This or That

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mmmm Eclair.

Evian or Perrier?

Dom Perrier, I presume?

Vodka or Tequila?


Beer or schnapps?

Beer. I had WAAAAAYYY too much schnapps earlier in my life.

Mohawks or faux-hawks?


Hair crown or liberty spikes?

Liberty Spikes.
Anime porn or playboy?


Neonbob or Moviebob?

Neonbob. He's posts in the forum games (Or did. I haven't been here in a while. :P).

Light side or Dark side?

Dark Side

Star Wars or Star Trek

can i pick both? no? ok. Star Wars

red shirt or gold shirt?

Red shirt.

Screamo or Pop?


Nazis or Communists?

(I know, ironic because of my avatar)

PS3 or 360?


Tolkien or Herbert?


Laser rifles or Plasma rifles?

Plasma rifle.

Supernatural or Fringe?


Like or Liek?


Own or pwn?

Own, just because it's a real word.

Mobile phone (Cell Phone) or Landline? (Housephone)

cell phone

pie or pi

Pie definitely Pie.

Information through books or information through video? (As in which one do you like to rely on more.)


latin or greek


Curtains or blinds?


Tile or carpet?


Coca Cola or Pepsi

Coca~Cola all the way! I'm drinking some right now, in fact.

Ladies or Women?

Ladies. More dignified.

Book or ebook?

Book. Nuthin' gooder than learnin' from a book in yer hands.

Bike or Bicycle?

(I know a horrible stories with bikes that I had to go bicycles, choppers are ok though)

White or Dark chocolate?

Dark. Tastes better.

Buy or rent?

If it's for games I'd go buy.

Neroing threads or lots of the same threads?

Lots of the same threads.

Hug or cuddle?

Is cuddling not merely a more elaborate version of a hug?

Pill or liquid medication?

Pill, usually no bad taste to it and its more convenient

Laptop or Desktop Computer?

Desktop computer, by far.

Xbox 360 or PS3?

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