How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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I know that I've only got one more week of actual school...

I know that I still struggle with economics and so does everyone else.

I know that math is awful.

I know that math is the easiest thing in the world but worry when my mother tells me about the students she's training to be nurses have issues with simple math (like how much saline do you add to 30 ccs of 10% (medication) to get a 5% solution?). I know that I slept through AP Calculus BC and got a 5 on the test.

I know I don't remember too much math.

I know that they've realized that math is overrated in the really real world.

I know that I just did not care in the slightest about any of my classes in school and so I only got up to Geometry...<.<

I know that they know that geometry is very handy for deconstructing models and subjects for art creation.

I know that I'm not so methodical in my art... 2 point perspective drawing is as far as I go... I prefer to make it up as I go along...<.<

I know he's talking about... something art related.

I know he edited his post. I saw the last one about paranoia

I know he knows I responded to the last post on the previous page >.>

I know- HEY LOOK IT'S GRIFFON! =D *pounces and huggles*

I should really stop doing that

I know he loves clubbing self promoters.

I know he clubs baby seals, and steals baby cubs...

I know he's got about half my post count.

They have had that avatar for a long time.

I know he switched avatars pretty recently...

I know he has purple eyes.

I know he's like a hippie or something.

I know his whole avatar is... magenta and that I'm clueless to what it is.

I know it used to be hot pink. It's better now.

I know now that it is someone with headphones. I did not see this before...

I know it's not as clear as my old avatar.

I know I remember that avatar...

I know he doesn't post as often as he used to.

it's because I've been preoccupied at being away from civilization...

I know that you should be around moar now.

@topaz: sure is, though it's annoying to know that I'll be gone for two weeks soon...

@troublesome: should and could are two different things, I'm afraid...

I know he's that guy.

I know that I think they are a she.

I know he flip-flops on that opinion.

I know that I stopped.

I know I've had suspicions on him being a she too...

(it's the anime-themed avatars and the haily name, mostly)

I know that he is a very old user.

I know that we both started off with different names.

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