This or That

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Thanks for making me choose...

Difficult or awkward?

awkward for the win!
your welcome mate

australia or austria?


Wtf or Omg?




SoB or loser?

Loser. Hurts more being called one.

Sleep deprivation or sleep?

Sleep... Sleep for sure. I just had 2 nights of barely any sleep, I can't wait to collapse.

Chicken or Beef?

Beef. It's more filling.

DC or Marvel?

Marvel, they have the punisher.

The power to control fire or the power to control ice?

the power to control ice
think about it.. unlimited icecream! besides you could make a killing with cryo freezing/melting/removing

The power to control earth or wind?

Earth.Then i could help my mom in the garden.

Drown or burn alive.

drown i don't like fire...

choke to death or bleed to death?


The chance to bring a loved one, who has passed on back to life. Or the chance to never have to pay any bills again. Also you won't be charged for anything else you buy in the future.

if it was a short time since the loved one died i'd bring him/her back
however if alot of time had passed i'd go for the chance never to have to pay for anything!

being to indecisive or being to impulsive?

No more bills.Donīt have any close dead relatives.

The ability to fly or getting free vacations anytime you want.

Fly, I could go anywhere I wanted to.

The power to feel no pain, or Imortality?

No pain.

Only feel pain or die right away.

What's with all these tough choices?

Ah well die right away, I'm a wimp when it comes to pain.

Being buried alive, or your entire neighbour hood being wiped out.

Entire neighbour hood being wiped out.

Sand in your eye lens or rock in your shoe?

rock in the shoe. Its easier to get out and I won't be permanently damaged by it.

Twilight Fangirls or Jonas Brother fan girls?

Both. I want them all in one place.

C4 or Napalm?

Napalm. I like watching things burn...

70's or 80's?


the power to take on the life of anyone in any game, or cake...

The power to take on the life of anyone in any game, for my Fable II character >:)

the entire discographies of your three favourites musicians/bands, or the discographies of every single musician/band?

The discographies of my top three favourite bands.

A Jaguar (The car) Or A pet Jaguar. (The cat)

The car. Obviously, I am assuming it's an E-Type.

Ferrari F430 or Ford GT40?

Ford GT40

cake or even more cake?

Cake, even more cake is too much cake.

Cake or pie?


pie or pie in the shape of pi

Pie in the shape of pi.
As long as you mean the never ending decimal.

Strong and dumb or smart and weak?

smart and weak

have a movie made about you or have a book written about you that is very famous and later is turned into a dumbed down movie

The latter. I can make money off of the film rights!

Cpt. Price or Cpt. MacTavish?

Cpt.Price he Has a 'stache.

Final Fantasy XIII or Elder Scrolls 5

Elder Scrolls 5.

Evas or Gundams?

Gundams. I only know what those are.

Tank or Plane?

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