This or That

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Kick to the jaw

Apple pie or apple crumble??

Crumble, definitely crumble.

Steak and potatoes or steak and eggs?

Steak and potatoes all the way.

Mashed potato or chips?


Cauliflower or Broccoli?

I hate both but if pushed for choice, broccoli.

Terrakinesis or Cryokinesis?

Terrakinesis=Earth control and other earth materials
Cryokinesis=Ice control

Kick to the jaw.

The Simpsons or Family Guy?

The Simpsons and ow that kick hurt :(

Nostalgia Critic or angry video game nerd?

Angry video game nerd.

E. coli or salmonella?

Salmonella, I guess...

Ebola or bloodloss?

Bloodloss, I could never lose enough.

Pepsi or Pepsi Max. (Death for the guy that says coke) >:(


7up or Sprite?


Pink or regular lemonade?


Bold or italics?


Good or Bad morality?

Knew you'd answer in the one of your choice :)

Good, though morality is subjective :P

Art museum or history museum?

History (sure I love art but seeing historical stuff in a muesum is so much cooler!)

Planet Mercury or Planet Pluto? (I still consider Pluto to be a planet!!)

I have to say Mercury, as I don't consider Pluto to be a planet. :P

Special K or Cornflakes??

Special K.

Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy?

Tooth Fairy all the way.

Snap, Crackle and Pop or Tony the Tiger?? (unfair three on one?) :P

Snap, Crackle and Pop. Crackle! ...... Snap!. POP.
Yes We Can or Peace to the Middle East?

Yes we can

Carpet or wooden floor?

Depends on where. I prefer wooden floors for everything other than bedrooms, though.

Hard wood flooring or floor tiles?

Hard wood flooring

Ducks or swans?

Duck (they taste nice).

Hardwood or softwood?


Bugs Bunny or Mickey Mouse?

Mickey Mouse

Aliens or dinosaurs?


T-rex or dragon?


Cabbage or Cucumber?


Onion or garlic?


Nitrogen or Hydrogen?


Infection or virus?
capcha: sod's law


Steam train or electic train?


Toast or cereal?

Cereal bitchesssssssssssss

Mudcrabs or Indian burial grounds?

Mudcrabs. c:

Mudcrabs or headcrabs?

I don't have much of an imagination today, sue me. :c

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