How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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I know that I was right then.

I know that she's often right about lots of things...

I know that he hates bridges.

I know that's why I burn them down...<.<

I know he's an arsonist.

I know that she's set me on fire more times than I can remember...<.<

I know that he deserved it.

I know that se enjoyed doing it a bit too much...<.<

I know that he complains too much.

I know that Shock doesn't complain enough!

I know that shock is too cool to complain...<.<

I know that I think he's implying that only uncool people complain...
I'm not that lame...

I know we haven't spoken in ages.

I know that we're speaking... or rather failing to spea right...<.<

His visible badges and avatar are all faces!

... And he smells like fish

We have spent many moons together and tonight we ride on.

I know they have been absent from the Forum Games for a while...

I know he frowns on Truancy.

I know that Tennessee was just embarrassed.

I know that she might be referring to the Titans...

I know that I am and I will blame you if the Saints beat the Cowboys.

I know that shell blame me for something anyway... -3-

I know that the Saints won, what the hell Chris.

I know that the saints went marching in.

I know that shock would've preferred that the cowboys came marching, instead...

I know that's because fuck the Saints.

I know that a lot of her family don't feel the same way...

Still the faces thing...

Also you and Shock Value talk all the time XD

I know that you have a flag there...

I know that we had a pleasantly long chat just the other day. It was nice.

I know that if you take his post count, add 777, divide by his join date and year 1992010, then multiply by euler's number you get...

I don't know...

I know we had yet another fun conversation.

This is turning out to more fun day by day. :D

I know he would be proud of me.

I know that he is on a recent posting blitz.

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