How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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just wait until they give me the morphine injectors!

and no, it could really gonna happen...

I can take injections. @,@

great! *inject para with morphine* how's that?

wait, that's not the morphine... that's the ice tea I was drinking...
so where did the morph-*drops dead and goes into a seizure*

EDIT: not sure if that's technically possible, but I'm not gonna change it! XD

I know they attacked Para with morphine...

attacked is such a dull word... assaulted, on the other hand...

Fine, because they "Assaulted" Para with morphine...

I know morphine is a wonderful drug.

I know that she uses it on a daily basis...

I know it was only that one time.

And by time I mean month.

I know I remember seeing her the very first time I've visited Forum Games.

I know their mind has been cleansed by witnessing the beauty of Xam the first time they stepped into our Domain. @_@

I know that our domain is devilland.

I know I don't feel very devilish.

I know the above escapist is secretly telling a lie...

I know you don't have to feel devilish to be devilish.

I know I don't find my actions to be particularly devilish either.

Well someone has to be the angel of the group. Keep us in check while we wreak havoc. :3

I know thy just changed their avatar to something epic!

I see, well, when you change it, change it to something epic, like your turret one was!

I know they just got Xenoblade Chronicles. :)

I know that I may or may not know them because they changed their avatar but this avatar is a good one so whatevvy-evs

I know I talk to him frequently.

I know that I seldom talk to them.

I know I'd talk more if I didn't keep falling asleep.

I know that she shouldn't have gotten up so early...<.<

I know that I feel tired despite waking up at 3PM...

I know they mistake threads at least once a day!

I know he could shatter that record if he tried.

Not at all xD Which is surprise, considering the post count... although if you spend most of the time in this forum I probably won't, this is the first time in about a year I posted here >_<'

Nothing at all.

I know he steals avatars or something.

I know that she's awesome and that i've probably said that before

Okay, contrary to the second post on this page, it seems I will be keeping this avatar after all.

He doesn't want it back apparently . . .

I know that his new avatar is nowhere near as cool as his last two were

I know I recognize their avatar.

I know they like the Pyro...

I know I like the teeth chattering.

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