Government Heroes: A Marvel-Style RP [Finished]

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Tempest grabbed a cheque and flipped it lazily across his fingers.

"Creative destruction it is then!" he said with a nod to Raven and turned to leave the building.

"Gentleman, I hope to see you all in New York for the fireworks" he called out before disappearing behind the oak doors of the office

Elisha grabbed her head and quickly sat up, getting a bit light headed as she did. "Well.. I don't even remember what happened to me." She cleared her throat and continued. "What do we do now?"

"I don't know, what do I look like, your presi--?"

Knight was cut off by the sudden enterance of two shady looking men in black suits. If his past dealing with shady looking guys in any kind of suits were anything to go by, these guys weren't very nice chaps.

"I don't remember asking the nurses if I could see the Blues Brothers."

One of the men took off his black sunglasses, and gently put them in his pocket.

"We are aware of your identities. We are also aware of your past dealings with several of America's so-called villians. We are here to ask for your help."

The group exchanged looks before looking back at the two men.

"We have reason to believe that the same villians you fought earlier this week are part of a newly formed group within the villian community, if you will. They recieved intel from somewhere about your whereabouts, and will most liekly do the same again."

Knight shifted up in his bed. He knew where this was going.

"I ain't becoming no government puppet. Just because these villians are some kind of threat, they're not going to do anything serious. They never have. They're just freaks in masks with high hopes and some fucked up DNA. What's the worst the could do?"

The second man removed his own glasses and placed them neatly in his suit pocket.

"Recent intel suggests that they're planning a direct assault on New York city. We also believe that even with a substantial military such as our own, we may not be able to directly prevent casualties. As of now, all civilians in New York are being evacuated. However, we don't think that's the reasoning behind the attack."

The group exchanged looks once more. This wasn't as black and white as they'd thought.

"We think it's a challenge, with New York as the arena. Lots of network coverage, lots of monuments being destroyed and a the death of several of America's most well known heroes, for everyone to see."

Knight scratched his head in confusion.

"Where are you going with this?"

The first man pulled out a rather neat looking document from his suit, and revealed it to the group.

"We are from direct orders from high-up to ask for your assistance, under codename Government Heroes. Or, GH for short. You will recieve an unlimited supply of resources to do with as you please as well as payment for any tasks we ask you to do. There is only one rule. You work for us. Your objectives come from us, and only us. You are free to complete them however you feel."

The second man passed each hero a sheet of paper with lots and lots of writing, and clauses.

"If you wish to accept, sign below. We will grant you full immunity from the law as long as you stick to our rules, as well as a rather full bank account."

The group paused for a few seconds. Some reading the fine print, others simply trying to take in what had just happened.

"Alright.", Knight said, finally breaking the silence, "As long as I get to take another crack at Wither, I'm game. The rest is just a bonus."

Swiftly signing the dotted line, he passed the paper to one of the men, who looked over the signiture.

"Your signiture is a smiley face?"

Knight threw the pen to the man, who stumbled to catch it.

"That's my superhero signiture. You ain't hiring Mark Everette, you're hiring Knight."

"Boris? I may require your assistance again..." Vasily drawls in Russian down a payphone.

Death? It is always my pleasure to help friend, comes the gruff response from Codename Boris.

"Shall I meet you at the Central Park bench?" he smiles thinly, now in his normal clothes, "like the old days?"

Ja, like the old days, Boris replies slightly happier.

Vasily hangs up the phone without a goodbye, it may have given enough time for a trace to lock them both if he had.

The pair meet up 3 hours later and move in silence through the crowd to the lab that Boris had set up years ago.

"Count me in," said Spark, signing the paper with his alias. "But one of you is going to have to tell my boss why I'm not coming into work for a while."

"We can take care of that," said one of the men.

"You clearly don't know my boss. I'd rather be in my shoes than yours."

Elisha jumped off of the bed and landed softly on the floor. "Count me in as well." She walked over to the nearest man and quickly grabbed the pen from his hand. After she signed the paper with her alias she threw the pen back at the man.

"Well.. What do we do now?"

"Heh. Looks like we've got a team."

Knight flipped the pen inbetween his fingers.

"What can you guys do anyway?"

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