How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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I know that his use of an 's' in 'practised' just made me even prouder to be his son. Also, I'm a little jealous he practised his fatherly hugs on someone else :(

I know that "practised" makes my browser sad.

I know that his browser likes Americanisms, and that I should stop posting so much :)

We should bind colour with honour with more practise!

I know he too campaigns against the use of Americanisms!!

We all campaign against Amuricasiam..ism...chism... <.>

I know that... what?

I know they're confused and right where I want 'em. o3o

I know they're goal in life is to confuse the world... then destroy it.

They see right though me. ^///^

I try to be. =D

I know that that just isn't true. I know he is actually about as transparent as mud :)

Mud can be transparent.


I know he is attempting to baffle me again, but I'm on to his wily ways now.

I know he's falling for it and doesn't even know it!

I know he's used to Para's tricks. And that I need to be able to game with him at some point! :O

I know we should really get to that.

I know he's had that avatar for quite a while.

I know his title is curious.

I know he's fakerupt.

I know that is inaccurate.

I know that knowledge is more than you'll ever know. o3o

I know he is attempting to perplex again. And that he has at least 66 victims so far.

I know that he knows why Squiggles has victims, and he knows which one i'll be...

Was Squiggles' first victim.

Demands me to disclose photos of my 23rd victim.

He is obsessed with the word 'demand' these days, and likes to take photos of his victims.

Is obsessed with trying to investigate my motives.

I know he cares more than he lets on. And he actually has no motives, so investigation is futile.

I know he knows me well.


For a beginner. >.>

I know he is just saying that to be nice. Really I have a long way to go before I can claim to know him :)

I know he's always had a RAGING hard on for my avatar.

I know it's very possible not to.

I know that she messaged me like 4 hours before I woke up today...<.<

I know he doesn't talk to me very often... >.>

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