How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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I know that we'll wait. As we always do. Always have. Always will.

We're very patient people.

I know he is dying inside because he hasn't seen the movie yet!

I know he made a new forum game.

I know I haven't checked it out yet. >.>

I know he likely will.

I know her name is slightly confusing.

I know that he has alot of friends on the escapist

I know he's got a small amount of posts in comparison to some other people around here.

I know they have more than me, which used to not be the case.

I know that's because he had better things to do then post junk on the escapist. >.>

I know they frequently post on the escapist forum games...

I know he does as well.

I know we sometimes have conversations.

I don't really know anyone at all, but I am aware that he was around when I used to be more active on this site. That's about it unfortunately.

I do not know him very well...I hope to change that. HEY NEW FRIEND!!!

I know they are a PubClub member.

I know they are a real ultimate poster (I would be able to get that badge If I didn't get a warning slapped on me for speaking my mind, something I learned not to do here)

I know that's a familiar story. >.>

I know they just changed their avatar!

I know that's an observation many people are making.

I know he recently posted above me in the "Say Something Nice About the Poster Above You Thread".

I know we've been talking a bit.

I they have an unfortunate extended family.

I know that they've been talking to xmbts...<.<

I know I would talk to them if I knew their steam profile.

I know you should change that, as well as add me.

I know you made some cool threads, and we also were part of the same conversations a lot back in the day, but I doubt you remember me.

I know I do remember you, though your avatar is changed. I love the new one by the way.

I know I've seen their posts a couple times, but not much else

He has my second favourite avatar on this site, and I see him around a bunch.

Edit: And he changed his avatar while I was in the process of writing that. pjsdfsdjfsddkfm.

Name rings a bell, that's about it though.

I know he has yet to add me on steam.

I know I had an animated one a while ago.

I know his new avatar is awesome.

I know his new avatar is serious.

I also know that people should get in the Escapist steam group chat <.<

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