How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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I know he has a masters in forum games o-o

I know they strive to be like me. But little do they know that it's a harrowed existence. O3O

I know no one could be like him :3

I know that they'll still try though.

Like many many before them! o3o

He's been around for quite a while now.

I know he's been around longer

I know that I've been around longer than all of you...<.<

I know they believe they are the shit for being around longer than most of us...

I know they are on the same island as me :3

I know I'll buy an island and name it The Villa Auditore! :O

I know they will make that Island a paradise for escapists!

I know they'll write our National Anthem! :O

I know they will try and take the credit for MY anthem!

I know that I'll never do such a thing! T^T

I know he'd never do such a thing. >.>

I know they know not of what they speak. o3o

I know he's seen my face. ._.

I know they would seek to destroy the world if not for them pesky kids and scooby doo

I know he's seen my face. ._.

You make it sound like a bad thing. <,<

I know it's a bad thing if I flaunt it. <.<

I know I'm un-flauntable.

I know that they secretly flaunt it all over the place.

I know that you and that blue-haired lady must be well acquainted by now.

I know I'm un-flauntable.

Don't tempt me~

I know that they are intent on flauntery of all sorts.

I know it's impossible.

I know that nothing is impossible... highly improbable maybe.

I know they believe nothing is impossible!

I know that they know that impossible is nothing!

I know he switched the places of two words.

Un-known. I saw him on another forum games thread.

Oi this guy.



I know they greet new people will silent approval and hand waving.


I know that my attempt of derailing this thread shall continue...

see? it's working!

meh, as long as you get the idea behind it, doesnt matter...

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