How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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I know that my neck still hurts a bit from that...

I know that you obviously don't need it.

I know that she can have it if she wants... everyone needs a spare...

I know that he probably has a lot to do tomorrow :P

I know that not much really... only class and self loathing, ending with crying myself to sleep... same as everyday...

I know he has super long classes.

I know her very well and meet her I think in the old "If you woke up next to the above avatar" game.

You were in the communicast.... I now know what you sound like.

I know that they're no longer on fire.

I know they have a post count...that I will surpass one day!

I know that probably won't be hard.

I know she doesn't post as much these days.

I know she posts a lot?

I know that they are confused by the newest Kingdom Hearts game

I know they are on fire!

I know that they won't stop starting fires.

I know that he sold a third world arms shipment to Leon S. Kennedy in a European country

I know that he's no longer a taco.

Ahhh he turned me into a newt!

He got better!

I know his avatar must like cake...<.<

I know he hates cake.

I know that I certainly like her "Cake..." ;p

I know that he once fought a pillow.

I know that I'm a lover not a fighter... though not specifically with pillows...<.<

I know that he thinks everything is cheesy.

I know that she doesn;t like my American Cheese... It doesn't taste that bad...<.<

I know I find him to be quite amusing.

I know that he is a fan of depressing Tetris

I know that the first Deus Ex is, in fact, my favorite game of all time...<.<

I know that they must too if they like the original Deus Ex...<.<

I know they like Deus Ex Invisible War!

I know he Friend requested me on Xbox live and I didn't notice for like half a month XD

I am aware of the fact that he has played a somewhat old RTS on his Xbox 360 some time ago.

Never seen them before in my life.

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