How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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I know he's an Oddish.

I know that he doesn't like his accent.

I know he's a Pokemon

I know she ninja'd me >.>

I know he remembers something, probably about how he chose to remain an Oddish because he didn't want to be a stinky Gloom.

I know that he is super scary :P

I know that if I was I'd be able to scare kids that are trying to steal my stuff instead of having them laugh at my accent and tell me that I'm weird -_-'

I know that he should probably beat em up... especially if he's bigger than them...<.<

I know that adults can't beat anyone up without getting in big trouble.

I know that's one of the many reasons why being an adult sucks, I can't even punch a mugger because they throw me in jail : /
Self defense laws in México suck!

I know that's why you plant drugs on them to make sure they get arrested...<.<

I know that wouldn't make me not go to jail.

For using a tilde in Mexico.
I couldn't if I wanted to.

I know he mixed up threads, and the correct way to spell México is with a tilde, the x is also pronounced like the H when you say hi!

I know, but we don;t have that command on the keyboard...<.<

I know that I speak spanish and have lived in Latin America nearly my entire life. I know that I've never had a spanish keyboard either.
They're weird as hell and confuse me very much.

I know that switching between English and Spanish keyboards isn't that hard.
And cool, can I ask in which country did you live?
Obviously you don't have to answer that if you don't want to :P

I know that it's somewhere near the equator...<.<

I know that he doesn't mind revealing information about other people.

I know that I don't, in fact...<.<

I know that may not be nice.

Tetris, That is all.

Not Tetris that is also all


And cool, can I ask in which country did you live?

OT: I know that he's in the Injustice League. And that his avatar used to be a clown mushroom cloud.

I know she likes gingers.

I know I never talk to him.

I know she just did.

I know that was neither talking nor was it to him, it was typing about him. Completely different.

I know that she's not a fan of talking...<.<

I know that I'm not either.

I know humans are going to evolve out of having vocal cords at this rate.

I know that he has pretty good art taste.

I know I should bug them more.

*Covers in bugs*


I know that they enjoy stomping things.

I know she probably skipped breakfast to post on here instead.

I know that 2:29 AM is boring because there's no one around.
Where is everyone?

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