This or That

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Gun or Knife


Anime or manga?


Mind reading, or the abilty to take over someone's body, but you can only do it for 15 minutes.

Mind reading. I always wonder what girls think...

Teleportation of invisibility?

Invisibility, just so much more I could do.

Dog or Cat

Dog. And by dog I mean wolf.

Wolf of Tiger?
Edit: A husky is fine too.

Wolf/Huskies because I like Balto.

White meat or Dark meat?

Dark meat.

Chicken skin, fat, or actual meat?

Depends. To eat or wear?

A beagle that craps emeralds, or a monkey that vomits rubies?

wow...thats hard, can i choose a turtle that sneezes diamonds?

$20 and a bowl of ice cream or Russel Crowes soul?

I'll take the cash n cream combo. I'm not convinced Russel Crowe has a soul.

Pete or Gary?

Gary. Pete is too much like dirt.

Coal or Fire?

Fire. It's cold outside.

Plain coffee or Mocha?

Can I choose tea instead? Fine, Mocha.

Werewolf or vampire (real vampires and werewolves)

werewolf their awsome

fish or meat includes Bacon!

Brown or Gray?

Brown, it's less dull than grey.

Indigo or Green.

Indigo, I like blue and it's variants.

For good or for awesome?

For Awsome

Yathzees old voice or his new voice?

New voice. It's just a bit more interesting.

Covered in Boomer bile or covered in Spitter goo?

I have no clue what a Boomer is so I'll say Spitter goo.

Cheese or crackers?


ww1 or ww2?

WW2. It had cooler guns.

SPAM or Hash?

SPAM?? I don't know what Hash is.

Xbox or PS2.

Xbox. I have games for it.

Plastic fork or spoon?

Spoon. Because they're epic.

Portal gun or Psychic powers?

Psychic powers. I could use them more.

Guns or Swords?

Swords. +10 to Badassery.

Battlefield Heroes or Team Fortress 2?

TF2. I played Heroes and didn't like it all that much.

S.H.I.E.L.D. or S.W.O.R.D.?

suicide quicker and easier
naruto or naruto shippuden

...the first one?

Speed or Power?

Hello Narutorules.


Tuesday or Wednesday?

Wednesday. It's halfway to the weekend, and ZP comes out.

Butter or Jelly?


Butler or Maid?

Butler. They're classier.

paper clip or staple?

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