Government Heroes: A Marvel-Style RP [Finished]

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Vasily stopped himself mid lunge laughing.

"Actually it was your mother that kindly gave me this last night," he says smiling behind the mask.

"You should really talk to her about some of the things she does," he shakes his head in disbelief, "now those could turn boys into men I say."

React boy, or are you scared to? Vasily wonders staring at the man.

Knight grasped his hand tightly as he pushed through the door to his apartment. Luckily enough, he hadn't encountered a single person on his way there.

I don't know what just happened, but that guy obviously wanted to get to me. I shouldn't have been careless. I could have won, I just needed to be more careful.

Ripping off what was left of his mask, Knight slid down his door until he was sitting down with his back against it. His hand burned, but it seemed to be returning to it's normal state. Just another perk of being the perfect human.

There's a bigger picture here. I've got a feeling I'm going to find out what it looks like pretty soon.

Zero laughed calmly. "A yo moma joke? Your pathetic! I've had better one liners fly out of my ass. And the smelled better too. I mean I have a gas mask on, and you still smell like shit. Try some speed stick. Works wonders." Zero replied, his hand in his pocket, slowly unscrewing the cap on his flask. "A little water might save me here" He thought to himself.

Vasily snaps across the room as the nano machines reach their potential.

One of his hands wrapped around Zero's wrist in his pocket, the other clenched into a fist held ready to swing from his face.

"I grow tired of listening to you prattle on Yank, your just lucky I'm not meant to kill you..." he growls.

"Now tell me this what trick do you have in your pocket there? And you'd be as well telling me truly before your wrist becomes dust. Only then you may keep it. Maybe," he hisses inches from Zero's gas mask.

"Fuck!" Pandemonius yelled as he rolled underneath the 2 vans that came hurtling towards him. He only avoided being crushed by a hairs breadth. He had to use his telekenesis afterwards to block the other incoming cars. They were now at a stalemate, with Hush trying to crush Pandemonius, and Pandemonius trying to prevent his own doom.

"Looks like we're stuck here. At least till one of us gives up." He desperately thought of how he could win the situation. His mind drew blanks for the moment, he merely hoped that his nap had restored enough of his energy and that Hush would grow weary.

The villian's speed caught Zero off guard. "Damnit" he thought. He jerked his hand out of his pocket as fast as he could. The villian seemed to be slightly surprised by this move. Seeing his chance, Zero splashed water on Vasily's mask. Working quickly, Zero summoned all the oxygen he could collect in the room, and forced it onto the soaking mask. The chemical reaction began, and the mask began to rust, the metal becoming brittle and flakes beginning to form.

"...I've been told that I'm persistant..." She muttered with a smirk, picking up several cars with with binds and throwing them.

Hush suddenly felt light-headed, putting one hand to her head while she picked up another car with the other hand.
I've put too must stress on myself, I should slow myself down slightly.
She took a few steps back, rapidly throwing smaller cars now. Remaining cautious.

"Damn you!" Vasily screams through the flaking mask at Zero before snapping his fist towards Zero's ribs.

The anger combined with the suit would be more than enough to do damage to his ribs. He clenches his other fist that was shaken free ready to pummel Zero to a pulp if needs be.

Come on Pandemonius...Think! Think! He desperately thought whilst deflecting and dodging the barrage of cars that were coming his way. He saw Hush stumble for a brief moment and saw his chance.

Abandoning all thoughts of self defence he used his agility to avoid the cars, only deflecting some. He wanted to conserve as much of his strength as possible. He reached the villainess in a matter of moments. He saw a look of wonder cross his foes eyes before he pummeled her in the abdomen with a vicious punch that sent her reeling. Before she could recuperate he jumped and grabbed her head with both his hands, pouring all his energy into sending a torrent of mind-shattering images into her mind, with the sole purpose of rendering her unconscious.

"Not the smartest idea" Zero thought, as he dove out of the way of the incomming fist. He quickly got up and sprinted deeper into the lab, looking for something in the way of a weapon.

Still in shock from the sudden attack, She struggled to scream, but her vocal chords refused it. Her body was starting to go limp and her vision blurring again. Hush's mind felt like a hot poker was repeatedly burning her.
I...I can't...

Thinking as quickly as she could, while trying to force away the images. She raised her arms reaching, latching onto the sides of Pandemonius' face. She grit her teeth trying to pass on her emotions making him feel her pain and trying to increase it tenfold.

'Well,' thought Spark and he watched Tempest go, 'as my first fight with a super villain, it leaves something to be desired.' Spark managed to spit out the gag after a couple of minutes. 'Still, it could've been worse,' he thought as he found himself alive with no long-term damage. The sirens of the fire-trucks were getting closer so he shouldn't have to wait too long for rescue (much as the thought was damaging to his superhero image).

He pulled experimentally at his bonds but there was no chance he'd get free in his weakened state. Patience was not one of Spark's virtues, multitude as they were, and the irritation he felt at defeat only heightened his impatience. Eventually the firemen appeared on the scene.

"Oi! In here!" Spark yelled and managed to get the attention of one of them who untied him. Spar kthanked him and decided not to stick around for questions and answers, taking off through the warehouse district. Eventually, he found a power line and travelled straight back to his apartment where he collapsed in a deep sleep without even bothering to take off his costume.

Pandemonius felt the sudden wave of pain hit his mind like a truck. It almost caused him to black out right there, but he managed to remain conscious.

"" He snarled through gritted teeth, still focusing all his energy on sending the mental images into her mind.

Now it was a test of endurance.

Vasily takes off after Zero, the bloodlust now forming greater against him.

I'll be damned if I actually kill him! he snarls at himself trying to find the yank.

The pain was becoming too much, she felt like if she continued like this, her mind would snap. Hush took a deep breath, still putting all her remaining energy into pushing the emotions.

"W-why...don't you give up...?" She asked drawing for breath, her eyes attempting to focus on him through the blurred vision.

So, she isn't going to attack. Fine with me, I'll force her movements.

Schrodinger had just reached the end of the alley, when something appeared to catch his eye in a window next to him. He walked over to it and stared. "Impossible", he breathed.

He drew back his mechanical arm, and smashed the window in, grating it around the edges in order to to remove any shards of glass on which his cloak might get caught. He grasped the frame and hoisted himself in.

Once inside, Schrodinger span around. He had not actually seen anything that he wanted. This was just a trap, very quickly done. He quickly backed down to one side so that he wouldn't be seen, and prepared to lunge at anyone who tried to come through that window.

"Because..." Pandemonius spoke through clenched teeth, still focusing on forcing the pain out of his mind and the images into hers, "I have people I need to save...People I need to stop." His eyes looked down and met hers, for a split second they stared at each other, both trying to cause the other one to pass out.

This is not what I wanted to spend my day doing! He thought angrily. The Anger in him fuelled his powers, spurring him to keep going.

"What on earth..." Mens-Mentis jumped in the air, and activated her boosters on the boots, and began to glide towards the window.

Has it occured to you this may be a trap? Her thoughts rang out, Mens-Mentis never denied her instincts, so she decided to be a bit more cautious, she looked up at the building, it had a few storeys, but now windows to speak of.

She came up with her own plan, and she executed it instantly. She flew far upwards, to the top of the building, and landed on the roof, she then kicked open the fire escape hatch, and jumped down into a stairwell.

Mens-Mentis ran down the stairs, closely mentally recalling where Schrodinger had fled to, where a single door stood. Mens-Mentis closed her eyes as she opened the door, and held up a grenade in her hand, and shouted to Schrodinger, wherever he was hiding.

"Don't touch me, or try to stop me, or I'll blow this room to hell."

Dammit, she's cleverer then I thought.

Schrodinger had just managed to conceal himself behind a sofa before Mens-Mentis entered. He was stuck, and would have to think things over before he left his hiding place.

It was unlikely that she had anything powerful enough to blow up the entire room. He hadn't seen what she had with her, but something like that sounded like something that a superhero just wouldn't use. Unless civilians don't matter to this one.

No, that cant be right. That contradicted the report he was given. So he could assume that it was a bluff. But that raised the question of what she was holding.

Well, whatever it was, it would be a good idea to disarm her so it couldn't possibly be a threat. He remembered where the doorway was, and presumably she hadn't moved. And there was a vase on the table next to the sofa, which he could use for one attack, although if he missed, then he would have surrendered his hiding place for nothing.

There was one other slight possibility. He could force a surrender using a civilian as a hostage. That would work if there was one here. Unfortunately, he could assume that for now the house owners were out somewhere, as he had heard nothing from them. Maybe he should have gone into the house with the screaming woman...

Enough of this. I have to do something. Schrodinger decided on the vase. He dodged out of his hiding place, and grabbed the vase, throwing it at where he thought Mens-Mentis would be in the same movement.

Mens-Mentis quickly dodged the incoming vase, but it managed to scrape against her thigh, throwing her off balance, and making her drop the grenade. She stumbled around, and unfortunately fell over a wooden desk. She looked at Schrodinger, and groaned as she realised she was in the corner of the room -- with all of the clutter and furniture in the place, she couldn't sprint away.

She stared at Schrodinger, lying down, and piecing together a plan

This isn't going to work, we're just exhausting each other. He needs to get away...

She held her breath as she put most of her final energy into a final surge, before moving her leg and kicking him firmly in the chest. She then moved herself away from him quickly, her body aching substantially but fighting it.

Pandemonius reeled from the blow, he rolled backwards near the edge of the parking lot, standing up before he fell. His breath came in ragged gasps for the second time of the day. He wouldn't be able to get another nap and he knew it.

Looking backwards over the edge of the multi-levelled car park to the ground below, an updraft hit him in the face. He spoke to Hush "Well my dear, this is where we part ways. You know what they say, run away and live to fight another day."

He took a mock bow to his new nemesis before falling backwards, closing his eyes he felt the rush of the wind hitting his back as gravity began to take it's toll.

Zero sprinted through the lab. He could here Vasily behind him, but he didn't dare look back to see how close he was. Counting on a bit of luck, Zero rounded a corner and saw a fire extinguisher on the wall. Ripping it off, he hugged the wall and held the extinguished above his head, ready to smash it into Vasily's face when he rounded the corner.

No. I'm far too close to lose him now.
She was having trouble walking from exhaustion.
Come on. Just a little more energy.
Hush forced herself to stop for a moment, a few minutes passed of slow breathing, before a semi-aura started to form. Nothing strong, just something that would save her if she fell.
"One last time..." She muttered before taking a step off of the edge.

Zeke landed on the floor after slowing himself down with telekenesis. His knees practically gave way underneath him. "Fuck." He mumbled as he looked up to see Hush speeding towards him.

He raised his weary arms and prepared to dive out the way.

"Come get me." He muttered underneath his breath.

If she concedes defeat, I'm able to leave. But I cant tell her this, and she wont concede defeat because she thinks I'm trying to kill her.

Schrodinger had the advantage, but he was stuck with how to continue. Mens-Mentis was unable to escape, stuck in the corner, and he could probably kill her if he tried. But he wasn't supposed to do so. He had her pinned, and had as good as won, but he couldn't take it any further.

Suddenly, he felt a wave of true remorse come over him. If this was for a better purpose he felt he could have kept going, but this was just pointless. It was just supposed to be a warning. This was enough.

"I really am sorry about this. I want you to know that I never intended to kill you, and this was nothing personal. My... current master assigned each of us a different one of you, and I happened to pick up your sheet first."

"I don't know if I'll be seeing you like this again or not, as we haven't yet been told everything that he has planned. If we do though, I hope I'll feel able to take this further."

And with that, Schrodinger raised his hood, turned, and headed for the window he had entered from.

She sped to the bottom, landing roughly.
She flinched at the landing but ran towards him, forcing the small amount of her aura into the fists and throwing heavy punches towards him.
"...This lacks elegance..." Hush spoke as a punch hit Pandemonius in the chest.

He took the blow standing, becoming slightly winded. He panted as he spoke "Elegance?" He laughed through the pain, "We abandoned elegance a long time ago my dear." He stepped backwards, growing weary of the practical slugfest that was now happening.

"How long are we going to continue this facade of a fight for? We could both drop down at any moment."

Nicholas yawned as the opened the door to his apartment. It was a simple but cosy. A living area, bedroom with en suite bathroom and a kitchen area. A sofa and a couple of armchairs filled the living area along with a large flat screen television mounted on the brick wall, a stereo and stack of CDs sat on a table near the kitchen and a bass guitar and amp sat against a wall. He'd barely been in the city two months and he'd already settled in. Closing the door behind him he threw his coat onto an armchair and reclined on the sofa, reflecting on the days events.

It was too easy... From a hero with such a reputation I'd have expected more fight in him Nicholas thought to himself.

He wondered how much luck the other villains were having. He'd not noticed anything unusual on his way from the coffee shop to his apartment. He switched on the television and flipped through the news channels. Nothing apart from his earlier defeat of Knight, which was still running on every news channel.

Well... Nicholas thought. I wonder what I do now...

Vasily rounded the corner and caught glimpse of the extinguisher held high above him. His reaction speed was quicker than Zero's though and he'd caught the extinguisher before he had time to swing it down.

"And now I'm sick of this comparing competition," he growls through clenched teeth, raising his other fist.

"I'll leave you wishing you'd never tried to stop me..." his fist pummels towards Zero's ribs.

"Speak for yourself...I can...fight as long as I want...I don't give in." Hush almost growled, starting to lose her cool slightly, throwing another kick to his stomach after only just recovering from a punch to the face.
I'm almost completely drained...If i make one more bind, i've got to make this count. If i fail, I will pass out.

"Stop hitting me!" Pandemonius yelled after getting knocked backwards. "It's getting really old!" He paused for a moment to get air back in his lungs.

"We both know that either one of us could drop down at any moment, why don't we just call it a draw and then fight again another day." He saw Hush consider the offer before he rushed in to attack.

"Or." He almost whispered to her as he got face to face with her. "I could just beat you now." He kicked her in the stomach before grabbing her head in his hands.

This is it, the last push. He thought as he began pouring all his energy into sending wave after wave of horrifying images into her head.

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