How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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Isn't boring enough! Wait... Does that make you so exciting that sword fights are boring? WHATS YOUR DAYJOB JANJO? Are you a space pirate/smuggler/ninja/cowboy?

Accuses people of being boring.

I did not! I accused him of being too exciting in an obtuse and confusing way!... I think. Let's be honest, I don't think very hard about these posts XD

OT: She accused me wrongfully!

I know I wasn't aware of his post prior to my own.

I know she's an appreciator of subtle homo eroticism. >.>

I know that eroticism is nice...<.<

I know that he likes making shifty eyes. >.>

I know what his voice sounds like

I know he likes to add Tacos to everything.

I know that he likes wearing a dress...<.<

I know he has him confused for someone else.

I know that she likes wearing a dress than...<.<

I know that his state sucks :/

I know that she doesn;t even have a state...<.<

I know he has a thing for sunglasses.

I know he has a thing for BRS.
I don't blame him.

I know she likes cute[1] things, cute anime girl things.

[1] I don't think I should be allowed to say this word.

I know she has good tastes =D

I know he's ninja'd me AGAIN.

I know that we are connected in more ways than one

I know that he's maybe run out of taco ideas.

I know that she doesn;t even have a state...<.<

Province is close enough!

She's a Canadian! From Canadia! Or a liar! One of those! Moar exclamation points!!!!!!

I know that according to his profile he is American.

I know that she looked at T0ad's profile to get that information

I know his avatar changes constantly.

I know that they change theirs a lot.

I know he has multiple external hard drives.

I know he was born in 1994 :P

doesn't play on steam much

Probably plays on Steam all the time.

I know that she doesn;t play much on steam...<.<

I know they never play on Steam or do anything :/
Not changing it

I used to know them pretty damn well. But now I really only know the old sterotypes about them.
Like their weakness for a particular type of booze.
That's still there, right?

I know that he's married...

I know he isn't.

I know she's obviously hinting towards something.

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