How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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I know I've never seen him before, hello.

Hello to you too :)

I know they track the movements of Shockvalue closely :P

I know they are new here. And that I will likely not be able to respond to his follow up comment.

I know he's back and stuff.

I know I shouldn't blink in front of them.

I know I don't see why they said that.

I know they didn't remember their third badge. :P

I know that their avatar and fourth badge either contradict or compliment one another, depending on how you look at it. c:

I don't know you at all.

@Mammoth: :o

I forget everything.

I know that their birthday is 12th November.

I...uh...know their username is MammothBlade. >.>

I know the person has a cat avatar.

I know that I've never seen this particular user around these here parts before.

I know that I've never seen them before, and that I find their avatar fascinating. :3

I know that they enjoy the use of :3 faces and have an appropriately fitting avatar in that regard.

I know that they are a muckraker.

I know that they have a flare for the irrational, (or so says that highly coveted and shiny badge of yours, anyway.)

I know that I've never seen them before. Or at least not recognize them.

Also, it's almost been a year since they joined!

Can't say I recognize them either, but considering they've Gone Gonzo, maybe that's a good thing...

Also, they've reminded me of my 1 year anniversary of having joined this most wonderfully depraved site!

I know they think this is depraved.

I know their avatars have a consistent Gorillaz theme to them.

I know their avatar is going to be very disorientated if it ever opens its eyes

I know that they have an appreciation for Solid Snake and Pinkie Pie which subsequently makes them awesome. :D

I know they have a sixth sense for telling when someone is awesome :)

I know there aint no party like a pinkie-pie party!

I know they can't triforce...<.<

I know I cant keep up with today's new hip slang...

I know they they like talking about themselves instead of the person above :P

it's only because I'm extremely egocentric!

I know they've done it again, I also know they're extremely egocentric apparently :P

I know they are not a fan of ponies for some reason.

@PPP: who told you that? was it the russian?!

@dango: everyone loves ponies! whether they know it or not...

I know he's usually not this vocal about the ponies.

I know it's because I'm usually not, but this seemed like an appropriate time...

I know that they have an unhealthy affinity for big red horses working on apple orchards.

I know he's out of his mind...

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