How well do you know the Escapist above you?

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I know she's projecting her anger towards Blarg.

I know that it's all your fault too.

I know she may be a liiiiiiiiiittle miffed.

I know that shock is constantly miffed...<.<

I know that is like not true at all :/

I know that its totally true... you're just in denial... :p

I know that he changed his title recently.

I know she's trying to dodge around the conversation now.

I know thats all she does...<<

I know he's being a little hard on her. I'm sure it's only MOST of the time =P

I know he wants Sac and Shock to get along.

I know that they seem to really hate working :P

I know seems isn't even half of it.

I know we have that in common then :P

I know she is an instigator.

I know he is an alligator.

I know she's a (red) snapper. You know, the fish? =P

I know that they have mandatory military service.

I know he's been playing Guild Wars 2.

I know she's been playing Sleeping Dogs!

I know he's been playing Dota 2 :P

I know we have many games to play.

I know we probably won't get to most of them.

I know that neither of them play games with me...<.<

I know I would visit him sometime.

I know that prospect makes Sac... giggity.

I know that I've never seen him use another avy.

I know I've seen her get very indecisive about her avatar.

I know he lives in one of those other provinces :P

I know... states > Provinces...<.<

I know that EST>PST.

I know CST>ALL...<.<

I know that I don't fancy any time zone...

I know there should only be one time zone and lots of caffeine.

I know that she doesn't abide by silly things, like timezones...

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