How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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Pretty sure I was, and even though I was ninjad by you, I didn't feel like changing it.

You're that guy who demanded I befriend you, but still pretty cool regardless

Stranger Danger ! ^

Nope, never met ya

Pretty well, you're a regular on the poetry game and we talk a lot. 8D

Hey! you're that girl that did those things to those zombies in that RP! and you posted those comments in those various forum games! Good Times, Good times...

Met you in the forum games

I keep bumping into you

Nope, never. I believe this is the first time I've seen any of your posts.

Don't believe I know you

Do not seem to know ya'

Don't know you, but I'm digging the Evangelion avatar Daddy-o. :P

It's one of the few anime I like.

Nope...i dont we've met Hello my name is Waffles

Yer in a couple of RP's with me.

I know everything about thirteen, she is my favorite doctor on House!

I think I've seen you before...

You are the guy who used to have the guy with the red shirt as his avatar!

He's a threat to 'Merica. In fact, there a three part plan to "bring democracy" to him going on right now

Yup, I know you.

But I'm pretty sure that when I was new, I looked at one of your posts and you were permabanned for posting it... or was that someone else?

Yup, that was me. Twice. You can call me Jesus. Or Pimppeter2. You know, whatever floats your boat

He thinks he can take me down. HAHA!

I know his avatar. Dr. Pepper, isn't it?
Mudkipz avatars are your signature now.

Hey it's Hailfire

HI Hail fire, I know you! I've seen you around quite a bit

I've seen you around. You also befriended me.

You meet lots of people in the forum games

I have seen you in alot of forum games.

He thinks he can take down 'Merica!

He thinks things!

He's a review writer extraordinaire!

And he's Pimpin', but you already knew that.


Talked with him a bit, I can ignore our opposite personal philosophies in order to have a good conversation.

I've seen your name and avatar about the site, but I haven't really talked to you.

Seen him around alot

I heard that that guy is a giant douche-pickle

Eh, you see what I did there?

I played a cruel joke on this guy, and he is kinda a pickle...

I don't know him but people have said he's a giant douche-pickle. Ninja'd

I don't know them but they ninja'd me once.

Yeah I ninja'd this guy once

He's a ninja

He tells tales of ninjas.

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