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Losing my mind.

Taxidermied puppy or taxidermied kitten?

Taxidermied puppy. May I affix wheels or a trolley?

No new games ever or no new music ever?

No new music ever.

Sword or Wand?

Sword. Now, if it were a staff...

Staff of scepter?

Staff, better to hit people with in an emergency.

Poor, yet powerful or rich yet powerless?

Rich yet powerless. I'm pretty powerless as it is.

Skittles or M&Ms?

Skittles are... really good.

Chocolate cake or fudge?

Chocolate cake.

Deagle or M4?

M4. Deagle isn't as great as people think. Its got probs, man.

Heckler & Kosch or Colt?

Heckler and Koch only because I've never fired one.

Be a viking or a pirate?

Viking. PILLAGE!

Travel by sea or by air?

Air. It's faster and makes me less ill.

Final Fantasy VII full-HD remake or Final Fantasy Tactics full-HD remake?

FF VII remake. Mostly so I can play it finally and see what it's all about.

Starting the shower... Water comes on...

Cold as ice or blazing hot?

Those are your choices.

Cold as ice

Hot would just damage my skin more than cold.

Knife or fork?


Ireland or Scotland?

Ireland, since I'm going there this year.

Vice-Admiral or Lieutenant-General?

Lieutenant-General, sounds better.

Whips or chains?

Let's see, chains

Studebaker or Bugatti?


High in the sky, or deep underwater?


Little girl, or old woman?

Hmm. Hard. Little girl, probably, cause I could talk about stupid and pointless things without either of us losing interest.

Falling to your death or being crushed by falling things?

Falling. Splat, instant.

40 wishes that may or may not backfire or 1 wish that will work without fail but will only be temporary.

One wish, and I'd probably never use it.

Fist of the North Star or Jojo's Bizarre Adventure?

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure!!

Which do you prefer to eat, Chicken wings or Chicken legs (drump stick)?

The wings.

Kermit or Big Bird?


Night or day?


Bats or rats?


Rabbits or Hares?

Bats. Why? The internet demands I say "Because I'm the goddamn Batman, that's why".

Damnit, ninja'd again! Rabbits. Because tasty rabbits.

Quesadillas or fajitas?


Peking duck or teriyaki chicken?

Peking duck, but I hate you for making me choose D:

Haggis or black pudding?

Black pudding cause I've never tried it.

Jello or ice-cream?

Ice cream.

Persona or Devil Survivor?

Persona. I'm told its good.

mParadox or Redlin5?

Redlin5 'cause he's the better person than I'll ever be. >.>

Luxurious or muscle car?

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