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should MrCollins stop staring

NO, never. MrCollins shall stare at you forever.

He's there, watching you....
Don't turn around.

He's there, watching you

Eating a healthy and nutrition food that look unappealing and tasted horrible or eating a junk food that look appealing and tasted great?

Junk food (I get exercise riding my bike to and from school)

Light or Dark (magic?)

Dark. Although I'd figure light to be healing magic, which is useful.

Traditional witch or more of a Harry Potter kinda thing?

Um, more traditional witch I guess, although I would be a warlock.

Dark and edgy adventures or light hearted adventures?

Light hearted adventures.

You're going to buy a conceal gift that may contain something you like, think it's ok or dislike. You do however got a decypher code sheet that list out what the gift inside is due to the code imprinted on the packaging.

Take the suprise or spoil yourself by using the code?

(All the packaging are the same shape and size and the total possiblity of the gift amounts is reasonable amount so that you don't take long nor too quick figuring out that it contain).

Surprise myself.

Blind toy bags or a kinder egg?

Blind toy bags (Kinder eggs chocolate are horrible if you buy them too many time)

Lego or K'nex?

Lego all the way!

Lose a leg, or lose an arm?

Leg. Then I get a peg leg!

Peg leg or more traditional false leg?

I would go with the more traditional false leg.

It would be more mobile and if I kicked someone, it would hurt a lot more...Just thinking of the end game here. >_>

You forgot to add a this or that question...

Too late or too early?

Too early.

Party Hard or Sleep well?

All the sleep!

Ability to control heat or to control wind?

Ability to control wind. That way I can knock stuff out of people's hands and have them blow all over the place. Then I'll laugh as I watch the people who own this stuff chase them all over the place.

Spring or Autumn?

Autumn because leaves.

Autumn or summer?

Still Autumn. Summer isn't all that enjoyable to me.

Be a leaf or be an acorn?

Leaf. Then I can travel places.

Which world to live in, science fiction or fantasy?

Depends, which do I get immortality in?science fiction, cause spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacccccceee!

Never have to drink, or never have to sleep?

Never have to sleep. Well... I do enjoy sleep if only because my dreams >>>>>>>>>>>>>> my life.

Dream forever or live forever.

Dream forever I guess?

A slap in the face or a slap in the belly?


Masochistically difficult game or the easiest game known to man?

Difficult one.

Dark Souls or Demon's Souls?

Dark Souls...even if I still haven't beaten it.

Control the weather or control the ground (see Earthbending)?

Weather. Having the ability to control thunderbolts means an instant win condition.

Skyrim or Lordran?

Skryim. I really love Skyrim.

Fallout 3 or Fallout New Vegas?

Damn...I...Guess I will have to go with New Vegas.

Become unable to experience emotions or to be over emotional?

Unable to experience them.

Starting your work day later or finishing it earlier?

Starting it earlier.

To finish some chapters for a book, should I stay up all night or get up in the morning.

Stay up, try to finish as much as you can. So you don't feel rushed in the morning.

Would you buy furniture at a store or make it yourself, like carpentry?

If I could, make it myself.

Buy curtains or make your own?

Make your own.

Divide by zero, or a glitch in the Matrix?

Divide by zero.

Lose your arm or lose a leg?

Depends on what arm/leg I'm losing. I'd say leg, as I need both of my arms.

Which one's worse; torture or murder?

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