How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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I know that he is a Bom-Omb.

I know he's wrong about a couple things there.

I know he's right about everything.

I know I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

I know he lives on a different planet

I know I'm finding myself more bothered by this then usual.

I know they're probably not alone in that........but, then again.......

I know...*pokes*

I know that they poke.

I know they don't.

I know I don't get their title.

I know it's from a Gorillaz song.

I know that Dango doesn't like the Gorillaz even though they're awesome and the reference is from one of my favorite songs off of Plastic Beach...

Also apparently I don't have class tomorrow...<.<

I know he likes that song.

As do I

I know everybody should like that song.

I know I thought it was meh...

I know that I don't have class today.

I know they change their skype name from time to time.

I know Troublesome plays League of Legends, and Redlin does not.

I know he's around more often or something.

I know that her heart is an economy, due to this autonomy...<.<

I know he's got a thing for xmbts.

I know he ignores geography.

I know they know what I know about knowledge of knowing things.

I know he could have said the lowest common denominator by saying he knows about a book that tells you what things people know.

I know he finds me rude.

I know that I'd prefer to find her nude...<.<

I know that he too is a ninja. And enjoys the fine art of Scat.

I have seen him a couple times I guess.

I know I've never seen you before.

@Sac: >_>

I now know that she's a she. Mmmmmmagic!

I know nothing, but I recognize the name.

I know that they know nothing. Which must really suck. Ouch.

I KNEW something but then I forgot.

I know I haven't seen you in a while.

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