How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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I see him here, I see him there, I see him everywhere.

Monkey sees monkey do!

He is a Pimp named Peter..........2

He's the child now in possession of my shoe.
I'd rather like it back, thanks...
...He's also everywhere! Everywhere, I tell you!

He's a child hating asshat.
Like me then.
He's everywhere but no where.

He is a Sasquatch.

He is communist. A random communist.

Who lieks mudkipz.

He is a mind boggling person.

@Commi: I'll check out the paragraph thing when not 90% asleep.

Again.... not too sure.

@hopeneverdies: What RP were we in together?

i have never even seen you before...

It's Ashpox! He of the many avatars and other game thread. I liek Ashpox.

he likes hanging around the don't i know you from somewhere thread

She's one of the first girl users that i had as a friend on this site, though i haven't talked to her much lately.

Seen him in the forum games

oh your the guy with the sweet avatar. i've seen you around quite a bit, but i never talk to you because other people reply to fast.

I've seen you around the forum games

You're that guy from yesterday who commented on my avatar. Other than that, nothing

I know you in a casual friend kinda way.
You're in some of my frequented games, but I haven't interacted that much with you.

Me and Bob go waaaaaay back, like from July xD.

Holy hell! I haven't seen you in ages!
Where have you been?

Neonbob is a pretty cool guy, but he should probably concentrate on his schoolwork more

Nope your a new face to me. "Hello"

I've seen the avatar but don't know you so "Hello to you to"

Not much, only just started seeing you on the forum games.

I know of you, but I've never really met you.

Hey! Your...oh wait, I don't know you

Seen SirBryghtside around, but don't know too much. There's only a few Escapists I know really at all, so I guess that's not saying too much.

Oh looky, the guy with the dog avatar.

I met you around the ECDM! You're pretty cool!

You're that guy with the Bioshock avatar (or are there others?). Can't really recall anything else.
But I have seen you before.

Nope, not at all. ^^

But I haven't been around that long anyway.

I've seen the avatar before

Right back at you.
Though I thought your username was something different...

You have a tendency towards badassery.

Randomly thought up response, I'm guessing? :)
Hmm, didn't you post on my "However..." thread?

If so, I know you from there.

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