How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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I also see this person sometimes. *Zooms out of Chrome theme.

I only really recognize them because of their silly Avatar inspired from a good miniseries.

I know that I haven't seen her in a while...

I know that he's secretly a troublemaker! :o

I know that she keeps saying that for some reason...

I know that he doesn't understand why I keep saying that. XD

I know it'd be nice if she'd tell me...<.<

I know that he wants me to just give up the answer. :o

I know I played a game with her once.

I know that I've played a game with her once too...

I know that he, like myself, probably wishes to play more online games. :s

I know that I would like to play more with her... as long as she doesn't rage quit again...<.<

I know I am going to kick his ass for saying that I rage quit games (which I don't do).

I know she's easily enraged which only proves what I say... besides I remember... it was the last time we kf... you were cursing that guy out and than just quit...<.<

I know that it's not my fault.
Just passin' through. Don't mind me.

I.... didn't know this guy. I've never seen him before. :o

@Sacman Say that again and I will fuckin end ya.

And that's why we love ya... ;P

I know that ....*implodes*

I know he likes imploding...<.<

I know he likeded it.

*boggles* Who be you? :o

I know that they don't know lust...<.<

I know that they might know this bugger I don't know. :o

I know that it's not a surprise. ;_;
Anyway, I'm Lust...nice to meet ya...

I know lust he's awesome...


I know he's a charmer.

I must know more. o.o

I know I feel like this whenever I see Redlin's name on the latest posts.


I know he should get me some medicine.

I know that she can share my medicine. Side effects not fully realized. >.>

I see this person alot on Steam. :o

I have seen this person before in some Forum games and have had some interesting back and forth on some them. I know her but have never had any interaction outside of the forums.

I see this bugger in forum games on occasion. His avatar is kinda freaky! :o

That hurts. Since I already talked about the person above I predict there is a 95% chance that I don't know the following person.

I know that the above person is wrong! It's me again! :P

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