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Cold showers for a day or no showers for a week?

Cold showers.

Max Payne 3 or Far Cry 3?


PS2 or Gamecube?


Sage game gear or Saturn?


Skrillex or Deadmau5?

Deadmau5 from what I've heard. I am not in that scene very much though.

Hardstyle or Dubstep?

Hardstyle? Never heard it, so it may not be absolutely horrid... Maybe.

Bass or guitar?


Checker or Chess?


X com or Civ?

Civ, love that series.

Beard or clean shaven?

Beard, but some people look better without.

Yellow or green?

Both the are Australia's sporting colours.

What is the more hippie instrument? Flute or tambourine?

Tambourine, because it's cheaper and doesn't require that much skill.

Illiad or Odyssey?

Ooh, hard one. I'll have to go with the Iliad.

Gaston or Frollo?

Frollo, for sure.

Shere Khan or Scar?

Khan wanted breakfast, Scar got to rule the animal kingdom.
However, Khan survives; Scar isn't so lucky.
And both have sexy, sexy Brit voices.
So it's a tie. Obviously.

James Bond or George Smiley?

Bond. James Bond.

Bladewolf or (new) Vergil?

Edit: 3000th post in this thread. Ain't that somethin'.

Bladewolf? <_<

Sounds awesome.

Chicken or beef sandwich.

Bleh, sandwiches. Beef, I suppose.

Steaks or burgers?


Green pepper or red pepper?

Red, don't like green.

Burgers or hot dogs?

I'm vegetarian. HAH!

True or false?

Uh...false, I'll go with false.

GLaDOS or Cave Johnson?

GLaDOS. That voice. <3

Voice actor or regular actor?

Voice actor, I'd prefer a job out of the spotlight.

Police officer or bouncer?


Soviet Russia or Red China?

Red China

Which would you rather be in-

In a group where you are the only "pro" but only because everyone in the group skills are worse than yours or in a group where you're the only one with poor skill but only because everyone else are far more skillfull then you?

(Before you ask, the group can be whatever you it to be like a sport team or a work team etc and your "skill" is your current skill or whatever you are good at).

A group with people far more skillful than I. If that is the case, then I can learn from them and improve.

Red meat or White meat?

White meat, tastes oh so good.

White or dark chicken meat?

White meat, I don't like drumsticks.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt or Kingdom Hearts 3?

The Witcher. Never really played KH.

Skip shitty first game, or muscle through shitty first game?

The latter, seeing as that's how things normally are for me in nearly all aspects of life. Excepting English. God, I'm so bland!

Lonely with intelligence or dumb with many friends?

Lonely with intelligence.

Warrior or rogue?

Probably warrior. I can't position myself well enough to get those backstab bonuses.

Splinter Cell or Metal Gear?!

Metal Gear.

Apples or oranges?

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