How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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I know I should make more of an effort to talk to him.

I'm just so sleepy.

I know they're snuggly and awesome!

*Huggles and cuddles and snuggles and nuzzles* =^w^=

I know they sometimes go overboard with the snuggling. <.<

And if I'm saying, you better believe it.

I know that THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE! *Huggles and cuddles and snuggles* =^-^=

I know that it's getting cornier by the minute. <.<

The novelty wears off fast.

I know he just needs a hug... *Hugs* ^_^

Nevar! I would happily spend an ETERNITY hugging and snuggling people!

There, see? A hug is much better. *hugs*

If you say so... *Huggles* =^-^=

I know that his cat girl avatar is super cute...>.<

His weakness is cuteness, I see.

*laughs maniacally and starts collecting cuteness* <.<

I know he's from southeast Asia or something.

I know she's white...<.<

I know he thinks my avatar is cute.

I know that's because it is... and their previous one was cute too...

I know their badges all have sunglasses...

I thought my previous one was an actual Martian for once...

I know, *poke*

I know I don't know what you're talking about... >.<

I know they are a mystery!

I know they are a... fan of Silent Hill.

I know they like Fairy Tail...

terrible eye sight don't fail me now

I know they have 4 times as many posts as me... T^T

I know they need hugs~ :3

*hugs* There there~ :3

I know they know how to cheer me up =3

*Hugs back* =^-^=

I know they come equiped with a cute avatar~ =3

I know they're about to see mah new avatar =^-^=

I know they just changed to an equally or even cuter avatar.

I know they want to hug me =3

I know they smell nice.

I know they're not aware that we don't have smell-o-vision yet...

I know they don't know how good my sense of smell is.

I know I'm going to hug them now =3

*Hugs* =^w^=

I know they hug tight. *glomps*

I know they like hugs =3

*Counter-glomps and snuggles* =^-^=

I know they are what is scientifically referred to as a snuggle monster.

I know they're working on a naming this species of snuggle monster.

Panthera Halos

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