How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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I know she is indifferent to my tattoo. :P

I know that his excitement over his tattoo does not seem to dwindle.

I know that I don;t really care about tattoos...<.<

I know he did that one thing I specifically told him not to do. >.>

I know they have an unhealthy obsession with Gorillaz-themed avatars.

I know he has an unhealthy obsession with seizure themed avatars ;)

I know he doesn't

I know their heart is chilly

I know he knows a lot about a fast-talking British man living in Australia

I know that where he lives has a funny name, well at least I find it amusing.
Delaware, heh...

I know he thinks Delaware is a funny name,

I know my fair share.

I know her presence has reminded me to check and recharge my phone.

I know that I never use my phone... never have anyone to call...

I know he likes dress's

I know that he's not wearing his...<.<

Yes I am >.>

I know that was creepy...

I know they change their title regularly.

I know he doesn't.

I know they are wrong!

I know that he joined almost a year ago.

I know he's Canadian!

I k now he's Singapoerean? Well I have no idea how to call people from Singapore...

I know he's Mexican like me.

Commented on this thread on the 30th of Decmeber

I know he doesn't post much.

I know he's a regular poster.

lives on this thread

Lurks a lot.

I know that he shows up occasionally...<.<

I know lots of things. :O

I know probably just as much... :p

I know he likes tits... the bird, not the... you know...

I know that I like those too... probably more than the birds... :p

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