How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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I recognize the avatar, but I don't know you. Maybe that'll change later...

Nope, don't think we've met. I like the avy though

Once again I recognize the avatar but i do not believe we've conversed. And thanks for the compliment, its my friends portrait of me

IIiii have no idea who you are.
But you're new.
So Welcome!
Hope you enjoy your stay!

And a great friend.

I know him a little bit, I have had a few dealings with that PINKO COMMIE BASTARD!!!! ;)

I know him some. I remember his Canadian master chief cat.

All I know is that he enjoys mudkips.

I have seen him around, usually in OT if I'm not mistaken. I don't really know him though. Hi!

He is a goat, and knows alot of WW2.

He's my Commi buddy! We talk about the WW2 and type stupid things in these here game forums.

I've talked with you a few times, I know that.

@Goat: It's Goat boy.
Napkin man, condiment man, meeping man and a general crazy motherfunker.

@Hopeneverdies: Seen you around here a bit.
Took over the Serial Killer game when the original guy left for some reason.

I have seen him around, but do not know much about him HE IS A FUCKING NINJA

I think that's the only avy you've had, except for the whole christmas theme, it's always been commi mudkip

He's a mother funkin NINJAHEAD!

I'm going to go cry in a corner now.
That's the second time you've ninja'd me.

Not really no.... although the name sounds rather familiar...


You were in ECDM

EDIT: @Sas: That's Sas. He's my buddy. My pathologically Scrubs loving buddy, but still my buddy. One of my bestest friends here.

@hopeneverdies: I used to like you, but then you started hanging out with the ninja kids and I don't know if mom will let me hang around you anymore.

I have seen him around, but do not know much about himFOR NINJA'ING ME AGAIN!

He's very mad at me.

I have seen him around, but do not know much about him

Just ninja'd me. You had a cool posting once and I friended you because of it

His name is Quad. That's about it

I've seen you on the "do I know you" thread.NINJA'D!
I've seen you and recognize your username and avatar.

Runs a FG around here.
And that's all I'm gonna say for fear of ninja.

What is going on? A ninja fest and Ky isn't to be seen.

I've been ninja'd
Probably hates me now.

It's hopeneverdies. He ninja's people until they bleed, and then he ninja's them again.

Not on good terms, I can already tell

You have a pretty cool avatar and thats all I know

We've never met

He's Quad. We go way back. I've known him for at least...four or five minutes now.

@hope: You know I'm not actually mad, right?

EDIT: o_0 or maybe I AM! Ninja-head!

He's going to ninja me probably so he is an asshat for doing so.
But apart from that, *insert fitting description here*

He's got shiny badges

His is Sas. We go way back He ninja's me

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