How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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I know very little, but what I do know would make even the most hardended criminal quake in their boots. Janjotat... You monster!

Oh, as I just said I know what he looks like.

I know he doesn't know what I look like.

I know that she's always sick.

I know their heart is frozen.

I know he likes Tetris.

I know he's creepy!

I know he causes seizures.

I know he doesn't.

I know enough about the poster to type out this sentence

115 is the address of my old house o_O

I know I'm going to stalk him now. :3

They used to have a persona avatar!

I know they've known new best for a while since I only remember his Black Butler avatar.

I know I can faintly remember a few of his earlier avatars.

Also you have the wrong guy, I've never even played Persona.

You use that all the time!

OT: He's jealous of all our ILA threads! ... Or hates them, I'm not sure XD

I know that he believes that cowboys were libertarians

I know that I believe that the Cowboys suck.

I know she likes to talk about American Football and other sports, don't know what are the other sports though.

I know he doesn't like civilians having guns.

I know he timed his title changes with my avatar changes

I know he knows that because I told him so.

I know he talks to that taco guy.

I know that apparently they've been caught again.

Smells like old pants. On the record.

Smells old pants.

Changed their avatar recently.

Never answers when I ask where their avatar comes from.

I know that they always up incredibly late.

I know that I recognize the username, but not the avatar.

I know they joined on the 14th of may 2009.

I know they created a thread that was on fire.

I know he used to be a red devil that walked on it's bum, really odd creature.
I know I totally confused you with someone else -_-'

I know that he likes to link things

I know he puts tacos on many pictures.

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