Government Heroes: A Marvel-Style RP [Finished]

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Winded from the kick with the images drilling into her mind again, she felt overcome. Hush struggled to raise her hands and placed them on his.
"If I go go down too..." She said half speaking in her calm tone, half almost growling.

Another barely visible aura started to emit. She placed a slowly growing bind that worked it's way up his arms then forced all of her negative emotions and pain she felt into a final mental attack.

The pain that hit Pandemonius' wasn't as bad as before, but his weary state caused him to feel every second of it. He lost all focus as the darkness of oblivion hit him.

"" He muttered as he slumped against her body and then to the floor.

It was only a few seconds after before Hush sunk to the ground. She waited a few minutes, forcing herself into consciousness, as the majority of the mental pain dissolved, leaving only some of the physical pain. Her breathing still deep from the thrashing she'd taken. She raised herself from the ground steadily. The binds were still slowly constricting his body.
A smile curved around her lips as she lowered herself into a curtsey just over Pandemonius' slowly breathing body.

It is inevitable that some defeat will enter even the most victorious life. The human spirit is never finished when it is is finished when it surrenders. He has not yet surrendered. Until then...I can assure we'll fight again.

Hush managed to move the him to the top of the carpark using the binds but couldn't manage anything more. He was down for the count, she'd come back for him soon.
Taking another fatigued breath, she sluggishly started towards 'The Corporation'.

0125 hrs,

Secret Mountain Mansion, Beyond the city limits

Jayne poured himself a half glass of scotch and slumped into his extremely comfortable leather couch. Ahh! he uttered at the ease of tension in his muscles as he slowly undid his charred gloves and threw them down on the coffee table next to his mask.

"Fucking electricity!" he grumbled aloud after a moment had passed between sips of his drink. "At times I wonder, Lance" he said turning to his canine companion resting near the fireplace "if all this pain and effort is worth it in the end". "Today is the first time, in a long time, that I committed an act of aggression that had no immediate payoff. I mean what's up with that?. What's to say these other so-called super villains will succeed in their deeds?.".

Lance merely cocked his head and yawned at the sound of his masters voice.

"I just hope I was not being too presumptuous of this kid, Raven. He seems to know what he's doing but maybe he's taking on too much this time?. Tempest paused to gulp down the remainder of his drink. I guess we'll find out later in the day won't we Lance? he smiled to himself as he got up to head towards the bedroom.

Schrodinger headed back to his house at a slow walk. Though he wasn't exactly inconspicuous, he did not look very approachable, and people crossed the streets to avoid him.

He had somewhat lost the feelings of guilt that had surged through him 10 minutes ago. Maybe it was just the walking, but he began to feel better about what he had done, although he still didn't feel any pride over it. He didn't see how pride for that was possible.

As he reached his street, it suddenly occurred to him that being seen entering his house in this costume was a very bad idea. He ducked into an alley, and after scaring off a mugger that was lurking in it, he removed his robe and stuffed it under his arm, concealing his mechanical arm inside it.

It's a good thing that I found this robe cold the first time I wore it, he thought, as he headed left the alley and walked up to the door of his house. He pulled out his key, and opened it, relieved that his guardian would be asleep at this time. Come to think of it, He'd been sleeping a lot more recently.

Sylvester tiptoed upstairs, and entered his room, placing his cloak down on the chair next to his desk, and heading straight for his bed. He was tired after the fight, and had decided that if he was going to continue with that arm, it would have to be make lighter. And I could make one for both arms, and use them in sync, and...

Sylvester fell asleep, and dreamed of mechanical armor.

Chapter 2: A Brand New Day

The six heroes, all lying in hospital beds, were all positioned across from each other. Three on one side, and three on the other. It was hard to tell who was asleep, awake, or even dead at this point.

This wasn't how it was meant to go down. Six heroes beaten within an inch of their lives in one night. There's no way it's coincidence.

Knight looked across the room at the five other heroes. He'd recognised some of the alias' the nurses had used. Zero stuck out from the rest, the hero he'd met not an hour before his own defeat. He didn't look too good.

Can't believe the police forces were sent out to find us all. I mean, I know our defeats were hardly low-key, but still. How did they know how to find us?

Knight cleared his throat silently before shifting himself up in his bed slightly, as if to formally face the others.

"Any of you awake?"

"Mmm..." Pandemonius mumbled. He was ashamed that he'd been beaten by Hush, but he was already planning his revenge, planning on becoming stronger.

"All get beaten?" He asked to nobody in particular, realising how stupid the question was he then groaned, rolling over to face the window his body ached in protest.

"Fucking stupid question..."

Knight mumbled something to himself in his thick, Kentish accent. It'd probally be easy for the others to figure out who he was simply due to the fact he was English.

"Any of you seriously hurt? Anything crimefighting career ending, or just a few sour faces?"

Knight could sense the feeling in the room. He didn't think many of them had been beaten before, unlike himself who had taken a thorough beating on several occasions.

None of them look too bad, I think. If only I could figure out who any of them are...

Raven landed on the roof. He was exausted. When..Snow...thingy...? The hero had escaped he had spent hours looking for her. Eventually he'd found her, but was unable to approach her. Still, it seemed like she had hurt herself when jumping off the roof. It was kinda funny to see a 'hero' be carried away by the Medics.

He entered the building via the fire-escape again, shaking off the tiny droplets of water that had clung on him. He tucked his wings back beneath the heavy clothing he wore and made his way down. After going through the mind-killing offices where working slaves sat in cubicles doing nothing, he stood in front of the doors where he had last seen the 'villains.' He pushed them open and walked inside.

"No permanent damage on me. I'm Spark by the way, I'm afraid I don't think I know who you are. I did see you at the school, shortly before I was attacked."

Hush sat in the same chair she had sat in before. She had removed her mask and was inspecting her face with a compact mirror. She'd wiped away any of the blood and was inspecting for more blemishes. The rest of the villains that had turned up after her were doing their own thing.
At least he didn't break my nose...After i passed out here, I honestly expected more than say that my head has never hurt this much in my life.
She heard the door open and closed the compact with one hand.

Raven saw that only Hush was in the room. Dissapointing. He had hoped that it was finished by now. He closed the doors behind him and pushed one chair aside. His wings prohibited him to sit down properly.

"So, how'd it go?" He asked, pulling out a small booklet out of his pocket.

Hush moved a strand of hair from her line of sight and spoke,
"...It was neither effortless nor easy...but I left Pandemonius incapacitated...I passed out for a few hours but when i came to check on him, he was gone...I asked some civilians and they said medical services took him away. Apologies." She replied solemnly, taking her mask and cleaning blood away from the inside.
"Did you have success?"

"My assigned target got wounded, yes." He said. He opened the boklet, revealing that it was a cheque-booklet.

"So, you can handle yourself. I'll have something to offer then."

He wrote down his name and signed the piece of paper. He offered it to her without filling in a number.

"A blank cheque. You may use it how you see fit. I only ask of you, and the other people who were here earlier, to destroy New York City."

Hush looked at the check for a few moments. A smirk followed before she put the check into her jacket pocket.
"...I doubt i shall need it. But i thank you for the sentiment..."
She stopped speaking as she placed the now clean mask over her face. She closed her eyes while she considered her words again.

"...I do not require fiscal prompting for this although it's incredibly buisness-like of you, I joined this for it's own merits. Might I ask, why our next target is New York?"

Sylvester's eyes flashed open. He sat up. He never needed much sleep, and something had just occurred to him.

He headed over to his desk, and opened his laptop, hitting the power button. He waited for it to load, then flicked through to find a map of the city. Flicking through it for a few minutes, he located the warehouse, and looked up it's phone number and postal code. He picked up a phone from beside his desk and dialed.

Of course, he should probably go there in person later, but he had a specific design in mind, and wanted to get it down before he forgot about it. If the warehouse phone still worked, then he could alert Raven to what he had done without wasting too much time.

"It's the unofficial capital of the 'heroes'. It's where groups gather, there's been even some talk about a 'Guild of Heroes' if you can believe it." Raven said.

"And the money is for wide-spread chaos. As powerful as you might be, you may need to hire people, or buy resources for it. That's why I offered it."

"...Money isn't really one of the things i lack, but I shall accept it in good grace. After all...If we are taking on the 'capital of heroes', I think we'll all need something more than our...capabilities? Though might I add after hearing that, your strategic sense is commendable. Take out many at once..." Hush replied, her interest in this mission definitely increasing.

"Nice to see the meeting is under way..." grunts Vasily standing in the door way staring at Raven and Hush. His flaked mask in hand.

"That little bastard Zero nearly ruined my suit, but he is taken care of before you ask," he adds with a slight smile.

"So now you want New York gone?" Tempest said suddenly emerging from the shadows "I still wish you would have allowed us to exterminate our targets..but I am not one to question your ways" he said facing Raven.

"Don't worry, I took care of ol Sparky. And I hope the others held up their end as well...but this new mission is a doozy altogether. Do you want the entire city to go or just places where the heroes sit to have lunch?"

"It's hardly difficult" Wither said as he walked through the door, having heard Tempest. "Yet it is admittedly a monumental task"

Taking a seat at the table, he noticed the questioning look he was receiving from Raven.

"And yes, my target is taken care of. You only need switch on the news to find that out" Wither said in a rather arrogant tone.

"I want the city razed. Its citizens fleeing from the rubble that was once their city. A pile of stones with sticks pointing to the sky. I want the entire city destroyed." Raven said.

"My offer also extends to you people." He continued, waving at the newcomers. "Unlimited financial support for whatever you need. Some of the local heroes, and the local law-enforcers, have experience with villains. You might want to get creative."

He moved away from the desk and started pacing around the room.


The phone at the warehouse seemed to be cut off. He would have to go there and speak to Raven directly. Grabbing his costume and hurriedly writing a note to himself, Sylvester dashed out the door.

* * *

Schrodinger arrived outside the warehouse. He was now in his costume, having ducked into an alley to put it on along the way. He opened the door, and entered to see Raven pacing and the rest of the villains already there.

"My apologies for the lateness." Schrodinger muttered, annoyed at himself, closing the door behind him.

Her eyes stirred, and the white ceiling greeted her eyes. There were no numbers flashing down the side of her eyes, no any dizziness.

I've been unconscious?? Was the thought that instantly raced through her mind, making her blush and curse under her breath. How had she been bested? How had she been knocked unconscious?

She tried to trace her memories, but she simply couldn't remember anything after Schrodinger walked away...

She sighed, and looked around the ward, and saw the others, she decided to find out if she could get any answers. She lifted herself out of the bed, and was greeted by the sight of her leather jacket on a small table, with her trainers, shirt, and trousers. She decided to get dressed later, and she walked away in her nightgown towards a blonde haired man standing nearby. Tapping on his shoulder, she asked him:

"Excuse me... Where are we?"

"Do we have a lab?" Vasily asks raising his eyebrows, "if so I could put your money to a good use," he mutters a manic smile dancing over his lips.

The thoughts of making new suits, weapons and the like to best the heroes made his head spin with unbridled joy.

"A lab?" Tempest echoed scratching his chin momentarily. "Well yes, if it's a lab that has radiation suits..and..we may as well find some radiation suits.!"

He turned to face the other villain as he spoke. "Why not just nuke the city, I mean surely, that's the easiest way to deal with the problem isn't it?"

"Yes but then do you have a nuclear bunker stashed somewhere? As well as a renewable food supply that won't be uncontaminated?"

Vasily snaps at Tempest, "cause we would be blown away by the blast anyway, and if not everything would be unusable unless you want to grow an extra head through eating or drinking?" he asks raising his eyebrows again.

Hush gave a soft laugh at the two.
"...should we settle for something as boring as a nuclear strike anyway? Surely something more creative can be devised...there is real potential in this situation...maybe even an essence of entertainment..."

"Who ever said we'll be staying in the ruins on New York?" Tempest snapped back. "We go in, plant the nuke and leave. By the time the fireworks go off we'll be miles away from the fallout. I don't care as long as I get the money, if you want to stay close to the action all means. I won't stop you!"

Tempest was about to continue when Hush spoke up.

"...should we settle for something as boring as a nuclear strike anyway? Surely something more creative can be devised...there is real potential in this situation...maybe even an essence of entertainment..."

"Ideally yes, but I do not wish to linger on this project for too long with "entertainment". The longer we wait to toy with our victims the greater the chance for the heroes to intercept us, considering we didn't terminate their existence when we had the chance" he said with a sidelong glance at Raven. "However, I will submit to the wishes of this cooperation..provided that the idea is sound" he continued after a pause

Snap slowly opened her eyes. Her vision was blurred and her eyelids were heavy and hard to keep open. She couldn't recognize her surroundings, but from the few items she saw she thought that she might have been in a hospital.

"Where am I?" She said out loud.

Mark peered around the side of his bed where two people seemed to have woken up.

"You're in a hospital. One of those places where sick people go.", he said, waving in their general direction, "Oh. Yeah. A hosptial full of superheroes I might add."

"As long as I can get a chance to...rebuild my suit and mask I shall be happy with this team," Vasily says in agreement whilst glancing at Tempest.

"And what comes of this time? Are we allowed to end the heroes lives, or shall we let them suffer more?"

"Deaths are needed now. This was just a small message, the heroes will get nervous now. They will round up at the capital, and casualties will be that much more."

Raven turned.

"Anyway, I think that this should be the conclusion of this little meeting."

He left a small pile of signed blank cheques on the table.

"You're free to use any facilities you can find on your own. I have only the resources, not the means."

He moved to the doors and opened them.

"I'd like you to start the 'attack' in ten days. I'll be there myself by then. You don't have to wait for my go, just start with any attack you seem fit." He gave Tempest a look. "With exeption of anything too explosive."

"I shall be there providing I can...recreate myself in time," Vasily smiles at the blank cheque as he picks it up.

Now I wonder if my...friend is still active in this area, he should have more than needed to fix this problem, he thinks to himself standing up, replacing his rusted mask.

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