This or That

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Australia, I don't have to travel that way.

Fitness or laziness?

Fitness despite not being fit myself.

A clear sky or a cloudy day?

Cloudy day. Though I harbour no real preference...

Vomiting or Diahorrea?

Vomiting...(I had the latter once...never again)

Apple or Pear?


Smarties or M&M?


Cyborg or Mutant?

I.. well, that depends on the abilities of each.. but I suppose a mutant won't break down or need maintenance? Unless the cyborg could self-maintain..

Solid or Liquid? Uh.. food.

Solid... Snake.

Solid Snake or Naked Snake?

solid snake

Sega or Nintendo?


Audi or BMW?

BMW? I know nothing about fancy cars.

American or European race cars?

European most certainly.

Ferrari or Porsche?


Pontiac or Ford muscle cars?


Automatic or Manual transmission?


White bread or brown bread?

White bread

Yeti or Bigfoot?

Big Foot!

War or Love?

WAR! *loads breech rifle*

Jimmy Rustler or Rustled Jimmies?


Panty or Stocking?


G-string or full briefs?

I'll go with briefs...

Alien or Predator


Molestor or Lecturer?


Cloak or Dagger?


Spear or Halberd?


Plasma or Laser?


Mitsuru or Yukari?

Mitsuru senpai! (Yukari is awesome in The Journey, but she is a bitch in The Answer)

Akihiko or Junpei?

Akihiko. Hot.

Male or female protagonist?

Female protag but I'll take a badass/cute male protag too.

Junpei or Yosuke?

Not sure what either of them are...

Hiragana or Katakana

@Mammoth: Dunno! Both are total bros! Bropei and Brosuke!

OT: Who?

Purple or Yellow?


Dark or light carpets?


Reflect or absorb?

Reflect (What is more fun that seeing someone hit themselves)

Damage dealer or damage sponge? (Which one are you in games?)

Damage dealer. I tend to be squishy in all my games.

Skyrim: Two-handed tank or stealth archer?

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