This or That

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Carla (But Pantherlily is still badass)

Wasps or Mosquitos? (Both equally fucking annying)

Wasps, they never come in my room at 1am and buzz around my room.

Fly swat or bug spray?

Fly Swat (we have an electric one)

Salt or Pepper?


The Beatles or The Monkees?

The Beatles.

Chocolate or Tacos.

Tacos, I haven't had one in ages.

Milk or condensed milk?


Disco or Hip-Hop?


Breakfast or lunch?


Deaf or blind?


Red or Blue?


Do you prefer a Pokemon with two based evolutions or with three based evolutions?

Three (After all, Raichu is my favorite Pokemon)

Pokemon everstone...yay or nay?

Errr, nay, Not big on any of it really.

Reality or day dream?

Day Dream (my dreams are always awesome)

Dandruff or Lice?


Polar Bear or Grizzly Bear?

Grizzly Bear!

Beiber or Nicki Minaj?

Beiber but only because I haven't heard of Nicki Minaj

Frozen pizza from a superstore (which you will heat it to eat)or freshly made pizza from a take away?

Freshly made pizza from a take away.

Arrow on the knee or arrow on the shoulder?

Arrow on the shoulder, so I can avoid that meme.

Yugioh or Magic?

Yugioh, I've never tried Magic

Digital or Analog

Depends on the game but I do tend to be the person that uses Digital and tells people to use the pad when playing fighting games and platformers and then they get mad at me.

Capcom or SNK fighting games?

Capcom, I've never played any of the SNK fighting games, that and I'm a huge Resident Evil fan.

Order food or cook food yourself?

Oder food, I'm much too lazy to cook for myself.

Cats or dogs?


Tiger or Lion?

Tiger (But a Liger is WAY awesome!)

Ketchup or Curry?


Cheap store with knocked off brands or a very expensive store with the big brands?

Very expensive store with big brands.

Canada or Australia?

Australia, I don't have to travel that way.

Fitness or laziness?

Fitness despite not being fit myself.

A clear sky or a cloudy day?

Cloudy day. Though I harbour no real preference...

Vomiting or Diahorrea?

Vomiting...(I had the latter once...never again)

Apple or Pear?


Smarties or M&M?


Cyborg or Mutant?

I.. well, that depends on the abilities of each.. but I suppose a mutant won't break down or need maintenance? Unless the cyborg could self-maintain..

Solid or Liquid? Uh.. food.

Solid... Snake.

Solid Snake or Naked Snake?

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