How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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I know that she's a drama queen

I know he's perhaps a she.

I know that we need a gate for our little town.

I know not of which town you speak of

I know that you live in it.
I know that I'm completely serious and not lying. Honest.

I know that spambot.

I know a spambot who was all "I IZ SO SMEXY LETS FUCK! GIMME YO' CREDIT CARD NUMBER BYEEEEITCH!", that was funny when that happened

I know that he doesn't know that I haven't always been so savvy...

I know that I cannot relate.

I know before I knew of spambots I thought they were just really excitable idiots.

Avoided them like the plague. >.>

I know she avoids the plague.

I know that's smart, or not. Depends on the plague.

I know he embraces some forms of plague.

I know she likes embraces if they are hugs.

I know he likes to change the topic to hugs

I know that hugs are hugs.

I know that his avatar remains the same.

I know that they changed their avatars. Oh wait that's been said. I know they notice constants.

I know he has been a lot more active in the forums then me

I know that they joined before me but are probably posting at a healthier, less obsessive rate than myself.

I know that I would be on par with his post count if I actually posted after I made my account (so he need not be embarrassed at his post rate).

I know that they're tired of the colour puce.

"Welcome to the Escapist forum" I would say.

I know they welcomed a new member

I know he likes mudkiz

I know he posts in the image threads a lot.

I know he posts in the image threads a lot.

I know... barely anything, despite that I see you around forums and stuff quite a lot, so we should be formally introduced! *extends hand* Hi, i'm Zeke, who're you? :3

I know I talk to him frequently.

I know that she minecrafts.

I know he crafts many things >.>

I know he doesn't. <.<

I know that Noodle.

I know that they seem friendlier than when I first met them.

I know that my favorite hobbies are kicking puppies and pushing little old grannies over.

I know that it's not that she's unfriendly, she's just incorrigible.

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