How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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I know that sometimes my grammar kicks me in the face! :D

I know it's better than having an ostrich do it...

I know they've been in a oily wrestling match with an ostrich.

I know oily wrestling matches are overrated.

I know she's only saying that cause she lost last time..<.<

I know he thinks about me oil wrestling. ._.

I know thats an... interesting thought...

I know this is bizarre...

I know you have no idea. :o

I know that she has an idea...<.<

I know that he spreads lies and deceit...<.<

I know that he's magic!

I know she doesn't need magic.

I know that she needs friendship...<.<

I know I don't need anything. >.>

I know that she seems to have some sort of secret connection to Sacman.

I know that its hardly a secret connection...<.<

I know that they... *GASP* HAD SEX!! OF COURSE!!

Capcha: easy as cake... Holy god are these spot on or what?

I know, you wish. :P

I know that she does too...;P

I know he thinks he's funny. >.>

I know that they want eachother.

I know that he makes a lot of assumptions...<.<

I know I'm certified un-wantable.

I know that that's not true...

I know that they got mocked by the Goremocker.

I know that she is red apparently...<.<

I know he's purple.

I know that she is too... also I'm working on homework...<.<

I know that y'all are responsible for me being sick.

Damn allergies, cold, whatever....

I know that he's in California... he shouldn't be cold...<.<

I know that he knows where you live.

I know that I would've smacked him, but, I laughed.

I know that everyone does... my full address is in my profile...<.<

I know somebody misread that.

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