Government Heroes: A Marvel-Style RP [Finished]

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She seemed to slow near the bottom and landed on her feet, padded by the aura. She raised an arm at the oncoming brick and the aura intensified again. As they collided the brick shattered into rubble. She took a few calm steps forward as Hush struggled for her voice again until she could speak.

"I did. My name is Hush, Pandemonius. If you would just remain still, this will be over so much more quickly than necessary."

Pandemonius was taken aback. He had never met this woman before and she already knew his name, less, she wanted to kill him.

"Right...So you want stay you can kill me?! As if that's likely." He launched himself downward using his telekenesis and kicked Hush in the abdomen, sending her reeling. He slowly lowered himself to the ground.

"I would advise you to stop what you're doing. Neither martial arts nor telekenesis are my most powerful ability..."

"That's incredibly foolish of you to assume about me...wanting to kill you..." She struggled for the words as she stood up again, the pain soft from him hitting her force shield.

Hush rested herself slightly as her eyes met his. She raised her arm bringing a orb of red to form in her palm, she didn't break her stare as she started to bind him. The light red aura started to curve around his limbs pulling them tight against his body.

The distant sirens of approaching fire trucks filled the air. "At least it got someones attention" Tempest muttered to himself as he slowly paced the room. He put his hands into his pockets and pulled out a series of glass beads that he had collected from his mansion. Inside, a pale yellow-green gas swirled under pressure, Tempest smiled as he stared into them for a moment before gently scattering them along the four corners of the room. He made sure that no matter where he was in the warehouse, he had a clear line of fire to those glass beads.

A low groan suddenly was heard coming from the direction of the warehouse gates. Tempest reached for his duel pistols and in unison lowered the safety mechanisms. The sound of footsteps drew closer, a quick peek outside the window revealed a silhouette dimly lit by the moonlight; a pair of yellow gloves stood out along with a mask that had a lighting bolt design between the eyes. Tempest instantly recognized the costume as that belonging to Spark, his victim. The silhouette was almost upon the warehouse. Tempest took aim at the naked light bulbs dangling from the room and fired a series of rubber bullets at them, systematically plunging the room into darkness. Once done he scrambled for cover behind an upright piece of machinery and pulled out the Tear gas grenade. He set the timer for five seconds.

"Oh Spark!" he called out from the darkness. "I've got a surprise for you!"

With that Tempest flung the grenade towards the center of the room and waited.

Spark dived to the side as the canister hissed and the gas began to fill the room. He started heading back towards the door, eyes streaming from the gas but not quite blinding him. As he staggered he flung lightning at what light sources he could see, hoping to help obscure himself from his attacker by destroying the bulbs. He stumbled towards the daylight and the faint sound of sirens.

Tempest ducked as a bolt of blue energy rushed over his head striking an empty crate behind him showering him with splinters. "He isn't as hopeless as I thought!" Tempest muttered to himself in slight amusement. The tear gas began to fill the room slowly reducing visibility and the content of breathable fresh air. He could see in the darkness that Spark was making a run for the exit.

Tempest brought his hands together and focused his energy. A gust of wind engulfed him, stirring the contents of the room, kicking up dust from the ground and the walls. The gas from the canister intensified and mixed in with the swarming concoction. He then focused his energy into one point and flung the noxious, malcontent concoction at the hero.

"Come on Spark!" Tempest taunted. "Don't run now!. Don't you heroes have some kind of creed that you like to follow?..something about facing adversity..I forget.."

'Nope,' Spark thought as he heard the words, 'My creed is run like hell when taken by surprise.'

He looked back over his shoulder and saw the swarm of dust and gas bearing down on him like a malevolent phantom. Redoubling his efforts, channelling his power into his reflexes, he propelled himself forward, across the threshold of the building. He sun on his heel to get out of the way of the conjured wind but as he slowed to turn it hit him, knocking the hero to the side and blinding him with dust and tears.

Coughing and spluttering. he kept crawling away, then pulled himself up. He had to put some distance between himself and his aggressor, Spark time to rally himself. Stumbling toward the wreck of the ship, he was hoping to dive in the water and rid himself of the gas that was choking him.

Schrodinger rounded the corner and saw a block of apartments. He disregarded it at first, until some movement along the side of the building caught his eye. He didn't get a clear view of whatever it was, so he wandered over to investigate.

As he neared it, a figure around the side straightened up. Schrodinger couldn't believe his luck. He had already found her.

Quickly he ducked down behind a nearby car. He opened his suitcase, and unfolded his new metallic arm, fastening it over his own. It was a little heavier then he had expected, but it was balanced at least.

Now, the attacker is usually at a disadvantage, as the defender is able to prepare. So I've got to make her the attacker...

Schrodinger looked around, trying to think of a way to do this. Wait, that's easy.

He lifted his arm, and smashed it in through the car window, setting off the alarm...

"A wise creed!" Tempest retorted. "Alas, it would do you little good though"

He stood from his cover brushing the splinters from his clothes. The air had settled around him but Spark was no where in sight. Rushing outside, Tempest saw the hero making a dash for the waterline.

"Not so fast!" he called after the running figure. Spark had a head start and Tempest knew that he wouldn't be able to intercept the man in time, worse still it probably was not a good idea to follow a man with electric capabilities into a conductive environment such as water.

"Agile, intelligent, adaptive!" Tempest mused with a smile. "A worthy advisory!

He leveled his pistols against the back of the Hero's silhouette. "I am not one for shooting a man in the back..but then again...I am no hero!" Tempest called out with a laugh before firing a volley of rubber bullets at Spark who was fast approaching the water. He knew that the bullets won't be fatal but no one likes to be hit in the head with an equivalent of a rubber ball traveling at 330m/s, least of all a hero.

The first of the volley hit Spark square in the back. Ordinarily it would be a mere annoyance but to the already disorientated hero it was enough to knock him off his feet and send him tumbling to the asphalt. Much of the rest of the bullets passed overhead as Spark lay there.

With fleeing now out of the question, Spark lashed out like a confused cornered animal, sending tendrils of lightning at his foe from his prone position in an attempt to create an impassable barrier. It succeeding in winning him a slight reprieve but only so long as he kept it up, and his strength was beginning to fail. Hesitantly, slowly, Spark struggled to rise.

Tempest was already running at full tilt in pursuit when he saw Spark fall to the ground. A smile appeared on his lips, "Success!" he thought to himself seeing his foe crumple under a barrage of bullets. However, in his eagerness for a quick victory Tempest had underestimated his opponent and his will to defy fate. "Trap a wounded animal and it may lash out in ways that you least expect" the haunted remnants of old advice dawned on him moments too late.

A barrage of electricity filled the air. Tempest dug his heels into the ground trying to halt his forward momentum and take cover but it was too late. Streams of intense bolts of lightning struck his body. The resulting pain was excruciating as the current sought the path of least resistance through his body and grounded itself on the earth, converting him into a 6 foot tall lighting rod. Fortunately though the armor on Tempest acted as a Faraday shield, conducting the electricity on the outer surface of the costume preventing direct exposure to the lightning bolts. The few lightning tendrils that did manage to breach the armor was absorbed by the Neoprene layer beneath, which formed the synthetic endoskeleton of the suit. It insulated his Central Nervous System, brain and heart from lethal doses of energy and redirected stray charges to the ground elimination any static build up. The overall experience was far from pleasant but at least he would survive without permanent damage to vital organs. The massive power surge however still exacted a toll on Tempest's body. Despite shielding him from a direct blast, the after effects lingered on; his limbs felt numb and wobbly and he had sustained several first and second degree burns on his body. His ears were also ringing and his vision was fuzzy.

"Ugh!" he managed to say after a few seconds had passed. He gingerly straightened himself up and examined his now charred and smoke riddled suit. "You bastard!" Tempest called out. "Do you know how much this is going to cost to iron out?"

Reluctant to face another barrage of stinging electricity Tempest decided to head for cover behind some buildings. Before doing so though, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a chloroform bead and threw it in the general direction of Spark before following it up with a short burst of gunfire to execute a covering maneuver. He gingerly stumbled behind a concrete wall and paused to catch his breath.

I had to pick the guy with lightning didn't I?

Vasily cackles as scientists run screaming from the masked man dragging a colleague through the facility by his face.

He drops the man by a door, "open it!" he spits at the quivering man.

Please..just don't kill me, the man sobs, he tries to speak again but is silenced by Vasily's mask snapping down in front of his face.

"If you wish to live do as I say now!" he hisses straight into his face.

The man shakily complies putting his hand on the bio-scanner, the door squeaks off it's air seal and opens with a welcome message.

"And now I wait," grunts Vasily staring down at the scientist, "as for you? I suggest you run if you wish to keep your head above your shoulders..." he snarls menacingly, the man whimpers before picking himself up properly and running off down the corridor.

Vasily steps into the room, eyeing the vials of vaccines and the like that line the fridges within the room, "pfft all security sealed," he mumbles bumping his fist off the door with enough strength to crack standard windows.

"Come and get me Zero," he growls turning back to the door and leaning against the fridge behind him.

"What the fuck is this?!" Pandemonius yelled before breaking free of the snare of the tendrils using telekenesis and also rolling out of the way. He stood up, brushing dust off him. "As lovely as you are my dear, can you please stop staring at me? It's making me uncomfortable." As he spoke his eyes began to glow blue, the only visible thing from under his hood.

"Now, time for you to see what my real power is." He reached out with his hand, pointing towards Hush before he focused on sending torrents of mind-warping images into her mind.

Ugh...what is this...?
Her eyes widened as the images hit her. Devastating and destructive images. She took a step back, the aura dying down as her focus was obstructed. Hush put her hands to her face as she tried to block them. She wanted to scream. It was causing her more pain than she had expected. She raised her head and spoke with a pained tone.
"...How can you drive someone mad...when they've already lost their mind?"
With that, she tried to block them again and gain some focus, raising her hand again and sending a force blast in his direction.

Mens-Mentis was wandering the vast streets of the city, looking around for trouble of any sort. People were walking by and smiling at her, in appreciation of previous acts of heroics.

She was feeling pretty proud of herself, feeling happy of the positive impact she had made on the lives of these people, and how loved she was by these people.

She had to stop thinking about this, when she heard a woman scream in a nearby alley; Mens-Mentis immediately took off towards the noise.

Elisha had heard a voice behind her and quickly turned around. She saw a man, in a robe, looking at her curiously. She had never seen him before, so she didn't see him as an immediate threat.

"Um.. I'm sorry, but do I know you?" She asked quickly. "Wait, do you need help or something? I'd be happy to help if you did."

Wither stumbled as Knight struck him. It did hurt, but not as much as it would eventually hurt the hero. He could already see the decay had started to eat through the heroes costume. Laughing maniacally he darted forward and punched Knight again, hoping to provoke him even more.

"For someone that fancies themselves a Knight, you hit like a woman" Wither laughed.

"Quite simply, there are different levels of insanity. Besides, it sometimes serves as a distraction for my more direct methods." Pandemonius spoke as he rolled out of the way as the force blast before launching himself at the woman. He used his martial arts knowledge to aim for weak points, the abdomen, the thighs and he then finished by pushing her away with telekenesis.

"You've got a lot to learn." He spoke as he turned and walked away, his eyes still glowing blue.

Schrodinger looked around, and groaned. Aside from someone who seemed to be yelling from his window about his car, the place was now deserted. It must have taken longer then he thought to set up his arm.

Well, logically she must have gone the opposite way to him, or else she would have seen him, as he wasn't exactly inconspicuous Hiding behind a car wouldn't help if she had come up next to him. He ran around to the other side of the building, and headed along an ally leading to the street. He ran around the corner,and entered a street, swarmed with people.


He ran quickly to another ally. It wouldn't do to be seen like this. He was growing annoyed, having first lost Mens-Mentis, and now shown himself to the public in a very unimpressive way.

In his frustration, he smashed his metallic arm into a wall. It made a large hole, something he hadn't intended to do. The extra weight might be a benefit...

As he retracted his arm, he glanced through the crumbling bricks and mortar, and noticed a woman on the other side of the hole staring at him in shock. Schrodinger backed away, and the woman started to scream...

After the mild beating, she rose up from the ground silently. The Aura a thick shade of scarlet now. She gave a short laugh before raising both her hands. The Scarlet formed a large orb which she aimed, throwing the force blast in the direction of Pandemonius as he walked away. The amount of strength she put into the blast made her slightly light headed but she hid it.

"Walking away already?"

Mens-Mentis sprinted towards the screaming, ploughing through the crowds in her rush.

She turned a corner into an alley, and saw something absolutely remarkable; a young man in a strange green cloak with some sort of mechanical arm,had destroyed an entire wall, Mens had not expected this, and it took her several seconds to un-holster her SMG, and say loudly:

"Take your arm out of the wall, sir, you are under arrest!"

The orb impacted into Pandemonius' back like a bolt of lightning, hurling him from his feet. He hit the ground with a audible 'thud', stunning him temporarily.

What is her problem?! He thought as he pushed himself to his feet, his anger was beginning to rise and manifested itself in an aura the same colour as his eyes.

He decided that it would be best to use a combination of powers. Assaulting her mind with a series of horrifying images and then hurtling bricks at her using his telekenesis.

This better work...

"You see how well my creed works?" yelled Spark, elated at finally striking back. However he'd barely risen to his knees when something flew through his barrier and broke at his feet, releasing a noxious cloud of gas. Spark lurched to the side again, avoiding the full effects but too late to avoid inhaling some of the gas.

He felt light headed and couldn't focus enough to summon his lightning, he needed a recharge to counteract the effects of the chloroform. 'There was power in the warehouse, there must've been a generator,' he thought though the haze that clouded his mind. But his opponent was blocking the main entrance, leaving him to only go around the side and pray there was a side door.

Through the hail of bullets he crawled around the corner of the building before standing and lurching in an attempt to find a way in. 'What I wouldn't give for this place to have an electric fence,' he thought. He did find a small door and managed to shoulder the rotted thing off its hinges to re-enter the semi-darkened warehouse.

"Yes!" he exclaimed, slurred as it was by his dulled muscles, as he spotted a wall socket some machinery was plugged into. He staggered to it and began kicking in the plaster around it to try and get to the wires and that juicy current.

Dodging a series of bricks, She closed her eyes as a particularly horrible image came to her mind.
Focus, Focus...

She intensified her Force shield in case a stray brick hit her while she tried to block the image from her mind. She darted away from another stray brick. She raised a hand, firing slightly weaker blasts in his direction, before taking cover near an overturned car.

Sjors heard Snap ask if he needed help. He could not help but smile at the naivity of the still-new hero. He flapped a few times, gaining some height before gliding towards her, intent on knocking her off the building.

Pandemonius laughed as the villain attempted to hide for cover.

"Are you forgetting I pulled down a building with telekenesis? A car isn't so difficult!" He lifted up the car and threw it against the woman, pinning her against a wall. He walked over to the trapped woman, his eyes glowing an eery blue. "Now, Hush, tell me what you are doing here and why you are trying to harm me. That is, unless you want to become a dribbling mess." Pandemonius' hand reached forward and touched the woman's head, he began to consider imposing a variety of horrifying images.

"You have 10 seconds."

She groaned from the strain, the painful images hitting her hard. Her voice was lost again while she thought quickly. Something clicked in her mind before she allowed her force to drop slightly, a sad smile to meet her lips and for her eyes to meet his.
"I'll speak." She replied with shy tone. She enveloped all her feelings, trying her own imposement technique to cause him a great deal of pain. If it didn't work, she always had a backup plan.

"Leave the sexist jokes to me, Worther... no, wait-- oh, bugger it."

Knight gave Wither a swift uppercut, but then doubled back in pain as his hand burned.

"What do you want?!"

Pandemonius' head suddenly burst with pain, forcing him to lose concentration on keeping the car pinned against the wall. It fell to the floor with a loud crash. He put his left hand to his head, attempting to fight the pain. After a few moments it had faded and he focused once again on the woman in front.

"Cute trick." He said before launching a vicious mental assault at the woman. He hoped that it was the last one he needed, he was growing weaker the longer they fought.

Shoulda eaten something in the last 24 hours... He thought to himself momentarily.

"I don't want anything but the please of watching you break" Wither laughed.

Running forward at full speed, Wither slammed into Knight and took him down to the ground. Although more muscular than him, the younger male had been caught off balance and as Wither knelt on his chest he began to deliver repeated punches to Knight's face while laughing insanely.

He's getting weaker...

She took another barrage of images that made her head sear with pain again. Hush's aura intensified as she readied for more bricks but also while her vision blurred from sheer focus to try and constrict him again, now that he was losing energy. Although her vision was obscured, she moved her hand to send the binding aura to get him again.

Schrodinger turned to face the speaker. Mens-Mentis. This was unbelievably lucky for him, although the gun was a problem. He smiled under his hood, and then raised his arms, backing away.

"All right, all right, I didn't mean to. I'm just not used to this arm yet."

He was hoping to get her to either lower her weapon, or approach him, or hopefully both. He was sure she would do one of them at least, and was hoping that it would be both. Shame that bloody woman had carried on screaming.

Snap looked in horror as she saw a pair of wings seemingly come out of nowhere from the man's back. He soared towards her with the intent of knocking her off of the building.

Looking around Snap found a small rock, she grabbed it and threw it at Sjors. The rock exploded near his face.

With what little might he had left, Knight rocked himself to the side, throwing Wither off of him in the process. His mask was falling apart, and if he didn't act quickly, the whole camera crew would see his face. However, the only way foward was through the school. If he sprinted through the enterance, Wither would be bound to follow him and he'd endanger the school kids. But if he didn't, his identity would be compromised and his hero career would end.

"I don't know what you want," Knight said, peering over his shoulder, "but just leave the kids alone. Get it over with."

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