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Wow, tough choice, but I'm going go with chrome.

1000, Bee stings or 1000 tarantula bites. (They aren't fatal, but are suppose to really hurt. Also I must say it's great to see this thread in action again, I like it.)

Chrome gun, silver bullets, that way i can be awesome and be prepared for any werewolves i encounter

Being ninja'd or not being ninja'd

Farting in a tiny office. It's not as cramped. (or awkward)
Dammit! Not being ninja'd.

Death by small child or death by small mammal?

Small mammal

top hat or fedora?


The Black Knight or The Dark Knight?


Fedora or trilby?

It's funnier to say.

Felt or Vellum?

Felt if i get ninja'd Vellum if i dont

Being invisible or being able to fly

Being invisible
More things to accomplish that way.

AK-47 or M4A1

Aaaaaahhh...ssssssss...I gotta go with the AK.
It's just...cooler to me.

Treehouse or Houseboat?

(With a couple of big motors so it moves at least 150 mph/h. That'll make cooking in the kitchen dangerous and challenging: Fun for the whole family)

Rice or Pasta?

Rice. It's what I'm used to.

A large cat or a big dog?

Big dog
I hate cats.

Vicious trout or a pleasant salmon?

A salmon. They taste better.

Armor or Weapon?

You can't fire with armor.

Smith & Wesson or Heckler & Koch ?

Smith and Wesson. They seem like more fun.
And they make REVOLVERS. I love revolvers!

Lightning bolt or electrical current?

Electrical current.

Lucky Star or Seitokai no Ichizon?

Hail Fire 998:
Electrical current.

Lucky Star or Seitokai no Ichizon?

A link to what you mean please? In the mean time I'll choose Lucky Star. It sounds lucky

Star Craft or Starship Troopers? ( Not game, universe )

( Psst, choose Starship Troopers )

Starship Troopers...only 'cause I was bribed.

Death by slow poison or drowning?

Slow poison. You don't have time to find the antidote for not having any oxygen.

Deathmatch opponent: Chuck Norris or Lucy Liu?

Lucy Liu...Atleast I can die while looking at something beautiful.
RPG (rocket-propelled-grenade) or GPR (grenadee-propelled-rocket)?

GPR, because when the thing goes off and some how manages to epxlode inside an orphanage I can blame the manufacturer for not giving me an RPG.

To be or not to be?
bwahahahaha, i could not resist, i'm sorry.

If this world is populated by people like you who ask these silly questions, then I chose not to be!

How should I cease to be? Drink Red Bull until my heart explodes, or eat McDonalds until my heart explodes?

Drink Red Bull because then at least you'll die on a high instead of dying a fatty fat with enough grease in his body that he'd be more profitable to hunt than Rosy O'Donnel.

Do you wanna be the Iron or the Race Car?

The race car! Yeah! Vroom Vroom! Can't go to jail if they can't catch me!

Do you want the money, or do you want the mob?

The mob. You can't ruthlessly kill money...

Toffee or caramell?

I want the mob because with the mob I can steal the money, or do I want the money so I can hire the mob.. No, money, I'll take the money.

Toffee, then I can give it to my grandma and watch her torment as she tries to enjoy her delicious snack but can't because it might pull her dentures out.

Do you want to be the big spoon, or the little spoon?

Big Spoon means more ice cream.

Trilby or Fedora?

Fedora hands down. Frank Sinatra wore one.

Sailor Scout or Sailor Moon?

Sailor scout!
Lita was awesome, even if Tuxedo Mask was cooler.

Ocarina of time, or Majora's mask?

Ocarnia of Time, I've heard its pretty cool although I haven't played either.
don't hurt me

Billy or Mandy?


An axe or a bow?

Axe. They're easier to kill with.

Exploding pen or Stabby pencil?

Exploding pen because all kinds of wonderful pranks could be pulled with such a device.

Die for the EMPRAH or live for yourself?

Live for yourself. Better to carry on from there.

Phenomenal platypus that can play a guitar or a duck made entirely of chocolate?

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