How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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I know he's recruiting people for a steam chat.

I know he is considering it!

I know he has a pubclub account.

I know he does roasts or something.

I know I like their avatar.

I know he's overly careful on his pronoun usage.

I know it may not be as big a deal anymore.

I know things have changed.

I know things have changed.

I know I want more of an explanation about what has changed. :P

I know he's probably not going to get a very good one.

I know they never answer questions.

I know he wants me to get liquored up so he can probe me...for information.

I know they found their soccer ball today.

I know I showed him a horrible song today.

I know they think I just want to see them drunk.

I know being drunk is a curious state. It can also be achieved by being very very sleepy. o.o

I know that's how I am about 90% of the time.

I know that state is only unlocked after you beat the Master Boss Person. >.>

I know I know very little, but I would like that to change.

I know it's either a person I've never met probably named Amy.

Or Redlin in disguise. >_>

I know their suspicious of the person above them.

I know he won't stop talking, even though I can't hear what he's saying...

I know my my avatar is a girl and should be addressed as such.

I know they take offense to being called out as the opposite sex...

I know someone else like that. >.>

I know their new avatar is... perplexing...

I know they know xmbts is suspicious.

I know we have yet to play the game I gifted him -3-

I know that he gives gifts...<.<

I know he gives... things >.>

I know they are a fellow Clannad fan, and I like that about them. :D

I know they like something I only have a passing awareness of.

I know absolutely fuckin nothing about that guy up there.

I know that they should go watch the Dark Knight Rises already.

But I know I've missed this lovable fucker!

I know i'm feeling pretty crushed right now...
Also, I don't know what the whales ever did to Neonbob.

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