned himself for the next strike.

What's up with this guy? He didn't really give off alot of emotion...

Spark turned on his heel and started running in the direction of the explosion instead of the sirens. He'd been on his way to the school, having only stopped to get his costumes out, but there was already another hero there who seemed to have things in hand. Charged with energy, Spark quickly scurried up the wall of a nearby building to gain an idea of exactly where the explosion had come from.

'The warehouses? An accident?' he thought and he grabbed hold of a power line and vanished. Reappearing only a block away from the billowing ruins he hit the ground running, passing empty ruins. Spark felt almost disappointed, it was beginning to look like this was nothing more than some hoodlums playing with explosives in a decaying building.

What Spark actually saw surprised him. It wasn't a building but a vessel which had been destroyed, and not merely destroyed but blown clean in half, a feat likely to be beyond mere vandals. The next thing to catch his eye was the group of rocks, pointing him towards an old fish warehouse, one that hummed with power when it should be empty. Spark kicked the rocks, removing any meaning. He didn't want anyone following him into danger.

Taking a deep breath to avoid having to breath the fetid air coming from the place, Spark walked through the gates and into the building, keeping an eye out for any sign of whoever had brought him here.

Pandemonius felt the touch of the woman on his face, his vision obscured by the gloved hand. He felt something in his head. Something that didn't belong, something that wanted to harm him. He immediately put up telekenetic defences before rolling out of the way, breaking the touch of the woman.

"Ha. You'll have to catch me if you can. I don't like hurting women." He said as he stepped backwards towards the edge of the skyscraper. He saw a look of worry cross the woman's face.

"Arrivadercé." He spoke, mockingly saluting the woman before leaning backwards and allowing gravity to take him off the building.

I don't like that woman. There's something not right. He thought as he plummeted towards the ground.

Billy continued to walk down the street. He looked into a window of a passing Sony store, and saw a news broadcast on one of the T.V.'s. It looked like somebody had broken into a nearby medical reaserch facility. The place was about 3 blocks away. "Well I can't let them tear the place up, that reaserch could save lives" Billy thought to himself. He reach into his backpack and grabbed his gas mask. He put it on, and then began jogging towards the lab.

A feeling of anger took over as he fell. She ran to the edge where he had stopped. Hush focused for a moment. A light red aura radiated off of her becoming intense. She took a deep breath before climbing over the railing and folding her arms. She kept her eyes focused on Pandemonius as he looked up to her.
She took a step forward, half-jumping and beginning to free-fall. The wind blew her blonde hair into her face as Hush attempted to focus on him and constrict him.
You aren't getting away so easily.

Pandemonius' eyes glowed with the trademark blue that showed he was using his powers, he concentrated more on controlling his flight as he fell. He slowed down and eventually came to a hover. He saw the woman come speeding towards him. He grabbed a brick off the street using telekenesis and hurled it at the woman. He didn't know why she was chasing him, but the red aura surrounding her certainly wasn't good.

"You never even gave me your name!" He yelled, his voice chasing the brick speeding towards the woman hurtling towards him.

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