How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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I know you remind me of the babe.
-hums to the song that won't leave his head-

I know I don't know what's happening.

I know enough to want to get down and dance.

Likes to dance.

I know she loves that i'm confused about his gender

I know that they just hurt themselves in their confusion.

I know that my tank got confused in a JRPG during the final bossfight and killed my entire party in his confusion a couple of hits before the boss would have died...

I know that's unfortunate.

I know that it ticked me off pretty bad...

I know that they are covered in ticks.

I know that ticks are horrible.

I know that he's Alone In The Park.

I know I see what he did there.

I know that I'm proud of that terrible pun.

I know that I won't if you're quiet.

I know there is no life expectancy.

I know the ice ages were so much better then the molten period or tropical eras.

Stupid hot yuck weather.

I know I'm immune to that sort of thing. >_>

I know his avatar better not stab me.

I know he doesn't like being stabbed.

I know she's been worse than stabbed several times >.<

I know it's not so bad.

I know she's humble

I know he's hubble...<.<

I know about the Hubble Telescope.

I know the hubble telescope was launched the same year I was born.

I know I don't know what year that is.

I know that we're all old here.

I know they're as old as me...and has many, many, more posts.

I don't know how. -_-'

I know I'm older then him.

I know that she's older than a lot of us here...<.<

I recognize that gif if it's in a thread. Not much else :/


I know I see this person on this thread a lot. Pretty much it

I know he monitors my activities.

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