This or That

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Give me a "C" Give me a "H" Give me a "eerleaders"!

This one or that one?

This one.

Plastiscine or TNT?

Trinitrotoluene. :D

all out or all under? XD

All out.

And nice one with the trinitrotoluene. I would have put it like that, and was debating on whether to do so, but I figured no one would know what it was.. I guess I was wrong.

Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit?

The Hobbit. I read that first.

Anime or American Cartoons?


New anime or 90's western cartoon?

90s Western Cartoon. I grew up on that, man.

Chocolate or Vanilla?


Hard Gay or a train?
I would have chosen the same :D

On a train! :D XD

Peanuts or almonds?

C'mon~ Can't forget our childhoods for this fancy, new-fangled anime~~~ X3


Dark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate.
Dexter's Lab <3

Hauuu... Can't I have both? ><
Fine, Milk Chocolate.

Apples or Oranges?

Johnny Bravo! <3


Cherries or strawberries?
Angry Beavers <3

...Strawberries. TwT

Watermelon or Bananas?

Courage The Cowardly Dog~~~ <3


Pie or cake?
Isn't Courage from the early 2000's? If yes: Invader Zim. If no: Rocco's Modern Life.


Angel or Devil cake?

Hmm... It's around the 90s/2000s, I failed though. XD I fucking loved Invader Zim too though!

Cake, PIE IS EVIL!!!

Today or tomorrow?

Tomorrow. I get Shadows of the Damned tomorrow!

Chicken or Turkey?


Taco or burrito?
This may be too hard to answer

Ah, I've never tried either, so...Taco because It's the one I know the most about...

Noodles or Rice?


Soup or sandwich?

Depends. But Soup.

Guitar or Bass?

Bass all the way.

Ukulele or Mandolin?

Guitar I play one XD

co-op or PvP?

PvP is a bit better~ :3

Family Guy or American Dad?

Family guy >:3

Futurama or Simpsons?

Futurama! We've only just got the new series!

Comedy or Action?


Isaiah Mustafa or Fabio?

I don't know them D< they're not famous enough it would seem XD


I like both but RPG.

First person or third person?

Third person, takes me back to crash ^_^

Cuddles or huggles?


Run or shoot?

Both! Run.

Pineapple or Coconut?

Coconut! ^_^

Chicken tonight or chicken tomorrow?

Chicken tonight!

Curry or No Curry?

Curry, please~~ :D

Toastie or sandwich?

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