How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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I like that avatar too. Motivates me to make my own gif at some point. :O

I know that I tried to use a .gif, but the Escapist rejected it...

I've known you for quite a long time that's for sure.

I know that I don't know you at all...<.<

Nobody knows Nero. T.T XD
I've seen you around a lot.

I know Maxeon...

They claim to know this Maxeon. :O

They may or may not know the aforementioned Maxeon

I don't know this Maxeon.

Everyone misspelled Maxieon. XD
I know you a little bit.

I don't really know you at all. :o

I'd like to think that I know you very well =)
Well enough to know that you'll probably say that I barely know you at all...

I know he knows me a little bit but not too well.

I know he is also known as Red.

I know she is also known as 'Mrs. Sexy Monkey Video' after her father: 'Mr. Mrs. Sexy Video'

I know I don't get it.

I know they don't get it :P

I know they know @xim's locker combination.

I know he flaunts his getting it.

I know that I must have ninja'd @xim.

I know he did, but I'm not changing it.

I know that they are stubborn in their ways.

I know that's the best way to be.

They should know that sometimes being flexible is good as well. However I'll accept them for the way they are.

I know flexibility is for contortionists.

I know they most likely were raised by a pack of wild contortionists.

I know I never actually talk to him directly.

I know they don't talk to me...

I know it's not my fault.

I know she doesn't like taking the blame for that.

I know they like to..."burn" things....

I know that Tizzy's powers of observation are second to none.

I know he observes things for a living.

I know he's desperate for attention.

I know he has little empathy for mankind!

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