This or That

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Surrender. Death scares me.

Modern Warfare 1 or Modern Warfare 2?

MW2.Already have number 1,and i want number 2.

Dante's inferno or The Saboteur.

damn........dante's inferno, so i know what i have to look forward to in hellXD

New ICO or Shadow of the Colossus

Shadow of Colossus ftw.

Final Fantasy or The Legend of Dragoon?

Final Fantasy

does it need moar or less desu?

Always MOAR!

Hot weather or cold weather?

Cold weather.

Mountain or beach?

Beach, as long as the water is warm.

Tokyo or Paris?


*bump* or *lock*?


Gordan Freeman or Morgan Freeman?

Morgan Freeman.

The Five Stages of Death or The Five Fingers of Death?

The Five Fingers of Death

light or dark meat?

I find both equally, but since I have to choose, dark.

Life sentence or death penalty?
You choose which one you get, if that was unclear.

Life Sentence. I could break out.
Or cause mayhem.

Dog or Cat?

Dog. They actually get up and do things.

World full of elitists or idiots?

elitists although eitherway you'd have alot of wars..

dragon age origins or borderlands?

I guess DA:O

Serve in heaven or rule in hell?

rule in hell since all the bad things apparantly come from there so yay drink and stuff.

mindless drone or free but dead

free and dead

pizza or hamburger? (aint gonna happen codekillerpov...)

Pizza. At least thats vegetarian.

Without games for the rest of your life or without movies?

Without movies. I don't really watch them anyways.

Big red button in front you says "Do not press"
Press it or not?

press it


For self, EPIC WIN.
For others, EPIC FAIL.

LOLcats or LOLdogs?


Roleplaying or forum games?

Forum games.

S.O.A.D or QotSa.

S.O.A.D. I hate QotSA. Sorry, but they kinda suck

60's or 70's music?


L or N?


JRPG or western RPG


<_< or ᴛ_״?


RPG or Shooter?


linear or non-linear gameplay?

non linear gameplay overall. I like a bit more freedom than straight forward map.

Western or Eastern video games?

Eastern, but still translated into english.

Paper or plastic?


dubbed or subbed?


Sparta or Persia?

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