This or That

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Too big!

Yay or Nay?


Too much or too little?

Too much

Baked or Fried?


Chips (potatoes) or salad when it come to having extra to your meal?


Glass of wine or water with your meal?


Dinosaurs or Dragons?

Dragons! (Like dinosaurs but with wings!)

Microwave dinner or canned dinner?

Canned dinner

Are you recusing the princess/ prince from the villian out of genuine belief (doing it because it's right or believe you're the hero) or are you expecting a "reward" (cash or whatever you desrire including sexual) after you recuse the princess/ prince?


Organic or mechanical.


Human or Ai?


Apple or orange?


Ice cream, hard cream (you get those from Ice cream van) or soft cream?


Halloween or Christmas?

Hmmmm, probably Christmas.

Night or day?


You had befriended a new and friendly creature that has potiential ability to be exploited.

Do you keep it as a secret and continue to be its friend or reveal it to the public to abuse its abilty and profit it for yourself?

Secret! (secret friendships are cool)

chewing candy or sucking candy?


Hard candy or toffee?


Coke or Pepsi?


Skittles or Smarties?

Rainbow all the way!

Slouching or sitting up straight?


Do you prefer Ice cream using a spoon and the tub/ bowl or the it's in a cone or stick?

Cone... Waffle Cone!

Fried rice or fried noodles?

Fried rice all the way!

Boiled egg or scramble egg?

Scramble eggs all the way - mix it with beans and brown sauce and you've got dinner.

Daddy or chips?


Take a ferry or take a plane?

Take a ferry.

Walking on sunshine or swimming in lava?

Walking on Sunshine!

Heatwave or Snow Days? (For a week)

Heatwave (I'm Australian, that's just our normal summer)

Milkshake or Thickshake?

Thick shake? Is there a difference?

Walking a dog or walking a ferret?

Walking a ferret.

Landslide or Tsunami?


Apple or Banana candy?

Banana candy!

Shoes rack or towels rack?

Towel racks. Shoes are fine on the floor.

To be or not to be?

To be...

Canoeing or Kayaking?

Canoeing (at least I can get out of it easily when it top side).

Carla or Pantherlily ?

(Ok I admit that is a specify question for a certain member to answer but hey you can still answer it if you want!)

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