This or That

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Tank, planes scare me a little.

Jet or Bomber?

Jet. If I'm going to have a plane, I want it to be fast.

Marker or paint?

paint, you can get more better-looking colors and textures with it

iTunes or Media Player?


Flash or Photo Shop?

Photo Shop

Mecha or Giant robots?


Mouse or rabbit?


Mother or Father?


Grandfather or Grandmother?


Brother or sister?


Northern or Southern Hemisphere?


Soft or hard shell.

Hard shell. Easier to keep everything in one place with one.

Chili Cheese Dog or Chili Cheese Fries? Or both?


PS2 or N64?


Stone or Sheet or Clippers

I prefer a different game.

Gardener's Shears or Gardener's Watering Can?

Shears because I can cut people up with them.

Web cam chat or voice chat?

voice chat

serated or straight edges?

Straight edge.

Barqs or Mug?

Straight edge. It cuts through skin better.

Honest internet chat or false internet chat (rather be truthful about yourself, or just straight up lie about everything?)

Honest. Being facetious all the time is too tiring.

Ergonomic or regular keyboard?

Regular Keyboard, less confusing
Desktop or laptop?

Desktop. My laptop is so slow :(

Would you rather be skinny (athletic) or muscular?

Skinny. I'll stay as I am, thanks.

Crab or Lobster?

Lobster. I don't like crabs (for obvious reasons)

Big City or Peaceful country?

Big City.

Overzealous or useless police?

useless police their pretty much useless currently anyway...

Suiseiseki aka desu or mudkips?

Suiseiseki.I don´t like mudkip.

Pokémon or Digimon.

Digimon because digimons are the champions!

naruto or bleach?

Bleach. Naruto on Disney = Fail for all the boys and girls!

American cartoons or Anime?


blood and gore vs humor

Oh, gore all the way. It's essentiallt humor in it's purest form.

Linkin Park (the band) or Lincoln Park (the actual place)?

Linkin Park. (what a coincidence, i'm listening to them now!)

Rock Band or Guitar Hero World Tour?

damm you for making me chose.. i don't like either of them so...
rock band since it's eassier to type

DDR or singstar

DDR.At least i get some movement out of that one.

Dante's Inferno(Poem) or Dante's Inferno(Song)

Infinity Ward. They make more money, then, I can buy Valve also.

Suicide or surrender?

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