This or That

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Electric or non electric?

Electric (non-electric are bullshit)

Revenge is sweet or revenge is bittersweet?

Revenge is sweet.

Moth or Butterfly?

Butterfly (F**k all moths)

Soda or juice?

Juice! Pineapple juice!
North or South pole?

South pole (that's where Katara, Sokka and Korra lived).


Humaoid shape or animal shape?

Animal. Four legged means more stability. Ooh, a snail!
Australian winter, or Canadian summer?

I really don't know. I'll go with Toronto as Canada and pick it.
Intelligence or SWAG?

Intelligence (is more swag than SWAG these days)

Hippo or Rhino?


Spider-Man villians or Batman villians?

Spider-Man villians (sorry but I'm more familiar with them)

Shortbow or Longbow?


Japanese bow or English bow?


Automatic or semi-automatic pistol?

Neither since I know nothing about guns.

Baseball bat or Cricket bat?

Baseball bat! (seems more deadly)

Brass knuckles or metal plated gloves?

Metal plated gloves.

Norway or Sweden?

Sweden (Them Swedish meatballs at the store)

Red or Blue (pokemon)

Red all the way!

Pokemon Gold or Silver?

Pokémon Gold.

Ruby or Sapphire (Pokémon).


Diamond or Pearl (pokemon)

Never had them :\

DS or 3DS?

3DS cause superiourity.

Doctor Who or Top Gear?

Top Gear

Michael Jackson or The Beatles?

Michael Jackson (Because Smooth Criminal)

How do you get news? Newspaper or Internet?

Internet. You mean to tell me, that news were published on paper? :Skeptical21stCenturyKid:
7am or 7pm? (To be awake during)

7am (nothing like getting up early in the morning by yourself)

Midnight or Midday?


Pig or boar?

Pig (Mmm, sausages)

Beef or Lamb?

Beef. Lamb has too much fat, and they only sell shoulders and some other bone/joint.
Turkey or Chicken?


Which seafoods you prefer-

Fish or others seafoods (like clam, lobster or etc)?

Fish (I love Battered Cod)

Tekken or Street Fighter?

Street Fighter!!

Lara Croft or Nathan Drake?

Lara Croft (dat nostalgia)

Kratos or Dante? (devil may cry)


Raspberry or Strawberry?

Strawberry (awwwww yeeaahh!)

House made of Brick or Wood?

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