How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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I know that that's not true...

I know that they got mocked by the Goremocker.

I know that she is red apparently...<.<

I know he's purple.

I know that she is too... also I'm working on homework...<.<

I know that y'all are responsible for me being sick.

Damn allergies, cold, whatever....

I know that he's in California... he shouldn't be cold...<.<

I know that he knows where you live.

I know that I would've smacked him, but, I laughed.

I know that everyone does... my full address is in my profile...<.<

I know somebody misread that.

I know that he's a ninja...<.<

I know I get that sometimes.

I know that he doesn't get it enough... just like Vitamin D...<.<

I know....>.>

I know that he has a problem with my shifty eyes...<.<

I know the staring is driving me mad!

I know that I like to stare...<.<

I know that this might get interesting. >:3

I know he overuses ellipses.
sndjsnajcdbsjvbadvb I know he posts often. Or not I don't know.

I know that she doesn't like my ellipses apparently... :/

I know that they make you unique~ D:

I know that I use them more out of habit than anything else...<.<

*Args and Blargs...*

I know that I'm very much the same with my tildes~ XD

I know that my ~ key is set for screenshots so I tend to stay away from it...<.<

Also I need teh sleeps... nighty night...

I know I just missed him.

I know that's too bad.

Know very little, except that Ive seen some of the users posts on different threads.

I too have only seen this person a few times.

I know the above person has a great username, and probably taste in movies :)

I know that I met this person today. :D

I know that they... Are a woman?

I know that they mock gore apparently.

I know they changed their avatar since the last time I saw them.

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