How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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Knows who I like the most in the Rosario series!

He really knows how to perv up a thread.

I know I'm not familiar with what they're discussing and recognize no pervishness.

I know they're hiding StormShaun's little secret. The Love Doll that he had fashioned after Yukari Sendo.

He knows that slavery hasn't been outlawed in my household.

@Sacman: I know I'm wondering how they did on their painting assignment from a week or 2 ago.

@T.Lago: I know they're something something something... (loss for words)

I know that it came out pretty okay... considering I'm not much of a painter... the guys face was all jacked up though...<.<

I know I'm glad that it came out okay and I know that jacked faces are "improvements" as far as modern art is concerned. You can excuse it by stating that it is a post post-modern iteration of the painting in question.

I know he's just waiting for the little busters, oh yeah...

Wants to be apart of the Little Busters bust doesn't have enough Muscle...or cuteness...or Rikiness as I call it.
(Your talking about the VN right? Since I just completed Kud's route)

I know I'm referencing a song by the pillows <.<

I know he watches FLCL.

I know apparently they may or may not <.<

I know they talked about chocolate cake and ages while I was off doing other stuff ( ._.)

As for just Dango? I know she refuses to talk to me and I shall put him on my list of people to point swords at and over-exaggerate everything while in the vicinity of because I know that he is probably all srs face and doesn't like people pointing swords at her and over-exaggerating everything with.
I know if my English teacher saw that sentence then she'd snap >.<

I know he's got an English teacher.

I know they had an English teacher at one point.

I know that I have one right now... sort of.

I know that they may or may not have an english teacher

I know that I technically don't anymore.

I know that they are knowledgable about certain VNs.

I know that that certain VN is awesome.

I know your sleeping pattern.

I know he stalks Snow-Cone

I know he stalks everyone.

I know he's happy that she has such a lovely stalker :)

I know he has a rape kit inside his stalking supplies =O

I know it's not bad .

I know he'll shoot bullets at people in the name of science.

I know they sneaked that one in at the last second.

I know I ninja'd him.

I know they'll pay dearly for that...

I know he knows about the rape kit and therefore shall be the first victim >:)

I also know that rape isn't funny and should never be used as a joke because in real life rape is an awful thing, it ruins lives and no amount of healing can fully cure the mental trauma /PSA voice

leiks mudkipz

I know he is a fellow mudkip leikz's'er

He obviously knows how to hold a gun despite lacking opposable thumbs.

He works at Sarif Industries, probably in their Detroit offices. And gets a lot of sex from his female colleagues.

I know she's jealous of Puce's active libido

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