How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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I know he's the master of Reception. <.<

I know he know's more than he wants to know.

I know he likes Kane and Lynche.

I know they have lots of pumpkins.

I know they wish they had so many pumpkins.

I know they don't have as many melons as me.... Probably.

I know that he is a melon farmer. ^_^

I Don't know much.

I know nothing about him.

I don't know anything about 'em which can land me in Federal Prison. <.<


I know this is when Sacman posts a picture of Kurt Cobain.

I know...



I know he's sneaky. <.<

I know...


I know...


I know you guys are craaaaaazy

I know I'm always right. Except when I'm wrong, that's when the system is wrong. Therefore, I'm right.

I know that that was some fail logic...

I know I wish to glomp them.

I know glomps are the highest level of unintentional kills. <.<

I know they call him Sputnik in the back-county.

I know he is well informed.

Can't say I've ever seem him before. But I know he likes South Park.

I know he likes Jak and Daxter.

i don't know them per-say but i know of them

I know of their badges. O.O That counts for something right? D:

I know I've never called him Mister Para.

Who even is this.

I know we should talk more or something.


I know that that doesn't sound like a bad idea.

I know that's a terrific idea. <.<

Just terrible execution. <.<

I know we should all talk more!

He misspelled something. I'm sure of it. <.<

I know he can ride the waves. <.<

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