How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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I know that he is not easily confused, but still has a crippling fear of burnt toast.

I know that his posts lack ambiguity.

I know I can make up for that ambiguity.

I know that she makes up for everyone's lack of ambiguity...<.<

I know that he knows in-jokes about ambiguity.

I know that me mocks gore or something.

I know that he meant to write "he" and not "me".

I know that he knows what he knows is a lie.

I know he can't analyze basic context clues.

I know that he can't read between the lines.

I know they know why I have a hangover today <.<

I know he knows that I don't really know that. I'm also sure they don't know that I would like to indeed know about their hangover.

I know he can't read the lines, much less between them.

I know that he is quite rude, and just because his post count is higher than mine doesn't mean he gets to be a jerk... Geez... Also his heart badge is obviously a liar.

I know he has yet to bow before me.

I know he and I used to PM convo a bit.

I know he gets drunk for no raisin.

@Gore: You missed the point. :o

I know he makes points that are easy to miss.

I know I die a little inside each time.

I know that he'll be dead soon. Very... Very... Soon...

I know that I'll laugh when it's all over.

I know they pop in from time to time.

I know he can save me, unless he's drunk.

I know they think I'm drunk as often as Grape.

I know that they know a talking Grape.

I know he thinks I assign importance to post count.

Spoiler alert! I do not.

I know that we can solve all of this with a dance off!

*breaks hip*

I know that he's a damn good ninja.

And, is also, not doing it right.

I know Lust has always been a good ninja.

*prods Lust*

I know he probably wants Lust to post back. Nope.


I know he hurts my feelings.

I know they will probably implode.

I know he knows a little something about explosions/implosions.

I know that's because I survive them regularly.

I know he wouldn't have to if he'd stop hugging me.

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