This or That

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Vanilla Ice

Sweets or Meat?


Friday night or Saturday night?

Friday night, love weekends.

Gatorade or Powerade?


Shack in North Korea or Somalia?

North Korea?

Taiwan or South Korea?

South Korea

Iraq or Afghanistan (if you were a soldier)


Straw or water?


Tacos or Burritos?

Doctor or Dentist?

Death for those that fail to bring me cake.

lol, true that!

OT: Which one I'd like to torture more? Hmm, that doesn't make it easier either.. Uh... I'ma go with door number one!

Scrambled eggs with sausage, or pepper and three cheese pizza?

The pizza. I don't like eggs unless they're cooked with tomatoes.

The person below me pronounces tomato as "tometah."

Neither. In Spanish it's "tomate". But I suppose I would pronounce "tomato", given the opportunity.

Fire or ice?


Milk or Sugar?


Sweating in the hot heat or shivering in the cold?

Sweat, at least that way I lose weight.

Blaze of Glory, or Peaceful Passing?


$1,000 today or $1,010 tomorrow?

$1,010 tomorrow.

Rupees or Doubloons?

ARG! Hand me my Doubloons!

Grog or Booze?

Grog is cooler, but i would use booze.

Rum or Whiskey?


Sunrise or sunset?


Knight or Samurai?

Cowboys Knights, because there have been knights in my ancestry, I even have a crest and stuff.

Soup or Salad?

Salad, I love them and I eat them every day.

Shark or Candy.


Salt or Pepper?


Salty or sweet?


Holiday abroad or within your nation? (Any destination of your choice.)


Milk first or last when making tea?


should MrCollins stop staring

NO, never. MrCollins shall stare at you forever.

He's there, watching you....
Don't turn around.

He's there, watching you

Eating a healthy and nutrition food that look unappealing and tasted horrible or eating a junk food that look appealing and tasted great?

Junk food (I get exercise riding my bike to and from school)

Light or Dark (magic?)

Dark. Although I'd figure light to be healing magic, which is useful.

Traditional witch or more of a Harry Potter kinda thing?

Um, more traditional witch I guess, although I would be a warlock.

Dark and edgy adventures or light hearted adventures?

Light hearted adventures.

You're going to buy a conceal gift that may contain something you like, think it's ok or dislike. You do however got a decypher code sheet that list out what the gift inside is due to the code imprinted on the packaging.

Take the suprise or spoil yourself by using the code?

(All the packaging are the same shape and size and the total possiblity of the gift amounts is reasonable amount so that you don't take long nor too quick figuring out that it contain).

Surprise myself.

Blind toy bags or a kinder egg?

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